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Are helicopter rides cold

It won't get that cold inside a helicopter as to not be plausible for taking a helicopter ride, so when it is cold outside on the ground, you only need to wear layers.

Misconception of a how cold it is inside a helicopter is due to the confusion of people believing it gets colder as you rise into the sky. Not so true with a helicopter as it can be manageable if hatches are closed. Helicopter rides will feel cold or barmy as it would traveling inside a car to the departure point.

Once you first set a foot inside the helicopter, it could feel a little chillier than it is outside, and if you think that is familiar, its because that is how it feels stepping inside a car.

How cold it is for your helicopter ride can be accurately measured to how it feels inside a car, or public transport for that matter.

That is if there's no air conditioning or heating in place, only when it is comparable to outside.

Once the pilot turns on the power and the rotors begin to turn; you might start to feel a little warmer in due course - as heat can filter through into the cabin.

Taking a helicopter ride does not mean its going to be cold; options include layering up as to avoid a chill on bare skin.

Its important to feel as comfortable has possible for your helicopter trip so a slight chill might be welcomed as it can get warm sat so close to other passengers.

As Cold has inside car

One way to know how cold it is inside a helicopter is to simply jump into your own car and see how that feels.

How it is inside your car will be very similar to how it would be sat inside a helicopter while still parked on the tarmac well on the ground.

It is possible to see a slight drop in temperature as the attitude of the helicopter rises any where between 1000 to 2000 feet during the helicopter ride.

Unlikely is the pilot going to open the window hatch to allow air to filter through the cab, nor is the air conditioning likely to be switched on, if available.

However, it can feel more comfortable in the duration of the flight as you get used to it.

Feel more comfortable in due course

Much like taking a car ride or perhaps taking the bus or train; you may of realized by now that while cold at first, it feels better without realizing it.

That is true for a helicopter ride, as the flight is heading into its 5 to 10 minute duration, your body will adapt to the temperature inside the cabin.

In that sense, the helicopter ride will now be a little more comfortable, even if you don't know it as you're more distracted by looking outside the window.

Well it will feel more comfortable for you and fellow passengers over time; that is due to the heat of the helicopter filtering through.

Gets chilly over time

So well you will see what will feel like inside helicopter is heating up, it could just be your body is adapting to the air.

That is not always the case, so under certain circumstances, and depending on how cold it is outside - you just might get colder over time.

For that to happen it will have to be incredibly cold outdoors; so if its hard to heat up the house, it might not be so easy to warm through a chopper.

To be safe, that means you will have to layer up with a nice thick jumper or hoodie.

Layers will help

When its absolutely cold outdoors, its will be so inside the helicopter; so you'll have to layer up as to not spoil your helicopter ride.

Layering up will involve a t-shirt with a jumper or hoodie over it; before popping on a thin, windproof jacket.

Gloves might be a allowed but you can't often wear a hat for a helicopter ride.

What to wear on a helicopter ride should not be too much; it is possible to overheat during the ride, and you won't be able to undress as you'll remain fastened in your seat.

Cold in open door helicopter ride

Wherever you may be involved in an exciting doors off helicopter ride in the word, it would be advisable to see what the operator as to say in regards to clothing.

Hot, tropical locations such as Hawaii where you'll be participating in an Oahu open door or Kauai open door helicopter ride will tend to be suited to t-shirts, Hawaiian shirts and shorts.

If taking that open door helicopter tour over New York for example, then depending on the time of the year, you'll need to layer up, as I've mentioned.

Its true you can still get chilly over a period of time in a warmer climate; so what you feel comfortable wearing in the car on the way to your ride, should be appreciate.


To know how cold is world be while taking a helicopter ride, it can be fairly measured by how cold it is inside a car - if parked or traveling to the helicopter departure point.

If asking if it would always be cold inside a helicopter because it flies high up in the sky, that is not the case as it depends on what the weather is doing, and the time of the year.

Summer time can see you wear little clothing without getting cold, while in the dead of winter the chill will be felt, as much as it would inside the car, or in your home.

What you will see is you'll begin to get used to the temperature inside the helicopter, but you won't notice as you'll be to distracted enjoying yourself.

When in doubt, be sure to wear layers in a jumper or hoodie, with jeans or trousers/pants.

You may not be granted permission to wear a hat but you could be allowed to wear gloves. Never will you be allowed to undress at any point if you feel too warm.

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