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Airbus H125 helicopters sitting on Battersea helipad

Battersea helicopter rides guide

Head over London via the pristine Battersea heliport via The London Helicopter who fly a fleet of 6-seater Airbus helicopters.

To take a helicopter ride over London, Battersea heliport is your departure point for all flights within Central London. Public transportation to the heliport is widely available with a service that will treat passengers with care. Book a flight using The London Helicopter or do so via helicopter experience day operators.

Depart Battersea helipad to take your London theme helicopter ride; the facility awaits passengers with water, where belongings can be put in storage.

Remember, Batterea heliport is a not a place to book a helicopter ride for the public, there are services for that.

Battersea heliport is simply that of an airport, only its used for helicopter flights as oppose to airplanes or airliners.

With that in mind, you need to think ahead as to not be disappointed on the day, so book in advanced, well never expect to book and fly on the day.

Available helicopter rides for the public are operated by A2B Heli Charters Ltd using The London Helicopter brand, who operate a fleet of yellow Airbus H125 helicopters.

Available Battersea helicopter rides

Never expect to turn up or enquire at Battersea Heliport in regards to booking a flight; all helicopter rides are organized by helicopter tour services who operate out of Battersea.

Throughout the year, especially April through October, the best London helicopter tours operate across the capital.

It is possible to book a flight any other time; though be warned as available flights are reduced, no thanks to the poor British weather.

To order a helicopter ride out of Battersea, simply refer to experience day services as they have a number of flights lined up and ready to go.

Look to well-known Virgin Experience Days to take your helicopter ride, or why not try Red Letter Days or Into The Blue, respectively.

The helicopter experience day type flight that departs Battersea heliport are mostly arranged by these services alone.

So how will you go about booking a helicopter ride over London, via Battersea heliport.

How to order a Battersea helicopter ride

In order to take a helicopter ride over London with a departure out of Battersea; you must rely on the experience day type services who arrange flights.

Services to book a helicopter ride via Battersea heliport include:

  • Virgin Experience Days with a number of unique, yet long flights over London
  • IntoTheBlue for a helicopter ride that is a little cheaper, yet still expensive for most
  • Red Letter Days are an experienced service with a number of flights to pick
  • Experience Days also arrange helicopter rides, but with less options available

Simply visit one of the UK based experience day services online that matches your budget and the number of people to book.

You're taking a helicopter ride within London, so be aware flights out of Battersea will cost more due to overheads.

If you don't know, it is possible to book a flight over London via Redhill in Surrey; or if you like via Essex or Buckinghamshire.

Its imperative you know you cannot turn up or order flights through Battersea for the public, you must focus on using the services that arrange rides... using the Battersea heliport as the departure destination.

Getting to Battersea Heliport

Located on the South Bank overlooking the River Thames; Battersea heliport is used for helicopter business charters, the wealthy - to the public who want to take a ride.

For that reason the heliport is situated near to Central London which means it is easily accessible through public transport or a car journey.

If you're a visitor to London then let's assume Westminster, near the Houses of Parliament is your departure point to Battersea.

Well as it happens, Battersea is a nice walking distance with a time between 50 minutes to 1 hour needed - which is important to know as you need to arrive early before you're due to fly (30 minutes before your departure time).

It is approximately 4 miles with only 10 minute ride by car, with a tube stop or if you like, only a 10 minute travel time if you decide to ride the rails with Clapham Junction station near by.

If you are arriving to Battersea out of London by car then know there is car parking; though a 24 hour noticed is required along with a small charge, of course.

Type of helicopter you will be flying

Likely contender for taking your helicopter pleasure flight over London is the Eurocopter AS350 Écureuil helicopter, now called the Airbus H125 helicopter.

The Airbus H125 Helicopter is single engine, three-bladed, 6-seated helicopter commonly used to fly passengers over London via Battersea helicopter.

Finished in its bright body, The London Helicopter signia is printed along the side. You'll also see inflatable floats strapped to the skids as you'll be flying over water.

If you're one of the lucky ones to sit in the front, then you are in for a treat as its the best seat in the helicopter.

The pilot will be sat on the right-side with the two-front seated passengers who will sit next to him.

Then with 4 passengers sat across in the back, two will be on a window seat, with the other 2 passengers who sit in the middle two seats.

Due to weights and balances, you might not get an option to sit in the front or by the window.

Passenger care

As soon has you've arrived at the Battersea heliport you will be welcomed with open arms, with a personal connection with the staff likely.

Once in the building you may be offered a bottle of water if its hot, or perhaps something a little hotter if its cold.

In the time you arrived to when you lift off outside on the heli pad; the staff will give you a quick briefing on safety.

That would generally involve a demonstration on how to use the life jacket you would be required to wear in the duration of the flight.

You'll also be told how to open the door latch in case of a quick getaway.

When its time to take your London helicopter ride, staff will show you out the door before passing you onto the flight ground crew on the helipad.

Quickly they will show you where to put your feet on the landing gear to enter the helicopter safely, before you climb on and scoot over to your designated seat.

If you bring along personal possessions, know that staff will provide a locker to store your things - as loose items cannot be taken on board.


No messing about, if you want to take a London helicopter ride on the day, be sure to contact The London Helicopter first thing.

If you wish to take a different sort of flight that tend to involve a flight path not available through said helicopter operator - then turn to helicopter experience day companies.

Here you'd have the security of taking a flight with a middle-man so to speak; where all problems can be laid back to a third-party who run the flights.

If there's a service that are responsible for offering you the helicopter ride; then there's more people to put it right for you - before you right a nasty review that is.

Battersea heliport is easy to get to via Central London; with a walk, taxi, the tube or even arriving near to the heliport with a train stop a quick walk away.

You will always be flying in The London Helicopter Airbus H125, finished in yellow.

Staff will take care of you before you're due to fly with a quick safety briefing that will involve wearing a life-jacket, all while giving you a talk on how to use the life-jacket.

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