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Sundance helicopter seen in flight over Grand Canyon West Rim

Is helicopter ride over Grand Canyon worth it

Its totally worth taking a helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon as guests have an option to see it first hand, with a landing site tour.

Nowhere else can you see so much of the Grand Canyon than as a passenger of a helicopter. Guests will get there monies worth as all landmarks will be seen from 1,500ft up. Not possible if hiking, walking or taking a boat trip; the flight is sure to see more of the Grand Canyon with a bonus landing tour if you wish.

So many ways to explore the Grand Canyon National Park, yet so little time to hit on all the major tourist attractions.

What to do, what to do... well take a helicopter ride that will see all these areas of interest, while new, unexpected landmarks are expected to be seen.

Its not up close and personal in a helicopter ride, but it can be if your budget allows for a Grand Canyon helicopter tour with a landing

Here the experience is expected to last half a day for a picnic, take a walk, with lots of time to take pictures and make friends.

It won't stop as activities are included in these special helicopter tour packages that could go on to see more of the Grand Canyon in a Hummer, tour in an ATV or head down the famous Colorado River in a boat.

That way you're not limited to seeing the Grand Canyon from the air only; guests can see so much more if booking this kind of tour with the helicopter tour operator.

Helicopter tour cannot be matched

There are several ways to see the Grand Canyon, but all are limited in what can be seen, or what has to be missed.

If taking a Grand Canyon walk or hiking tour; in the grand scheme of things; you will only come into contact with a small fraction of the Grand Canyon National Park.

If experiencing, and what should be a fun water ride - boat trip down the Colorado River for example - then again you're limited to sights seen from the river.

If upgrading to a Grand Canyon airplane tour, well similar in terms of an aerial flight, the views are nowhere near to that in a helicopter.

So that brings us back to all Grand Canyon tour options cannot be matched to a helicopter.

You can guarantee all those sights, well seen from a 1,500ft. up; will be within reach, and so will areas not made accessible on foot.

Convenience of nearby departure

To make it worth your time, and money especially; its recommended you make use of a departure that is near to your location.

If staying in Las Vegas than absolutely be sure to book a tour with an operator who are located in the area - and there's lots of them.

On the otherhand, if you're in Arizona than going for a service - who're often the same operator - who will depart into the Grand Canyon from there.

Helicopter rides over the Grand Canyon is NOT worth your money if you spend more on travel when there really is no need too.

If you can walk to the location then you should do so to stay within a reasonable budget, but at an extra charge you can take advantage of the operators shuttle service.

Benefit of traveling in luxury

Dare to hike or walk the Grand Canyon at the peak of the summertime, you might just come to regret it.

Experienced travelers with a high level of fitness will benefit for sure; but its not for all as the conditions are too intense.

That also goes for seeing the Grand Canyon while traveling in a boat on the river.

Sure, areas are shaded but there's not missing the heat from the sun when exposed out of the deep canyon walls.

Therefore, it must be said if touring the Grand Canyon in a helicopter, the level of comfort compared to other options, is second to none.

In the middle of summer, the pilot is sure to make use of the air conditioning to keep it cool for passengers, well the pilot benefits to keep themselves comfortable.

When participating in a Grand Canyon helicopter tour with a landing; those private, often inaccessible sites are exposed to the sun.

If cheating by arriving by air, at least then you will be fresh and ready to tackle the sun for the short stay on the canyon floor.

More of Grand Canyon is seen

Never will it be made possible to see the Grand Canyon than making use of a helicopter tour experience.

Passengers will get there monies worth in terms of seeing all major landmarks, and so much more.

Nowhere else will you begin with a shuttle to the heliport; lift off in a helicopter; see attractions early on - before touching down on a landing site to do what everyone else is doing...

That is actually walking, hiking and exploring the Grand Canyon on foot.

It will depend hugely on where you're sitting in the helicopter during the in the air only duration of the helicopter flight - but with the pilot manuvoring in the way they do this will make sure you see plenty out of the window.

Landing at inaccessible sites

It must be said, when experiencing a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon, its totally worth it if you decide to opt for the landing tour package.

Absolutely you're guaranteed to enjoy yourself if you choose an air only helicopter tour, but what better way to see the heart of the Grand Canyon than landing in it.

That is only made possible if booking a Grand Canyon helicopter ride with a landing tour.

Operator's who offer this service are Papillon or Maverick Helicopters; or you may want to go for Sundance Helicopters or a similar service.

Private landing sites are usually controlled by the operator, who are responsible for keeping the area nice and tidy.

But its also an area that is not made accessible by foot or river; so you will get the bonus of a visiting a part of the Grand Canyon where everyone else cannot.

Cheap Grand Canyon tour options

Taking a tour of the Grand Canyon in a helicopter can be well worth your money if you spend wisely.

So don't assume a Grand Canyon helicopter tour is beyond your means, because you just might be surprised.

Main companies in the area who operate tours to the Grand Canyon will, and should offer at least one tour of interest at a reduced price.

Now it must be said the tour will not be an extended one, nor is it likely to be a landing site tour - or one with added activities.

Instead, guests will be treated to seeing the Grand Canyon in the helicopter ONLY on the cheap; perhaps with a flight duration of no more than 15 minutes.

If you have doubts about the worthiness of taking a helicopter tour over other options made available throughout the Grand Canyon - prices can be within your tight budget.


So there you have it, participating in a Grand Canyon helicopter ride will absolutely be worth your money as you'll see more of the National Park than any other option.

Benefits to a walk, hike or boating trip within the Grand Canyon for sure; but did you know helicopter tours do offer you those activities - on top of the flight.

Not only will guests take an extended helicopter ride; but there's options to explore an inaccessible area not made available on foot.

In the process of a tour the helicopter will land so you can explore in a Hummer or ATV, or perhaps head down the river in a boat.

Prices can increase but can be avoided if cutting out those services, with the flight only still made enjoyable.

Don't spend extra getting to your depart location, so be sure to book with an operator who are near to your hotel or area.

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