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Grand Canyon helicopter tour companies

I've made the effort to refine a list of the top rated, most trusted tour companies who service the Grand Canyon's West and South Rim.

Grand Canyon helicopter tour companies will first need to be categorised by departure point to make sure it is accessible to you. So with that you can depart for the Grand Canyon's West Rim via Boulder City, Las Vegas or Henderson in Nevada, or fly via the Grand Canyon Village on the South Rim.

Only nine Grand Canyon helicopter tourist operators will embark on a fascinating tour that will take in all major landmarks or attractions.

Top rated, or should I say well known companies are Maverick Helicopters or Papillon; who happen to have more accessible locations than any other company.

Those companies include 5 Star, Serenity, Sundance and Wild West Helicopters, amongst other.

Serious bit of business flying guests over the Grand Canyon but you will notice Grand Canyon West Rim helicopter tours are not short of supply.

Nevada departures are the popular Boulder City Municipal Airport, Las Vegas or near by Henderson.

Likewise, South Rim tours happen via Arizona via the Grand Canyon National Park Airport - with three companies operating out of the area.

You'll need to visit web sites of every tour operator if you wish to view tour prices, so you will want to visit my Grand Canyon helicopter tour prices guide to save you time.

Quick Grand Canyon operators table

Company: No of Tours: Helicopter Type: Seats:
5 Star Grand Canyon Helicopters 9 Airbus AS350B2 6
702 Helicopters 1 Robinson R44 3
GC Flight 11 Assorted 3-6
Grand Canyon Helicopters 11 Airbus EC130 6
Maverick Helicopters 10 Airbus EC130 6
Papillon 15 Airbus EC130, H130, ACH125, Bell 206L 6
Serenity Helicopters 4 Airbus AS3503 6
Sundance Helicopters 6 Airbus EC130 6
Wild West Helicopters 2 Bell 206B 4

Companies by departure

I've gone one better than simply offering you a list of popular Grand Canyon helicopter tour companies - I think refining that list by departure is just as important.

So with that, I have all trusted helicopter operators listed under there point of departure, with four major locations, involving two States - Nevada and Arizona.

With that information you'll be sure to book a Grand Canyon helicopter tour by operators that are closest, or more accessible to you.

Most Grand Canyon tours depart out of Boulder City - 5 miles from Las Vegas, so is a major starting point for many.

Its also worth noting that there are tours via Las Vegas or Henderson in Nevada too.

Boulder City

If departing Boulder City via Papillon you'll be welcomed to their private luxury terminal, while 5 Star or Serenity have there own luxury hanger at Boulder City Municipal Airport.

5 Star Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

Located at: Grand Canyon Tour Air Terminal, 1421 Airport Rd, Suite 110, Boulder City, Nevada 89005, USA. Visit official web site.

One of the largest helicopter tour specialists; 5 Star Grand Canyon helicopter Tours is a go-to provider of up to 15 tours to the Grand Canyon.

Let 5 Star take care of your every needs, with a tour that is sure to match your budget, well allowing for short to long haul helicopter tours.

Flights tend to fly within the Grand Canyon West Rim, with a pass over the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and the Colorado River.

5 Star Helicopter tours include landing tours with flights that arrive back at Boulder City before you go on to shooting, driving an ATV or visiting the Skywalk.


Located at: 1265 Airport Rd., Boulder City, NV 89005, USA. Visit official web site.

One of many departure points for Papillon is their special private, yet very luxurious terminal, located at Boulder City Municipal Airport.

Well known, top rated tours of there's depart this site including that of the Grand Celebration Tour and the Grand Voyager - of which are a little more pricier than most budgets can manage.

Focus is on the Grand Canyon West Rim with the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and the Colorado all involved on the flight route.

In their 'in the air flights' are made available but a departure from Boulder City is not without the all important Grand Canyon helicopter landing tours.

Once arrived back to Boulder City, passengers will go one to rafting or touring the Skywalk, if you signed up to that package.

Serenity Helicopters

Located at: 1411 Airport Rd #110, Boulder City, NV 89005, USA. Visit official web site.

Little farther across from Papillon is Serenity Helicopters attractive location where they operate out of a luxury hanger.

You'll know Serenity for their Sky Dancer Sunset Tour, or Landing & Picnic adventure, but there are only four tours made available.

Half are made up of Grand Canyon helicopter landing tours, plus flight only rides.

Soon as you take off, you'll head East before the Hoover Dam comes into sight; followed by Lake Mead and surrounding landmarks.

Higher end of the price range but a flight only tour is matched by an extended duration.

GC Flight

Located at: various location at: Airport Rd, Boulder City, NV 89005, USA. Visit official web site.

GC Flight are in business to hook you up with Grand Canyon helicopter tours via other operators near by, or going above and beyond to book you something unique.

In that respect they've made sure their own refined Grand Canyon tour list matches what is already available.

Up to an impressive eleven tours are available to passengers with a price range that is much lower thus far - of the eleven there are eight landing tours, three in the air only.

You won't recognize GC Flight helicopters in the Canyon, as they book you up with an established service who run flights there already.

Grand Canyon tours from Boulder City - or Las Vegas - take in the West Rim including the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and the unmistakable Colorado River.

Las Vegas, NV

When you're in town then what better way to depart for the Grand Canyon than via Las Vegas itself - the city is huge so you might want to take advantage of a shuttle service.

Grand Canyon Helicopters

Located at: Grand Canyon Helicopters, 275 E. Tropicana Ave, Suite 155, Las Vegas, NV 89169, USA. Visit official web site.

Grand Canyon Helicopters can be seen down in the Grand Canyon in their red Airbus EC130, which is a 6-seater passenger helicopter.

But did you know Grand Canyon Helicopters are part of the Papillon family.

Recognisable tour is that of the King Of Canyons with a flight into the Grand Canyon that will take in the Hoover Dam, Black Mountains and Lake Mead.

You won't miss the great Colorado River as its present on all three helicopter tours.

Bonus of taking a tour via Las Vegas with Grand Canyon Helicopters is flying over the Downtown Strip on the way back home.

All tours made available include a landing tour with a little walkabouts.

Maverick Helicopters

Located at: Las Vegas Terminal, 6075 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119, USA. Visit official web site.

Located in the bottom left hand side of McCarran International Airport, this Maverick departure point is as convenient as its get.

Its also worth knowing the location allows for visitors to view Maverick's own helicopters sat out on the helipad - as seen from Las Vegas Blvd.

Famous helicopter tours are of there's are that of the Wind Dancer tour that lasts up to 4 hours or more.

Only three tours from this location with all landmarks seen; Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Mojave Desert, Temple Rock and Colorado River are visited from the air.

That includes all tours providing the landing tour adventure in the Grand Canyon

Sundance Helicopters

Located at: McCarran International Airport, 5596 Haven St, Las Vegas, NV 89119, USA. Visit official web site.

Located farther into McCarran International Airport, Sundance Helicopters are setup in a stunning hanger with customer parking on site.

Sundance are not short of helicopters on the tarmac with passengers treated to a taxiing around the airport, before ascending into the sky.

Mid range pricing on their selection of six helicopter tours, including three landing tours.

You'll be departing Las Vegas so Sundance offer a tour of the famous Las Vegas Strip on a number of tours made available.

Your tour may continue once you're back in Las Vegas by taking an ATV and shooting on their Sundance Grand Canyon Heli & Adventure Tours.

All Grand Canyon landmarks will be met including the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and Mojave Desert - and not forgetting the Colorado River - amongst other famous spots.

702 Helicopters

Located at: 2634 Airport Drive, Suite 101, Las Vegas, NV 89032, USA. Visit official web site.

Primarily a helicopter training school, 702 Helicopters won't take you themselves to the Grand Canyon, but are in a position to book you up a flight, via Papillon.

Order through Papillon if you wish, but there might be an advantage booking through 702 Helicopters as it might be a trick to get a booking on busier times.

So while you won't get to enjoy 702's Bell 407 or Robinson helicopters; instead guests will be taken in Papillon's Airbus EC130.

Simply called Grand Canyon Tour, this is the name given to the tour you'll be booking which does not give away to much detail.

So I would expect passengers will be hooked up to one of Papillon's own tour packages.

Henderson, NV

Located south of Las Vegas but within reach of Boulder City; the operator will depart out of Henderson Executive Airport with a tour that can include the Grand Canyon and Vegas.

Maverick Helicopters

Located at: Henderson Exec. Airport, 1620 Jet Stream Drive, Henderson, NV 89052, USA. Visit official web site.

South of Las Vegas but still only a short drive to Boulder City, Maverick are the only Grand Canyon helicopter tour company working out of Henderson Executive Airport.

The location lends itself to be strategically positioned for a Grand Canyon tour before heading back to view the Las Vegas Strip from the air.

Helicopter tours you might be familiar with is that of the Free Spirit or Canyon Dream, of which will include the Hoover Dam, Mojave Desert, Lake Mead and even Boulder City.

Five helicopter tours to pick with a mid to higher end price range that includes a 3 and a half hour minimum tour duration - with the landing tours included.

Whenever your Grand Canyon tour involves a flight over the Strip, it will be departing from here or Las Vegas, respectively.

Grand Canyon, AZ

Rely on Grand Canyon departures when taking a tour that focuses on the South Rim, with a flight that instantly connects with the Grand Canyon shortly after lift off.

Grand Canyon Helicopters

Located at: Grand Canyon Airport South Rim, Highway 64, Grand Canyon, Arizona 86023, USA. Visit official web site.

Grand Canyon Helicopters are setup on their own terminal at the north end of the Grand Canyon National Park Airport - customer parking included.

Building will be noticed thanks to its distinctive red cladding with their red helicopters out on the helipad.

That's important to remember as the company are located near to Maverick Helicopters.

South Rim landmarks within the Grand Canyon are seen including the Colorado River, with the North Rim also coming into reach.

Mid range pricing with no landing tours per se; so instead guests are treated to extended activities including a drive in a Hummer - where available.

Maverick Helicopters

Located at: Grand Canyon, 107 Corsair Dr, Grand Canyon Nat. Park Airport - Hwy 64, AZ 86023, USA. Visit official web site.

Located near the exit to the Grand Canyon National Park Airport, so therefore the Maverick terminal cannot be missed - when driving in or out of the airport.

The facility own's itself to a full service including customer care, plus parking spaces.

Only two helicopter tours with Maverick Helicopters on this located including the Grand Canyon Discovery and Canyon Spirit.

Tours are in the low range with a tour duration lasting no longer than one hour.

Maverick won't miss any major landmark in the South Rim region but as usual, the Colorado River can be seen.


Located at: Papillon Heliport, 3568 Airport Rd., Grand Canyon Village, Arizona 86023, USA. Visit official web site.

Drive past Maverick Helicopters before passing Grand Canyon Helicopter terminal before you see Papillon Heliport in your sights

A location that is positioned on the northernmost point of the Grand Canyon National Park Airport.

Only Grand Canyon South Rim helicopter tours to be had here; that includes Kaibab National Forest, Tower of Ra, Vishnu Schist and the Dragon Corridor to be seen.

Reasonable pricing with helicopter tours that start from 25 minutes, up to three hours.

No tour names I would say standout as recognisable of the five tours made available, but they're not short of events.

Wild West Helicopters

Located at: Grand Canyon 3750 E Diamond Bar Road, Meadview, AZ 86444, USA. Visit official web site.

Unlike previous Grand Canyon helicopter tour companies I have mentioned thus far, Wild West Helicopters are different in that they're as authentic as they get.

Located in there own little ranch, the isolated location own's itself to a position on the border of Nevada, while sat on the Grand Canyon outskirts.

Head north in one of their Bell 206 Jet Ranger helicopters with a 4-seater arrangement.

Passengers will see much of what the West Rim has to offer including the Grand Canyon West, Eternity Canyon, Colorado River, Eagle Point, Guano Point and Colorado River.

You'll also see the famous Skywalk come into view, possibly with people on the platform.

Only two Grand Canyon tours to pick with a low to higher end price range, despite both tours are 25 minutes long, the second option is per two people - so remember that.

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