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Helicopter ride: Cardiff City tour guide

Enjoy Cardiff City from the sky with helicopter rides taking you over the bustling city below, well viewing the countryside, the shore and marina.

Helicopter rides in Cardiff involve flying over the city to view all major landmarks in sight; well flights depart out of the city, scenic helicopter rides will take off from nearby Newport. Book a flight with a helicopter service directly, or register for one or two people via third-party flying experience days.

My guide includes everything you need to know when taking a helicopter ride over Cardiff, or a flight that involves the city one way or another.

Where you depart from matters as time won't be wasted arriving at your destination; so fly out of Cardiff Airport or easy to access Cardiff Heliport near the bay.

Big capital city like Cardiff deserves choice; but as it happens they only have Hover Helicopters serving all flights in and out.

Well they are organized, they offer very good prices and are a well thought of helicopter company.

All flights can by booked via the web site, or if you like you can book a different helicopter ride with use of flying experience day services.

Helicopter rides are competitively priced which match the flight time that's on offer; from a quick 15 minute flight to a long 50 minute tour over Cardiff.

Where in Cardiff your flight departures

When taking a flight directly out of Cardiff the location your helicopter ride departs from is Cardiff Heliport or Cardiff Airport respectively.

If you're living or visiting Cardiff then you are better off making sure the flight you want takes off from either location - of which both are easy to access via public transport.

One or two flights involve flying over Carddiff exclusively, well other flight paths actually depart via Newport of all places.

So if you're able to make the short journey to Newport, do so as the helicopter takes off from The West Usk Lighthouse.

An unusual location to say the least, but certainly a romantic helicopter ride if its two of you.

Locations of all departures via Hover Helicopters:

Helicopter companies who operate flights

The only helicopter company that operates out of Cardiff City is Hover Helicopters; a service that runs their own flights, well offering rides via experience day services.

Ordering directly off Hover Helicopter web site would be your best bet to booking a seat.

If ordering elsewhere you may find the interference of third-party sellers slow things up, but saying that it could be cheaper at times.

Hover Helicopters is located at Cardiff Heliport, Foreshore Road, Cardiff Bay, CF10 4LZ: or phone 02921 252980 to chat to a real person in the know.

How long are Cardiff helicopter rides

Its really difficult estimating accurate helicopter rides over cardiff, as times stated includes time on the tarmac, to the time it takes to taxiing back at the airport or heliport.

However, helicopter companies try to give you an accurate flight time based on how long the helicopter is up in the air.

Of the nine heli flights I've discovered; time starts from 15 minutes to a whopping 50 minutes; so that will translate to a price range there that should satisfy you.

While a short 15 minute flight should give you enough time to see much of the Welsh capital, a long 50 flight will make sure you see everything there is to see.

Heli rides via third-party experience days

Rather then booking a flight through the helicopter company direct; its possible to order a ride over Cardiff via popular flying experience days.

Of all major services that operate in the UK, I've discovered 9 helicopter experiences where the helicopter rides involves flying over Cardiff or nearby.

Read ahead to view all the details I could find, imputing them into little boxes for you:

Service: Experience: PP: Min: Price:
buyagift Football Stadium Helicopter Tour 1 20 £99
Experience Days Cardiff Bay and Principality Stadium Tour 1 15 £99
Experience Days Cardiff Helicopter Tour 1 30 £149
Experience Days Cardiff Helicopter Sightseeing Tour 1 20 £119
intotheblue Cardiff City Tour 1 20 £135
intotheblue Pleasure Flights from Cardiff Heliport 1 15 £99
intotheblue All Stars Football Stadium Helicopter Tour 1 20 £99
Red Letter Days 34 Mile Helicopter Sightseeing Tour 1 50 £120

Red Letter Days

30 Minute Helicopter Flight 1 25 £220

Note: Services refers to experience days company; experience refers to package name; PP is how many people; Min. is flight time; Price is how much it would cost.

Things to see in Cardiff from up in the air

If you've seen it in Cardiff - in the inner suburbs or the city centre - well on the ground, then you will see it from the air if the flight path allows it.

Not just Cardiff either, if you're taking off out of Newport, you'll get the benefit of seeing both locations well viewing the busy streets on the commute to Cardiff.

All 'football stadium tours' in the south of Wales, and within helicopter flight range include Cardiff City ground, Principality Stadium, which was previously Millennium Stadium and Newport's ground coming up first or last on the tour.

When visiting Wales you must explore the city from the sky; with views unmatched from visiting by foot.

So when you book a flight, you will absolutely get to see the following landmarks:

  • Principality Stadium, previously Millennium Stadium
  • Cardiff City Stadium
  • Cardiff Castle
  • Llandaff Cathedral, Bishop's Palace
  • City Hall

You'd need to verify what stadium you wish to see to make sure your home team is not missed and can't share your pictures with family and friend when you are home.

Well flying over Cardiff with the city beneath you; other sights to see is the busy marina and coast - with the countryside which includes Cardiff Castle.


After reading all that, you should now have a good understanding how helicopter rides operate out of Cardiff City.

You've learnt that well most flights depart from two locations within the city; its also possible to fly out of Newport before heading to the capital.

If you want to see a lot of the city and surrounding areas and attractions, its vital you book a long flight to give yourself time to explore.

Taking a short flight will restrict what you can and cannot see; though you'd be surprised just how much you could see in that short duration.

Times are an estimate and should not be looked at as a guarantee.

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