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Guimbal Cabri G2 helicopter hovering near to ground

Cheapest way to become a helicopter pilot

Its not just a pipe-dream for would-be helicopter pilots; students have an option to pass there expensive training at a very low cost, or absolutely free.

To become a helicopter pilot on the cheap, students can train in a cheap to run and maintain Guimbal, Robinson R22 or R44. If you're serious about a pilot career, then a pilot recruitment firm can pay for all costs. Register your interest for a scholarship - or why not consider joining the military.

Don't waste time if you want to complete helicopter training school on the cheap, as you can do so by learning to fly in a low cost helicopter.

Helicopter training schools are sure to have a fleet of these types of choppers in there ownership, but have an option to bring one in if requested by you.

They're the Guimbal Cabri G2, Robinson R22 or R44; only 2 or 3-seat capacity mind you, so little room for taking friends or family.

Students can take there CPL, or the cheapest option, PPL - Private Pilot License.

If you want to make a career of flying helicopters; you can register with a government run recruitment firm who will pay for students helicopter training.

If not, then you can still do it absolutely FREE by signing up for a scholarship, often made available through helicopter training school - with limited places made available.

That will lead you to taking a job with the school that trained you, or you will go on to being recruited by a partner of them.

Last but not least, why not join the military as recruits will need to go through basic training in the army or navy, before they can learn to fly.

Train in cheap to run helicopter

Quite possibly the only way would-be helicopter pilots will be able to afford the costs associated with helicopter training - is to train in a cheap to run helicopter.

That will lead to training to become a helicopter pilot in a small, yet reliable piston powered helicopter.

One noticeable model you may recognize is the Robinson Helicopter series; that is between the 4-seater R44 or 2-seater R22.

It has to be said though, cheap to run helicopters are not the most attractive machines to fly, but that is sure made up with low running costs.

Robinson R22

Cheapest way to become a qualified helicopter pilot would be to take your training in a Robinson R22.

One of the cheapest to buy, so therefore cheapest to operate; the R22 is light, agile little twin seater helicopter that is chosen for low costs.

Little maintenance goes into the R22 so that helps toy keep costs down.

That is on top of the $145.00 cost per hour to fly the machine, which is relatively small compared to his big brother, the R66 at $371.00 per hour.

Robinson R44

Not much bigger than the R22, the Robinson should be, and will be your second go-to helicopter for keeping the helicopter training costs within budget.

It is still bigger than his baby brother but remarkably, only costs $50.00 or so extra per hour to run - at $190.00.

People who wish to pass there PPL do so to not only pilot a helicopter for real, but so they can take friends or family along.

That is possible with this Robinson R44 as a 4-seater passenger capacity chopper.

Guimbal Cabri G2

Its not the American made Robinson R22 or R44 that are cheapest to operate, that award belongs to the French-made Guimbal Cabri G2.

Ugliest of all but a reliable little helicopter that should be strongly considered for taking your Private Pilot License in.

Not a single helicopter training school in the world are without a Guimbal, or if they don't they are in a position to get hold of one for use with your training.

Costs to run hovers around just $100.00 per hour, including fuel and maintenance; if you want to take your PPL(H) on the cheap - then pick this heli over the Robinson series.

Recruitment firm sponsorship

When I talk about recruitment firm sponsorship, I am of course talking about the company paying for all your helicopter training costs.

However, if you wish to go down this route as to save money, but ditch the firm once qualified, think again.

In signing the contract you will agree to fulfil contract once you've passed your training, before going onto serve your time - otherwise it would lead to prosecution or you paying to cover all costs associated with your training.

Recruitment firms are not your basic job site service; its more involved firms who operate a helicopter fleet nationwide - for the air ambulance, police or similar government run service.

Training school scholarship

Much like a big helicopter pilot recruitment firm sponsoring your training, its a little less complicated when going for a scholarship.

So what is a scholarship and what does it involve? Well, its a grant given to a students helicopter training - at no cost to you.

Instead, taking a career in the air ambulance or piloting police helicopters; students will go on to be recruited by the company who trained you.

Its a local helicopter training school near you who are likely to offer this great opportunity, with limited scholarships offered every year.

Become a military pilot

Final option for becoming a helicopter pilot on the cheap is the hardest way possible, that is to join the military.

Helicopter pilots are needed in worldwide militaries but for you to qualify; you'll have to go through basic training like any foot soldier.

Huge advantage of learning to fly in the military worldwide is students get to train, before going onto pilot military helicopters.

Not an option for civilian pilots but for you it will be a dream come true to fly only the best, fastest helicopters - well serving your country proudly.

Private Pilot License only

Now that is all said and done, if you want to become a helicopter pilot the cheapest way possible you will do so by taking your PPL(H), or Private Pilot License (H).

That would result in you being limited to flying your own helicopter or perhaps hiring a helicopter for the day to take friends or family out.

However, PPL does not permit you to pilot a helicopter as a career, to which you will need to qualify with a CPL - or Commercial Pilot License (H).

Costs associated with CPL is much higher than taking it privately; but it will entitle you to apply for a job with any helicopter firm - providing you have a enough flying hours.


If you're serious about becoming a helicopter pilot on the cheap; would-be pilots can do so in several ways.

To begin with, its only possible to train in a Guimbal Cabri G2, Robinson R22 or R44 as the helicopter type is cheap to run and maintain.

But rest assured, regardless of the helicopter training school you sign up with; they're sure to have a number of these pistol powered models in there fleet.

If not they will be in a position to hire the helicopter your want to train in especially.

That options is only made available for those you who want to go down the route of qualifying for there PPL(H).

You can sign up with a requirement firm who will pay all fees - providing you go on to be recruited into one of the government run helicopter services - the firm will be responsible for operating and recruiting.

Less hassle but still needing to qualify for your CPL; its possible students can get a nice little scholarship paid for by a helicopter training school.

Catch is you must go onto be recruited into there school, but they may be also training you up on behalf of other helicopter services.

Finally, that would leave you with the option of joining the military where recruits will go through basic training before joining the flight school sector.

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