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Passenger Advice - Page 4

Global | 30th January 2020

Do you tip helicopter tour pilot

If you enjoyed your helicopter tour, then feel free to tip the pilot at your discretion; with no set price, a 5, 10 or 20 dollar bill is favorable.

Global | 30th January 2020

What to bring on a helicopter tour

Bring along a passport if visiting from abroad or a driver's license if local; you'll need the credit card or money to pay, camera and glasses.

Global | 30th January 2020

What is a helicopter ride

Helicopter rides involve a short trip before coming back to land; cost less for passengers but have limited sightseeing opportunities.

Global | 30th January 2020

Is it safe to ride a helicopter while pregnant

If you're still at a stage of participating in activity while pregnant, you can safely take a helicopter ride as nothing can stop you from flying.

USA | 28th January 2020

What to wear on a Hawaii helicopter tour

Don't spoil your Hawaii helicopter tour be wearing the wrong clothing; play it safe with long pants, a sweater and lace tied shoes.

Global | 24th January 2020

What to expect on a helicopter ride

Allow me to let you know what to commonly expect on a helicopter ride; from the moment you arrive at the helipad to what to expect in-flight.

Global | 8th November 2019

22 Tips for First Time helicopter ride

Tips for taking a helicopter ride for the first time; it starts from your safety briefing, all the way to taking pictures, what to wear and take.

Published 29th October 2019

Are helicopter rides scary

I suppose helicopter rides can be scary for first timers or pro's; though the thought should disappear once you are strapped in and flying.

New Zealand | 29th October 2019

Franz Josef helicopter ride prices

List of Franz Josef helicopter ride prices with all heli tour companies that offer this flight path, with deal names and flight time duration.

Published 27th October 2019

What to wear on a helicopter ride

What you wear on a helicopter ride should be comfortable for traveling. Don't layer up to much, well don't under dress as it could get cold.