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Blue Hawaiian Helicopters' Airbus EC130 skimming the Big Island coastline

Cheap Big Island helicopter tours

I've done the legwork for you by pulling up eight of the cheapest helicopter tours on the Big Island, for those on a low budget well visiting the island.

Cheap Big Island helicopter tours start from only $99.00 via Blue Hawaiian; of whom offer two more tours priced at $269.00. If the budget allows it for $90.00 extra it will open up three helicopter tour options, courtesy of Mauna Loa. Low costs do not mean poor service as major attractions are seen, in less flight time.

Welcome to my list of the cheapest helicopter tours on the Big Island, Hawaii. In creating this list, I've done so while keeping prices under $300.00.

To be more accurate the cheapest Big Island tour on the list is $99.00 well the costliest is priced at $274.00 via Paradise Helicopters.

Where you save on a tour remember low costs only correspond to a reduced flight time, not a reduction of the level of service you are guaranteed to receive.

For example the lowest cost is for 15 minutes in the air, the highest price being 40 min.

To get the best deal pay close attention to my table as you'll notice Safari Helicopters offer 55 minutes for $199.00 - well several helicopter tour operators charge more for a less time in the air.

Be sure to check the price list over carefully well cross-referencing it with flight duration.

Cheap Big Island tour price list

Operator: Tour Name: Depart: Min: Price:
Blue Hawaiian Helicopters Hilo Holoholo Hilo 15 $99
Mauna Loa Helicopters Kona Sunset Experience Kona 30 $190
Mauna Loa Helicopters Kona Coast Experience Kona 30 $190
Safari Helicopters Volcano National Park & Waterfalls Safari Hilo 55 $199
Sunshine Helicopters Kohala Hamakua Coast Helicopter Tour Kamuela 45 $249
Blue Hawaiian Helicopters Circle of Fire Plus Waterfalls Hilo 50 $269
Blue Hawaiian Helicopters Historic Hamakua Hilo 50 $269
Paradise Helicopters Lava & Rainforests Adventure Hilo 40 $274
Quick glance at the cheapest Big Island helicopter tours; columns list operator, tour name, departure, air time in minutes plus the base price per eight tour options.

So the reliance on your choice of the cheapest helicopter tours on the Big Island relies on only the eight tour options.

To which are operated by five Hawaii helicopter tour companies who all have made sure they stay competitive, by offering a handful of cheap tours.

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters lead the pack with their very cheapest tour they can possibly offer you - the Hilo Holoholo tour priced at only $99.00.

Blue Hawaiian crop up again on the list but farther down as the prices almost triple.

Next up its over to Mauna Loa Helicopters two Big Island tours, so too Safari Helicopters single option, all for $190.

Sunshine Helicopters cheapest tour is priced at $249, but after this familiar operators show up again with prices listed up to $274.00

Under $300 Big Island helicopter tours

  • Hilo Holoholo
  • Visit Site | Operator: Blue Hawaiian Helicopters | Dur: 15 Minutes | Price: $99
  • Cheapest will mean only a short flight time near to your departure point at Hilo; you will view Hilo Town, Hilo Bay, rainforests, valleys and waterfalls all nearby.
  • Kona Sunset Experience
  • Visit Site | Operator: Mauna Loa Helicopters | Dur: 30 Minutes | Price: $190
  • On this short sunset window guests can view the Big Island under lighting not seen elsewhere - perfect for viewing amazing colors well taking the best photography.
  • Kona Coast Experience
  • Visit Site | Operator: Mauna Loa Helicopters | Dur: 30 Minutes | Price: $190
  • Not knowing which way guests will head, southwards is Honokohau Bay, Kona Town, Keauhou; north will be Kua Bay, Kiholo Bay, Hapuna Beach and Kawaihae.
  • Volcano National Park & Waterfalls Safari
  • Visit Site | Operator: Safari Helicopters | Dur: 55 Minutes | Price: $199
  • Nothing will be missed with panoramic views through ceiling to floor windows as you explore the Big Islands Volcano National Park, plus more attractions.
  • Kohala Hamakua Coast Helicopter Tour
  • Visit Site | Operator: Sunshine Helicopters | Dur: 45 Minutes | Price: $249
  • Head over the top area of the Big Island as you tour the Kohala Mountains with extraordinary views of the South Kohala Resort coast
  • Circle of Fire Plus Waterfalls
  • Visit Site | Operator: Blue Hawaiian Helicopters | Dur: 50 Minutes | Price: $269
  • Highly rated Big Island helicopter tour via Blue Hawaiian will circle the lower east side of the island viewing rainforests, waterfalls, black beaches and volcanoes.
  • Historic Hamakua
  • Visit Site | Operator: Blue Hawaiian Helicopters | Dur: 50 Minutes | Price: $269
  • Tour a little corner of the Big Island on this Historic Hamakua tour; visit lush rainforests, towering waterfalls, deep valleys and the coast.
  • Lava & Rainforests Adventure
  • Visit Site | Operator: Paradise Helicopters | Dur: 40 Minutes | Price: $274
  • Focus of most expensive yet cheapest tour showcases the Kīlauea Volcano, the crater that was previously Pu‘u ‘Ō‘ō Vent, lush rainforests - and much more.

Low cost operators

Don't think of the cheapest helicopter tours on the Big Island being served by low cost operators, it really couldn't be farther from the truth.

Instead you need to think about the low price offers available to you as a gesture of good will shell I say, so in effect will cater for those on a low budget.

Low costs need to be made available to all so anyone visiting the Island of Hawaii will get a chance to participate.

Competitiveness is the key to cheap Big Island helicopter tours.

Therefore as all five helicopter tour companies need to set up a low cost tour so they don't miss out on guests on a low budget.

Excellent for you as its means they reduce prices to stay inline with there near rivals.

So there you have it, all Big Island helicopter tour operator prices are reduced to bring them inline with other, cheap but still high quality tours on the island.

What you get for the money

Make no mistake while the prices of helicopter tours have been reduced drastically to keep up with the competition, you're sure to still get your monies worth.

Often cheaper prices correspond to a reduced level of service, but not so here.

In the highly reduced air time passengers will visit areas of interest as the duration of the tour will allow, which tends to be a short duration for less money.

No venturing too far from the tour departure point at Hilo International Airport or Kailua-Kona Airport - but lots to see in the meantime.

You'll be mistaken thinking an hour or two is needed to visit the island at its best; not true as it can be done in 30 minutes or less.

Not in a way that will bring you to all major attractions on the island, but more so allow you to soar over rainforests, fly into valleys or along the coastline - well giving you a chance to see the Kilauea Volcano.

That is not true with all options as the very cheapest tour of them all is only short 15 min. long, so will result in the tour staying close to your original departure location.

Cheapest vs air tour time

In order to receive the best helicopter tour on the Big Island you will need to stay open minded on the choice of tour you will book up.

Meaning do not only glance at the cheapest price and say yes... that's the cheapest option so I'll book it up now.

Instead you can often pay a little more if the budget allows it to take a 15 minute tour to one that is double the flight duration to 30 minutes.

That will mean the price of $99.00 will jump $90.00 to a total of $190.00 in total.

What that provide you is not the one cheap Big Island helicopter tour but instead increase your tour options to three - departing Hilo originally or head over to Kona for an additional two Big Island tours.

To maintain a very low price helicopter tour you should really keep your options to these three only - but remember you'll sure to get your monies worth.

To do that you need to book a helicopter tour for the second or third cheapest overall, as the flight duration often increases, thus offering more value for money.


So that brings me to the end of my cheapest Big Island helicopter tours; to which you'll find a table list to glance over plus all eight tours in detail below it.

Cheapest of all on the Big Island is served by Blue Hawaiian Helicopters' Hilo Holoholo tour out of Hilo, costing as little as $99.00.

If the budget allows it visitors can pay $90.00 more which will bring your tour options from one, to three helicopter tours - again departing Hilo plus Kailua-Kona.

Overall, all eight helicopter tours are what I consider to be the cheapest on the Island of Hawaii, coming in under $274.00.

Of the five helicopter tour companies on the island, they're all competing for your service so will lower prices to stay competitive.

Thus constantly reviewing there price range as to always undercut each other; in turn passes on savings to those on a low budget.

Helicopter tours on the Big Island can be cheap but its not to say its poor value.

Instead what you will see on the Big Island are her rainforests, valleys, waterfalls and mountains - all within reason of course.

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