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Barcelona helicopter tour price

View the beautiful city of Barcelona from the air via a helicopter tour that can take you along the coast or over the city, with all attractions in sight.

Barcelona helicopter tour prices are inline with major city prices, so therefore expect to a pay a little more. The helicopter tourist companies that will fulfill your needs are Cathelicopters who cater to those on a budget; all while Barcelona Helicopter prices are much higher as you'll need to charter a private flight.

Overall, there are nine commercially available Barcelona helicopter tour packages for you to select from, with an option to arrange a unique flight path.

If you're local or visiting Barcelona on a budget as a tourist then you'll need to rely on Cathelicopters to take you up and above.

Cathelicopters cater to most budgets with a short or long helicopter flights reflecting the set prices.

Where cost is not an issue or you're indeed a real helicopter enthusiast; then turn your attention to Barcelona Helicopters.

The helicopter tourist company don't necessary charge more; but arrange their flights for four or more people - so therefore you'll need book all seats on the helicopter.

In doing so you can pay for you only or bring friends or family along for a special private helicopter flight over Barcelona.

Read ahead to view current helicopter tour, Barcelona prices in multiple currencies; but expect to always pay in Euro's.


Take a helicopter tour with Cathelicopters via Heliport of Barcelona situated right on the pier, so you'll be within reach of your flightpath as soon has you take off.

Cathelicopters will normally head north for all helicopter tours before turning back around and repeating the flight in the opposite direction.

  • Helipuerto de Barcelona - Passeig de l’Escullera, Moll adossat s/n, 08039 Barcelona, Spain

Therefore, all passengers will get a birds-eye-view of the city and, or coast below them.

Prices stated are prices per person, so its quite possible you'll fly with other tourists if you don't fill up the helicopter as a group.

Tours: Min: EURO: USD: GBP:
Barcelona City (Sky) Tour 12 €125 $140 £107
Barcelona Coastal Tour 6 €79 $88 £68
Barcelona & Montserrat 35 €340 $380 £291

Barcelona Helicopters

If Cathelicopter is out of reach during your stay in Barcelona or Catalonia overall; then why not consider Barcelona Helicopters.

Situated in the rolling hills of Catalonia, this rural location is beneficial to passengers who want to see more hills, mountains and countryside.

However, there's a hitch, you cannot book a single flight so you must order a flight as a group, with a minimum sitting arrangement of four people, or more people by special arrangement.

Flights via Barcelona Helicopters are private flights, so you will be basically chartering a helicopter as oppose to sharing a ride with strangers.

Tours: Min: EURO: USD: GBP:
Tour Barcelona helicptero EC120 30 €717 $802 £613
Tour Montserrat helicptero EC120 20 €474 $530 £405
Tour Montserrat y Barcelona helicptero EC120 45 €1255 $1403 £1073
Regalo Tour Barcelona 30 €777 $869 £664
Regalo Tour Montserrat 20 €534 $597 £456
Regalo Tour Montserrat Y Barcelona Helicóptero 45 €1315 $1470 £1123

VAT charge on top of flight

As with all EU countries you should absolutely expect to pay tax or VAT on top of the prices that are displayed or mentioned over the phone.

It won't be apparent right away as the operator will walk you through what to expect and what the helicopter tour prices are.

Then comes the shock of an additional 21% markup on the stated prices.

This is Spain's nationwide VAT standard so would apply to anyone who pays for a flight.

Tourists are usually excluded from paying Catalonia tourist tax when taking a helicopter flight as this charge applies to accommodation only.

Hidden costs to consider

I've scoured the companies offering helicopter tours across Barcelona and so far, I haven't found any hidden costs.

Now that is not to say there would be as it hard to tell until the day of the flight.

For example if you arrive by car the parking would normally be free; though it is possible to be charged if you park elsewhere, where its not associated with the heliport.

In addition to the flight, you might expect upsell whereby the helicopter tour company may sell you extras, including a photo with your pilot at cost.

So expect to pay a little extra you didn't quite anticipate, though it is quite possible you can turn away rising costs as you please.

Barcelona in short time

As it stands I've identified only two Barcelona helicopter tours that are the shortest flight times available.

Taking a helicopter flight via Cathelicopter will see you pick a city or coastal tour respectively; starting from only 6 minutes or, up 12 minutes for €46.00 more.

What you pay is entirely up to you but as Cathelicopters are sited right on the see front; no time is waisted as you begin to see the sights right away.

So well 6 minutes does seem short, all tourist attractions will soon come into view as you ascend into the sky.

Well the Barcelona Coastal Tour heads up the coast, the helicopter flightpath for the Barcelona City Tour will be in a similar fashion with focus more on the city.

Don't miss a thing with a long flight

Cathelicopters offers you one major long helicopter tour for up to 35 minutes over Barcelona before reaching Montserrat.

But the availability of long helicopter flights happens mostly be Barcelona Helicopters who have up six helicopter tour packages.

At the bottom of the list is two flight packages starting at 20 minutes; though with a price as much has €534, it not for the faint hearted - but more the serious helicopter enthusiast.

Well a thirty-minute flight will see prices jump to €777, but for good reason.

The helicopter you will be flying in is the EC120; a purpose built tourist, private helicopter model designed with maximum space with large open windows.

Taking a long helicopter tour will make sure you see much of what Barcelona has to offer as its all seen from the air.


Remarkably, taking a Barcelona helicopter tour is made in easy in terms of understanding what to expect on your flight.

Book in English well keeping the flight open for up to three months, ready for your arrival once you've landed in Barcelona... it couldn't be easier.

Though it must be said you will not be offered a refund if you cancel your flight.

Barcelona helicopter tour prices stated should be noted as a reference only; as prices could increase while VAT, any other tax or additional, yet optional services are added-on.

If you're looking for an affordable helicopter ride over Barcelona, then turn to Cathelicopters as they tend to cater towards the visitor or tourist with prices to match.

However, on the other end of the price range, Barcelona Helicopters will attend to those looking for a private flight for you alone, or with a group of four people or more.

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