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Liberty Helicopter departing Pier 6, Brooklyn skyline seen in distance

Are New York helicopter tours worth it

I can say New York helicopter tours are worth it if you have a real desire to try it for the first time ever, with a price that will sure meet your budget.

No guarantee a New York helicopter tour is worth your money or time unless you have desire to try it. If its your first time in NYC and a flying heli, then you're in for a treat as it will be an unforgettable experience. NYC helicopter tours are as little as $96.00 for a 15 minute flight that is sure to see all landmarks.

Only can you make a New York helicopter tour worth it by booking a seat that is one of the best in town.

NYC helicopter tours are near identical in terms of flight route, so you stand to benefit more by flying in a helicopter that is sure to provide great views.

So with that in mind I recommend the Bell 407 fitted with floor to ceiling windows which makes for amazing views.

Operators to consider who operate that helicopter type are: HeliNY, Manhattan Helicopters and Zip Aviation - departing lower Manhattan on Pier 6, on the East River.

I won't say its cheap but its not as expensive as you may of thought; a basic package is as little has $96.00 for a 15 minute flight around Manhattan.

While you're somewhat restricted to a bus or boat tour on the ground, all that and more can be seen from the air.

New York helicopter tours will fly over the Statue Of Liberty, Financial District, all well known buildings on the skyline - with a glimpse of Central Park or George Washington bridge made possible.

If you're still not convinced, you can go beyond all standard helicopter tours.

So therefore a New York City open door helicopter ride may be more your thing, as legs and feet are allowed to be hang out so you can get what is termed as a shoe selfie helicopter ride - which is great for photographers.

One more tour theme to convince you is taking a New York night time helicopter tour that will involve a private flight for an extended time.

First timers in NYC tour

If you're new to taking a helicopter tour of any kind, taking one for the first time - over New York City of all places - will make it worth your money.

No where else in the world can a city the size of NYC not be completely seen, even when taking a tour in a helicopter.

First time helicopter passengers will be overwhelmed in ways they won't be able to get a grasp on the situation.

Will it be the thrill of the helicopter ride? Perhaps a little fear of flying? Or is there simply to much, too little time to see all the landmarks...

NYC has too much to see from the ground, so while you'll stand to benefit more in the air, you'll be sure to be trying too hard to see all sights.

You won't be able to tour much Manhattan during your short stay on foot then what can be seen above.

If you want to see as much as Downtown Manhattan as possible, then absolutely be sure to make it a New York helicopter tour, it will be totally worth your time and money.

Is it worth the money

You can expect to pay as much as three to four times the price for a helicopter tour, than that of a boat or bus tour around New York.

Well a bus tour averages about $50.00, a boat tour is much less - so a helicopter tour will be beyond most visitors budget.

However, if you want to see Manhattan in the most complete tour possible, doing so with a helicopter tour, is the only option.

Touring NYC through the busy NYC streets has its benefits for sure, but money can be wasted as time is spent stuck in traffic.

Where else you'll get your monies worth is the helicopter tour is a continuous experience, no stopping or lingering around as there's lots of landmarks to see.

How much a New York City helicopter tour will cost will range from as little as $96 for 15 minutes, or up to $349 for 30 minutes.

Are you prepared to pay for what will be of the best helicopter city tour experience.

NYC aerial vs. ground tours

If I were to pit a helicopter tour to a road or river tour, then obviously I would say tours from the air win every time.

I am prepared to say New York city helicopter tours do have there downside though.

By that I mean you cannot get up close and personal to attractions or landmarks; instead you are limited to half a mile up in the sky.

What I will say is though its not possible to see those attractions on the ground from the outside, than you can from the air.

Bus tours are popular in NYC and should be taken, that also goes for a boat tours for seeing Manhattan from the water.

What you'll get with a helicopter tour is all that from a far.

Aerial tours versus bus or boat tours each have there own benefits; but for seeing part of a landmark not made available on a ground tour - then you should take a helicopter tour.

Not relying on helicopter tour alone

Having said all that, you shouldn't arrive in New York City expecting to see the whole of Manhattan by helicopter, and helicopter alone.

You would really need to spread the cost of your tour budget to make sure a helicopter, boat, bus and walking tours within visitor attractions can be met.

Helicopter tours is a focus of NYC as a whole, so activity on the ground will be missed.

Whereas a bus tour driving through all major streets while passing famous landmarks is not a New York tour, tourist should avoid.

Much like taking a helicopter tour to see the Manhattan skyline, a boat tour is similar to that, only you'll see attractions closer up - but still at a distance.

Helicopter tours will not last much longer than 30 minutes, or 90 minutes if you decide to take a helicopter and boat tour.

To get the most of your visit to the city, you can think about combining a tour experience by making it that air and sea tour.

Look no further than HeliNY's own VIP: Air AND Sea Tour package - priced from $289.00 for a 15 minute flight - plus a shuttle ride to the boat tour terminal.

Unrestricted helicopter type

Guests wishing to take a helicopter ride over New York will do so with no previous experience in a helicopter.

For that reason alone you may miss out on the best opportunity of your life by booking a helicopter ride that uses a type of helicopter that has restricted views.

So with that in mind, you need to take a tour in a helicopter known as a Bell 407.

Bell JetRanger or LongRanger may be made available and that is perfectly acceptable too, but there is one important feature of a tourism helicopter that matters to passengers.

Absolutely make sure you book a New York helicopter ride with an operator that flies the Bell 407 with floor to ceiling windows - for unrestricted views of NYC.

Often one to three passengers will be made to sit in the middle, but you stand not to miss much if its only a three across seating arrangement.

If its four seats across the back then it will be difficult to see great views over to the one side where you're furthest away from the opposite window.

If you want - and I highly recommend - is to take a New York open door helicopter ride so there are no windows or doors present.

Above Hudson or East River only

Did I mention that all tourist helicopters are only permitted to fly over water, so there is no seeing Manhattan directly below you.

It can be arranged with a special helicopter charter, but those busy NYC helicopter tour operators are restricted to flying over the water only.

With that in mind, you can expect any one of all tour packages you book will involve flying over water - mostly so over the Hudson River.

When taking a flight path up the East River, it would usually result in a special charter.

Benefits to viewing Manhattan from a distance over the water for passengers is the New York City skyline will mostly be insight at all times.

On the otherhand Liberty Island and Ellis Island can only be reached over water, among other destinations.

Don't feel you're missing out while picking, say certain tour operators over others; all tour flight routes are almost identical - so there's nothing you'll be missing.

If you feel a smooth, slowing moving helicopter ride over NYC won't be worth it, you won't forget this tour as it can be scary over water.

New York tour like no other

What is all said and done, there is no tour in NYC like that of a helicopter flight, and is sure to be remembered.

Boats, buses and walking tours are a dime a dozen, accessible to all at a cheap price.

But what people often overlook is seeing more of NYC that can only be achieved through a helicopter tour.

No much extra will be spent getting to the Downtown Manhattan Heliport at Pier 6, via your Manhattan hotel.

In fact you can use the opportunity to walk or take the subway for the first time.

Once you're airborne in a helicopter tour, the route will take a similar pattern that will look like this:

Head south to pass Governor's Island, Liberty Island where the Statue Of Liberty sits - then north towards Ellis Island before taking a path up the Hudson River.

Endless tourist attractions are see at a distance including the World Financial District, One World Trade Center and the 9/11 Memorial, Empire State Building, Chrysler and the MetLife Buildings.

If paying more, the helicopter tour will go as far has the George Washington Bridge when heading up the Hudson - but not before coming into reach of the Verrazano Bridge in the south.

NYC helicopter tours on a budget

If you're not overly keen on taking an expensive helicopter tour, but are still interested in it regardless, surely you can reach a middle ground.

By that I mean why not book the cheapest New York helicopter tour made available, which will also translate to the quickest flight duration.

Seriously, prices start as little as $96.00 to $99.00, with a flight time of about 15 minutes - more or less.

That is plenty of time to get up to 1,500 feet before reaching dozens of famous landmarks, as seen from over the Hudson River.

Unwanted price hikes will come at the expense of the Pier 6 compulsory passenger fee, currently standing at $40.00.

To avoid that cost you can take a cheap subway trip to Kearny in New Jersey while flying with FlyNyon - who are one of the cheapest operators.


You cannot merely depend on the NYC helicopter tour alone if you don't really have any enthusiasm for it in the first place.

Guests who are set to enjoy the experience rather than the cost are more likely to see the benefits to the extra expense of a New York helicopter tour.

The experience will absolutely outdo the costs involved so will be worth your time and money, as its something you'll never forget.

And that will be proven as you'll have a ton of photographs to remember the occasion.

Its not possible to view Manhattan in the short stay you'll be there, than that of a helicopter tour that views all major tourist attractions - and more - in a short period of time.

However, its still worth you spending time on other tours including that of a bus, boat or walking tour.

One helicopter tour package involves a helicopter and boat tour, taking as much has two hours of your time - so that one is not to be missed.

Don't assume all helicopter types or models in use are the same as the other, they're not.

So if you can book a New York helicopter ride that involves a Bell 407, as it has floor to ceiling windows - making it ideal for sightseeing.

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