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Passengers seen in Huey helicopter during flight

Huey helicopter rides for civilians

No other helicopter ride operator will offer such a once in a life time experience than one that lifts off in a genuine, ex-army Huey helicopter for civilians to fly in.

Now mostly in retirement, its taken a while but now members of the public can pay to fly in a Huey with use of a helicopter ride. Departure points take place in the USA and UK; with an open door policy that will seat up to 8 passengers. Most people can participate as there's no weight limit.

If you're a helicopter fanatic, then absolutely this army helicopter experience is certainly for you, an experience you will never forgot.

We've all seen the blockbusters movies with Vietnam documentaries highlighting the importance of the Huey.

Now you too can experience what the troops did as they rode into war zones with doors open while cruising at high speeds.

Nothing to worry about in terms of safety here, as Huey ride operators in the UK and US only operate well maintained helicopters with experienced pilots.

What you'll get out of your Huey helicopter ride is something not available anywhere else, well beating all traditional helicopter rides or tours by a mile.

You will not be restricted as such has other rides will, with no weight limit.

A safety briefing will take place before your 10 to 45 minute ride; though you should expect the whole experience to last up to 4 hours.

Huey helicopter ride departures

Now is the time to take a flight in a war time, classic Huey helicopter made available for civilians to experience.

Its not available for everyone though as the availability of Huey helicopter ride experiences are extremely rare.

Departure points that offer Huey rides are now only recently made available in the UK, with operations also available out of Georgia, USA.

If you wish to fly in a Huey in the UK, a company finally got approval by the Civil Aviation Authority to offer rides in the ex-military aircraft, with paid recreational flights

Based out of Lancashire, the Huey Helicopter UK Ltd is the company that will fly you over the Lancashire countryside, their location is:

  • Huey Helicopter UK Ltd: Wesham House Farm, Fleetwood Road, Wesham, Lancashire, PR4 3HD, UK.

Meanwhile, taking a Huey helicopter pleasure flight is not cut and dry in the US, as you'll have to wait for events at airshows to become available.

The Army Aviation Heritage is the operator of military helicopter rides, with a Cobra and the Huey helicopter available to ride in for civilians.

At this point of time no timetable has been set forth for 2020, so be sure to checkout their web site regularly or contact them directly for details, their physical address is:

  • Army Aviation Heritage: Foundation and Museum, Inc., 506 Speedway Blvd., Hampton, GA 30228, USA

How much is a Huey ride

If you're wishing to fly in a Huey helicopter within the UK, a number of prices have been set for this year.

Currently, Huey Helicopter UK Ltd charge £600.00, including VAT per person.

Its not a price for everyone but the company do allow for an add-on service to make it worth the cost; including a tour of the hanger at no extra cost.

That also goes for up to three guests you may bring along, who will be there as bystanders only, not passengers in the Huey.

If you're planning to fly in the USA the prices are cheaper but that's only because the flight time is much shorter.

However, at this time, the prices cannot be published until the flights are ready to be booked, so checkout Army Aviation Heritage web site to see when prices are published.

Length of Huey ride

Its absolutely worth your time if you want to fly in a Huey Helicopter; UK flight options are far better than the USA at this time.

As with prices being set for 2020, Huey Helicopter UK Ltd have laid bar the length of time you'd be flying in the Huey.

That is a minimum of 45 minutes with 4 other passengers riding with you.

Dates set for these flights to take part in the UK are from Aprilthrough to mid-November, so the weather might be in your favor.

This time the US operation has let us know how long the minimum Huey ride will be, which look like this:

Times will very by shows or evens, but expect a Huey ride to last 6 to 8 minutes.

Buy Huey flight as a gift

Buy the ultimate gift for the helicopter fanatic in your family with a once in a lifetime Huey flight, bought for with use of a gift voucher.

No such offer is available if booking for a USA flight, but this is made available if you wish to fly out of Lancashire in the UK.

Head over to Huey Helicopter Ltd and simply book your flight as you normally would.

Then its time to book the flight as gift voucher, where you can hand it over to the lucky sole as a birthday present or special event surprise.

The recipient will be able book the Huey ride with the operator at a time they deem fit, where they can redeem the voucher on a date that suits them.

Huey Open Door experience

Passengers take flight in a Huey helicopter ride
People seen inside Huey helicopter well in flight; doors slide open to allow passenger to move in and out with ease.

Know that when you take a Huey helicopter ride its a doors open experience, meaning you'll be exposed to the elements.

No Huey ride offers a flights with the doors shut, as it will spoil the experience while pretty much defeating the purpose of the ride.

If taking a Huey ride but the thought of doors open concerns you; it won't hurt to see if you can book a seat that is centrally positioned, as there is for up to 2 passengers.

Also known as doors off, an open door helicopter ride is one of the must exciting ways to experience a helicopter ride.

It will insure you get your monies worth as the views are not obstructed with glass, as you can see every sight that passes by beneath you.

Safety briefing

Before you begin your Huey ride, all passengers are required to take a short safety briefing for legal reasons.

If departing your flight in the USA, as rides tend to depart air shows or similar events; the talk may be limited somewhat, but you should be given a briefing regardless.

When taking a helicopter flight in a Huey in the UK, a safety briefing will be a little more formal, with a sit down talk.

Briefings may consist of a safety briefing video, all while an instructor or pilot may demonstrate how to buckle, unbuckle your seatbelt.

Fellow passengers, including yourself, are sure to bring photography equipment along, so a word on keeping it safe will be mentioned.

For example, all photography devices will need to be fastened to your wrists or forced to make use of the neck strap at all times.

Passengers must wear

When taking a Huey ride in the USA at air shows or events as such, passengers tend to be able to wear what they arrive in.

If you plan to take a Huey ride in advance, it would be advisable to dress accordingly, meaning appropriate clothing.

The Huey will be a doorless flight so will be windy as its open to the elements; so dresses or skirts will not be ideal, nor would pants or trousers that restrict movement.

Remember it is windy so if you have long hair, be sure to tie it back to keep it out of your eyes.

When experience a Huey helicopter ride in the UK, clothing policy is a little different in that you'll have to wear protective, fire retardant overalls.

No need to change out of your everyday clothing as the overalls will fit over the clothes you turn up in on the day - so wear pants, trousers, jeans or leggings - not a skirt or dress.

Restrictions apply

I can't speak for services available in the US, as information for passengers taking a Huey ride is short of supply.

What I do know for those flying in the US via Army Aviation Heritage is this; minimum age for a ride is 5 years old.

Minors must not be able to ride along so a fully paid up family member or guardian must accompany the child during the flight - no discount will apply.

When taking a Huey helicopter ride in the UK, minimum age in a Huey is a little stricter.

Minimum age for Huey helicopter rides via Huey Helicopter Ltd is age 18 or older. All passengers must also be capable of getting in and out of the helicopter without assistance.

Huey's are capable of carrying huge amounts of weight, so unlike conventional helicopter tours, there's no weight limit.

Meaning all adults are free to fly regardless of weight, within reason.

About the UH-1H

First developed in 1954, the 'Huey' was built as a utility helicopter for the U.S. military as it was needed for instrument training and transport.

Huey is a twin bladed rotorhead helicopter with a twin blade tail, turbine-powered engine with a capacity of 14 troops and one pilot - with more than 16,000 Huey helicopter built.

So therefore, expect 4 to 14 fellow passengers to ride with you during the Huey helicopter ride.

Service of the Huey began when it was attached to 61st Assault Helicopter Company (AHC) in Vietnam.

In this time, 11,827 total helicopters that served in the Vietnam, 1,925 Huey's were lost in combat - all while 1,380 resulted from optional accidents.

Never has there been a war based Blockbuster movie where the Huey wasn't involved; including Apocalypse Now, Full Metal Jacket and Platoon - to name a few.


Currently, I can only find two Huey helicopter rides; well one is available in the UK, there's one to be had in the USA - although I expected more options.

Located in Georgia, Army Aviation Heritage will not necessarily depart here as they move around the country to different events.

It is made a little easier to take a Huey ride in the UK as all flights depart out of the permanent home of Huey Helicopters Ltd, based in Lancashire UK.

Flights in the US are quite short with under 10 minute options; whereas in Britain its worth your time with rides lasting a whopping 45 minutes.

Costing anywhere between £200 to £600 per person with gift vouchers available.

You will not be let down as rides tend to be a doors open experience, with anywhere from 5 to 9 passengers capable of flyng at one time.

Safety briefing will come before the flight with the whole day recommended to be set aside as it can last up to 4 hours in total.

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