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Maverick Helicopters' Airbus EC130 landed on secluded spot in Kauai

Kauai private helicopter tours

The way to book a private helicopter tour is doing so online the usual way if the correct number of guests match the passenger capacity of the helicopter type in use.

Kauai private helicopter tours can be ordered off-the-shelf if passenger numbers match the seat capacity - though its possible to pay extra to cover empty seats. Charter a helicopter for the use of a special Kauai tour, inter-island transfer or special event. Costs start from $325 for a minimum one hour cover.

If you're a group of six people you'll be in luck as Kauai helicopter tour companies operate a helicopter with a 6-seater capacity.

If you're one over then it won't be possible unless that person is left behind.

However, if you're a group short of the maximum capacity, it won't matter so much as the cost takes into consideration max. capacity.

So if its only you or five other guests you still need to pay for full capacity the helicopter is capable of.

In the 6-seater you will want to avoid booking this type if you're short of passengers to fill it. On the otherhand book a 3-seater passenger capacity helicopter if its only three or less of you.

Costs of a Kauai private helicopter tour starts from $325 via Mauna Loa Helicopters, or an eye-watering $2,454 with Blue Hawaiian Helicopters.

Standard procedure for chartering a helicopter in Kauai is to talk to the tour operator on the phone, so they can go off to see if your special request can be met.

Private helicopter tour operators

Success of a private helicopter tour in Kauai will depend on the operator you book a private charter with.

For example, for a group of up to six guests, it can be made possible with three of the four companies who charter a 6-seater.

Having said that, you will need to book with an operator who offer clients a 3-seater helicopter if that is all you need - as to save money when extra seats are not needed.

Here are the Kauai helicopter tour operators who are willing to charter you a private helicopter for special requirements.

Helicopter tour operators depart via a heliport near Lihue airport; but its up to you as the client if you want picking up from else where.

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters

Blue Hawaiian are a major player in the tourism industry in Kauai, and Hawaii overall, so are experienced in private charters.

Booking a private helicopter tour with Blue Hawaiian Helicopter will lead to a flight in one of their Airbus H125 or Airbus EC130 - both of which are 6-seaters.

That is important to know because its Blue Hawaiian you should book with if you have a party between 5-6 people.

Minimum capacity on the helicopters is one but you won't need a 6-seater if its only you.

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters are not short of custom; therefore expect prices to be at the higher end of the market.

Visit Blue Hawaiian Helicopters official dedicated private charters page to get a better understanding of this service.

Maverick Helicopters

While Maverick Helicopters serve their tours using the Airbus EC130, much like their near rival of Blue Hawaiian - it is possible it will be cheaper.

Not a guarantee by all means but their starting from price quoted on their web site is cheaper, but it does not state per hour.

Once again the Kauai helicopter tour will commence in the 6-seater EC130 with an option of a 'air only tour' or perhaps one that involves a landing.

Maverick have been servicing Kauai long enough to know where quiet, secluded spots are located on the island where clients won't know about.

Maverick Helicopter official private charters page gives way more to information on the Grand Canyon - but dig deep to spot the part about inter-island transfers - as it could lead to a private tour option.

Mauna Loa Helicopters

Difference between Mauna Loa Helicopters' own private tours to other options in Kauai is that their tours are private only.

So no need to make special arrangements as you and two other passengers will be the only ones onboard the Robinson R44.

Its an off the shelf Kauai helicopter tour and a tour I would consider to be one of the best in Kauai - thanks to its doors off option.

Mauna Loa Helicopters is a Kauai open door helicopter ride with The Kauai Experience or Kauai Pro Photography Tour option.

Both of which offer a flight route that is pre-arranged to last for one hour, but changes can be expected at the request of you - or the pilot if he thinks there's something to see.

Guests will arrive at Mauna Loa headquarters in Rice Street with a quick shuttle drive to the nearby Lihue Heliport.

Sunshine Helicopters

If Sunshine Helicopters current range of Kauai helicopter tours don't take your fancy; an option is there to book a private tour.

Tours to consider are circling Kauai to explore inaccessible areas on the island, to a inter-island transfer.

Sunshine offer clients two 6-seater helicopter types; the two front co-pilot seats in each model are wider apart in one or more of a tight fit in the other.

Be sure to visit their official groups, special events or private charters page to find out a little more.

Guests can arrive at the companies headquarters in Rice Street with a short shuttle trip over to Lihue Heliport for departure.

If not its possible to arrange a pick up from or to a special event if the private land allows it.

Costs involved in Kauai tours per hour

Operator: Helicopter: PAX: Cost:
Sunshine Helicopters Airbus H125 6 $1,800
Sunshine Helicopters Airbus EC130 6 $2,000
Blue Hawaiian Helicopters Airbus H125 6 $2,454
Blue Hawaiian Helicopters Airbus EC130 6 $2,320
Mauna Loa Helicopters Robinson R44 3 $325
Mauna Loa Helicopters Robinson R44 3 $693
Maverick Helicopters Airbus EC130 6 $2,250
Table demonstrates name of operator, helicopter model in use plus its max. passenger capacity - costs listed are starting from only, so additional costs will apply.

Only the four Kauai helicopter tour companies make public there starting from, per hour costs associated with hiring one of their helicopters.

Explore Kauai in a private helicopter tour or hire a helicopter for an hour or more with the purpose of a special event or requirement for business.

In doing so, clients will only have the 6-seater Airbus H125 or EC130; or the more cheaper to operate per hour, Robinson R44.

Passenger capacity can reach a maximum six people at most or only the three in the 'open door' Robinson R44.

Quoted prices are not a guarantee of accuracy; its only what was publicly available information online at the time, so prices are subject to change without warning.

Ideas for chartering private helicopter

If you want to hire a private helicopter in Kauai, know that doing so can be especially arranged for your requirements only - so you're only restricted to your imagination.

  1. Private Helicopter Tour - is where you tour Kauai privately with friends and, or family without strangers tagging along.
  2. Inter-island transfer - mostly relates to an airport transfer, but an inter-island charter can include a tour of all major islands.
  3. Wedding - chartering a helicopter for a wedding would be for use with a bride and groom send off, or perhaps for the use of chauffeuring guests.
  4. Photography session - pro photographers will have an helicopter to themselves to insure time and space is allowed to take those all important money shots.
  5. Corporate - can be a tour, transfer, or to simply impress a client as you grace above the Kauai landscape.
  6. Birthday surprise - will involve an heliport or special private land pick up before exploring Kauai with a landing a possibility.
  7. Romantic gesture - whisk her away on your own private tour with a landing that can include a picnic on a secluded beach.

Organising a flight route

Thankfully, you're not alone when it comes to choosing a flight path or route in the tour you are about to embark.

Leave it to the Kauai helicopter tour operator to offer suggestions or makes tweaks to your ideas to make sure it can go ahead as planned.

If you intend to take a private helicopter tour in Kauai, then its likely you will want to see more landmarks over others.

In fact you might want to spend the entirety of the trip hovering, circling or flying pass only the one area - such as the Na Pali Coast, Waimea Canyon or Jurassic Falls.

Organising this will be the responsibility of the company; you only need to call them up to tell them what you want.

They will require certain information from you, so be prepared to have the details ready, such as: purpose of private tour, pick up or drop off location, etc.

Minimum one hour

I hope you want to hire a private helicopter for a charter that can be accomplished within one hour, or else its double the quoted price.

Know that whenever chartering a helicopter, its starts at a minimum one hour, with a full two hours needed to be paid up if you run over time.

Clients would be expected to pay the full one hour up front; but expect to pay another hour if you creep into the second hour.

Its unlikely you'll only pay for the 10 or 20 minutes or so; as operating a helicopter is costly, so extras will be charged to the customer for an additional hour.

So regardless who you book a Kauai private helicopter tour with, know that you must pay up the full one hour - so make sure that's plenty of time for your private charter.

Devoted time on a Kauai landmark

What is remarkable about chartering a private helicopter as oppose to a packaged deal, off the shelve tour is you get to go where you like.

So you will want to spend an extended time at the attractions or landmarks that means a lot to you.

If it was me it would be the Na Pali Coast and Waimea Canyon; with time zigzagging to and from Jurassic Park film locations - including Jurassic Falls.

For anyone else, it can include all those things but time can be devoted to hovering over the luscious rainforests, cascading waterfalls or visiting remote beaches from the air.

It would also be possible to circle Kauai on the coastline which would make a wonderful tour.

If being too far up in the air feels limited, arrangements can be made to make it a landing tour.

Private landing tour an option

Its over to client if they want to include a landing tour on there charter; so in doing so would be achievable in most secluded areas.

Less so would it be possible to land at busy, touristy spots as it will be unsafe for all involved.

However, if its Kauai's numerous beaches, hilltops, openings in canyons or open areas between the trees in the rainforest - its might just be possible.

Kauai private helicopter rides that include a landing will be costed up per hour still, not air time only.

So the complete landing and air tour will need to be within the hour if you're paying for that only.

Not all requested landing sites can be guaranteed - such as at Jurassic Falls - but it would be possible to find a similar, or even better site.


Shortcut to participating in a Kauai private helicopter tour would be to book the correct number of passengers to corresponding seating arrangement available in the chopper.

If you have a party of six people to fix up a private tour, for example; all but Mauna Loa can probably charter your own helicopter at no extra expense.

However, if you're only a group of three people then that is all that's needed to participate in Mauna Loa's open door helicopter tour.

When requiring a private charter there's really no need to make special arrangements if the passenger number matches the helicopter passenger capacity.

Often, and in most cases that won't be the case, as there's always one more or less person in the group.

So you can still book a helicopter tour while covering the expense of the spare one or two seats left over.

What you will want to do for the best Kauai helicopter tour would be to hire a private helicopter to for reasons that include a tour, island transfer or special event.

Helicopters can be charted with a minimum one hour paid in advanced; while a time that runs over the first hour will involve paying a full second hour.

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