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Grand Canyon helicopter tour weight limit

How much you weigh is vital to know before booking a helicopter tour as to avoid being disappointed when the operator charges again over weight issues.

To guarantee a helicopter tour to the Grand Canyon guests will need to weigh 250lb or less with a maximum weight limit of 300lb. Most Grand Canyon helicopter tour weight limits are set on helicopter-type. So where you don't qualify for a tour with one operator, remember there are other options available.

Know your Grand Canyon helicopter tour companies to avoid disappointment. Simply book a tour with a service that has allowances for your weight.

If you weigh between 275lb to 300lb, Maverick Helicopters, Papillon, Sundance and Grand Canyon Helicopters will cater to you in there Airbus EC130, respectively.

However, little less generous on the weight limit are those service who fly the A-Star, or Airbus AS350 helicopter.

So if you weigh below 250lb you can fly with one of Serenity Helicopters, 5 Star, or GC Flight - if exceeding this weight you won't qualify for the tour.

Saying that, guests can exceed the weight if other passengers combined weight total allows for breathing space, but that's unlikely.

Under certain circumstances, customers will be made to upgrade to a second seat, so therefore paying double the price, as originally intended.

Grand Canyon helicopter tour prices are set per person, but will double if you need two seats to fly.

Grand Canyon weight limit table

Company: lb: kg: Stone:
Maverick Helicopters 300 136.07 21.43
Papillon 300 136.07 21.43
Sundance Helicopters 275, 300 124.73, 136.07 19.64, 21.43
Serenity Helicopters 250 113.39 17.85
5 Star Grand Canyon Helicopters 250 113.39 17.85
Grand Canyon Helicopters 299 135.62 21.35
GC Flight 250 113.39 17.85
702 Helicopters 600 272.15 42.85
Wild West Helicopters 800 362.87 57.14 

Guaranteed helicopter tour

People who are concerned in regards to if they will be within the maximum weight limit for a Grand Canyon tour can do one thing to guarantee it happening.

You will need to book a Grand Canyon helicopter tour with a service who operate a fleet of helicopters that allow for the heaviest weight limit.

So I done the legwork for you to discover that four Grand Canyon helicopter tour companies that will do just that.

To guarantee a flight for people up to 300lb (or on one occasion 299lb) then book a tour with Maverick Helicopters, Papillon, Sundance or Grand Canyon Helicopters.

Little less known company Wild West who operate out of Meadview AZ or 702 who depart Las Vegas should be seriously considered for passengers who have a weight concern.

Saying all that, to absolutely be sure of taking a flight without a hitch; then look to operators who have a lower recommended weight limit.

If your weight is below this limit then you are guaranteed to fly with more operators.

Serenity, GC Flight and 5 Star Grand Canyon Helicopter have a not so generous weight limit of 250lb - but it is useful to know as it is a benchmark to qualify for all tours.

What do operators say

Mix comments from the official Grand Canyon tour operators; but all nine do have some useful advice for passengers concerning weight limits.

Operators 5 Star, GC Flight, Grand Canyon Helicopters and Papillon will charge customers an additional seat at the original list price if you exceed there recommend weight limit.

That means you'll end up paying for two seats as to make sure all guests are comfortable.

Helicopters as a whole have a maximum weight limit, so if combined passenger weight risks exceeding this, this will be an issue.

That issue would arise if your party or by a slim chance; each passenger boarding the helicopter reaches 300lb or more - special arrangements will have to be made.

What that can mean for you is your helicopter tour would be cancelled, or your group will be split up into separate helicopter tours.

Not a policy set forth by most operators mentioned, but it is an arrangement that can be made to be sure you don't miss out.

Verifying customer weight

You really do need to weigh yourself at home as during the booking process online, operators may ask for an accurate weight you can provide them.

Now, remember, weighing yourself at home will not be an accurate measurement as scales - analogue or digital - can offer different results.

The only measurement that matters is the one that the helicopter operator offers.

Providing your weight on the booking process is not a guarantee you won't be weighed at the heliport - because you will be weighed again.

So for that reason don't wing it or guess your weight because if its way off, you will have trouble in the check-in process.

Major Grand Canyon helicopter tour companies such as Maverick Helicopters or Papillon receive a large number of international customers.

While pounds is primarily used in North America, elsewhere stone or Kg would be the metric to use - thankfully the operators allow you to insert your preferred choice.

Never be concerned if you're sensitive about your weight, its only taken so the service can do what is known as weight and balances.

Which means they distribute customer weight across the helicopter for safety.

No guaranteed assigned seat

Often a Grand Canyon helicopter tour company will allow for customers to book a co-pilot seat, or a seat in the front if its a three-front seat model.

Options can also extend to passengers selecting a window seat or whether to sit on the left or right side of the aircraft - if you know the Grand Canyon will be seen more.

However, when picking a seat upgrade option, know that this is not necessarily a guarantee the seat will be yours.

If you've given an accurate weight online or in the check-in process; problems can occur with other passengers.

Passengers weight can often change the pre-arranged seating arrangement so your upgrade can indeed, be cancelled.

Result of that can vary but if a number of customers are too light or to heavy - or simply be in between - this can have a drastic effect on seating.

So book your seat during the checkout procedure but know there's a risk of cancellation.

It might also be possible you'll be offered an upgrade to a co-pilot or window seat once you've arrived at the heliport - so do take advantage if it does arise.

Exceeding weight limit

In a likely event you or your fellow passengers exceed the weight limit, it can be offset if your group come way under the total recommended limit.

If instead a single passenger far exceeds the weight set by the company, expect a few problems.

Its not anything to bad its just that paying extra might be the only option.

On the otherhand you could be asked to wait until the next flight while leaving your partner, friend or group to go ahead into the Grand Canyon.

When not taking a simple solution that is offered to you without trouble you'll save yourself a few dollars.

Passengers are often required to upgrade to a second seat at no discount whatsoever; meaning you'll have to splash out for a second seat.

Trouble with that is the said seat has probably seen assigned to another passenger, so it won't be made an option.

You can avoid all these issues if you just offer an accurate weigh-in to begin with, or book with a service who will take on your weight.


Very few people are likely to miss out on the chance of a lifetime when the risk pf being to heavy for a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon is a concerned.

In fact, six or the nine Grand Canyon tour operators have a maximum weight limit of 300lb, so that is way over the limit for most of you.

If you do weigh over this weight limit for most operators, look to Wild West Helicopters to take you up in their Bell JetRanger.

Three of the nine helicopter tour companies have a less generous weight limit of just 250lb, so forget about them if you know you're heavier.

Guaranteed helicopter tours are services who obviously offer the largest maximum weight limit, whereas options are more varied if you weigh way below this.

Often you'll be asked for your weight when booking online, but your weight will still have to be taken for real in the check-in process.

Booking a co-pilot or window seat may be available but its not a guarantee as the final say depends on other passenger weight.

Exceeding recommended weight limit will incur a fee or customers will be required to pay for an extra seat, at full price.

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