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Robinson R44 helicopter ride over water

Are helicopter rides scary

You are asking if helicopter rides can be scary; to which I would say yes, but be assured as the helicopters ride goes on, things will feel a little better.

Helicopter rides can be scary if you haven't flown in a helicopter before; well going water, near to cliff's or taxiing close to the ground could exacerbate your fear. After a few minutes it becomes less scary as you focus more on the experience and less so what can go wrong.

If you haven't flown in a helicopter before; things will get less terrifying once you've arrived at the heli centre, met the people and other passengers before you're ready to fly.

Meeting the pilot should ease you well focusing more on the experience out of your heli window will help.

Helicopter rides vary but going over water or what would appear near cliff's can be scary I suppose, but remember its no more dangerous then flying exclusively over land.

Think of all the millions of people around the world that take helicopter rides on a daily basis, you hear nothing about crashes so it has to be said helicopters rides are safe.

Having negative feeling is natural but you can over think things which would only make it worst, so try to switch off and think of the sight you will see from the sky.

Scary for first timers in helicopter

If this is the first time you're taking a helicopter ride, then rest assured this is a common concern for all those that fly in a helicopter.

As its happens, its still a worry for those that have flown in a helicopter a few times and a fear that would never go away really.

Its only the pilot who is not scared, as he or she makes a career out of flying passengers.

Its completely natural to be scared of flying as most people do. So its time to get your head down on focus on the enjoyable experience ahead.

Forget about being scared

Its a simple method for all fears, simply try to forget about it and focus on the job in hand.

So that's what I'll recommend you do or at least try it to see if it improves things. What you should be doing from now on is thinking about the sights you're going to see.

If talking to others helps you to ease your nerves, then do so a lot but be warned you can't always talk in the helicopter as headset communication needs to be open at all times.

Though you will be able to talk to your fellow passengers and the pilot from time to time.

What I would highly recommend you don't do it research about helicopter rides being scary, as you may run into scare stories or terrifying videos.

So for now, take my advice I'm dishing out as it would be all OK in the end.

Meet pilot to ease nerves

It can be scary days before or on the day you're due to take a helicopter ride; this will soon disappear for many people once you've met the staff at the heli centre.

You won't always be giving a chance to meet the pilot, but in most cases you will and as soon as you do... it would be less scary after the pilot talks to you.

Small, more personal helicopter ride services allow you to meet and greet the pilot, well large, multi-national helicopter tour services don't have time for meetings.

Regardless, they will take care of you on the ground well the pilot will do a grand job flying the helicopter.

Less scary in time

Once you've arrived at the helicopter centre, had a safety briefing and met a number of staff and hopefully the pilot - its time to strap into the helicopter.

At this point if its quite worrying if other methods haven't eased your fears so far...

The scariest part is when you are counting down the minutes before you hear the helicopter power on - then soon after the overhead rotors begin to turn.

Minutes later once you're a few feet off the ground, its time to focus on the horizon and not down on the ground, as that can be scarier then the flight itself.

Scary taxiing close to ground

If the helicopter centre is located at a small or large local airport, then the pilot will have to manoeuvre the helicopter through a series of directions before you can ascend.

At this time the helicopter will be taxiing around the airport approximately 10 to 20 feet off the ground before arriving at its take off destination.

I admit at this time it can be scary even for those that are used to taxiing in a helicopter.

So what you should do at this point like I've previously mentioned, is to focus inside the chopper at your friends or family, or...

If you're part of one passenger with no one else to talk too or look at, then look straight at the horizon, so you don't know how close you're to the ground.

There should be lots to look at; ground staff, arriving airplanes and other helicopters.

Smooth, intricate movements

Now you should be at a little more eased as 5 or so minutes into the helicopter flight have passed, to which you should be looking at the views or taking pictures.

In this time, the helicopter would spend more time flying at a consistent attitude in a straight line, and less so turning left and right.

When maneuvering during a helicopter ride; flights are designed for all ages well being suitable for the whole family friendly.

So with that in mind, the pilot's are trained to fly as smoothly has possible; following the flight path you're taking to be unnoticeable in regards to movement.

And that's only if you're going over land, flying over water or near to cliff's can be it little scary then it really should be.

Going over water

Taking a helicopter ride of the water is completely safe, with helicopters often equipped with inflatable floats attached to there skids.

What that means for passengers that are a little scared of flying over water is that in case of an emergency, know that helicopter can land on water.

Not all helicopter rides fly over water, but if they spend more time over water in the duration of the flight, then you'll likely taking New York City helicopter flight or similar.

If you have a fear of water then its probably best you don't book a helicopter ride that does take part over the ocean or river - even for a little bit.

Instead, look to inland rides that are no where near water as helicopter rides can reach an attitude where you would see water in the distance.

Near to cliffs

When I talk about taking a helicopter ride near to cliff's, I don't mean that literally; its just that helicopter rides or tours near cliff's can appear to be close when they're not.

And when I say near cliff's, they can still up to half a mile away but can still feel just a few metres away.

This would apply to those that take a Grand Canyon helicopter tour out of Las Vegas, or similarly, a tour out of Yellowstone National Park.

Helicopter rides will stay well clear of cliff's, preferring to fly central to the canyons or cliff's on either side, follow a river or canyon floor before.

To reassure you

There's no denying helicopter rides can be scary, it would be silly of me to suggest they are not - but things will get better once you're there and flying in the helicopter.

Fear only applies to first time helicopter passengers or those who are have a little fear of heights all together.

Remember its all in your head when asking are helicopter rides are scary; forget about that sort of thing and just look forward to the views you're going to see from the air.

Don't let being scare ruin your helicopter experience, its time to put that thought aside.

Pilots will fly the helicopter as smoothly as possible with any bumps resulting in a little turbulence helicopters can experiences like planes do.

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