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Papillon, Maverick helicopters over the Grand Canyon

Papillon vs. Maverick helicopter tours

When considering booking a Maverick or Papillon helicopter tour; life couldn't be more difficult as the companies are similar, in more ways than one.

Book a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon with Papillon or Maverick knowing you will at least be registering with trusted, yet highly respected operators. I cannot tell you who is better than whom, as they both do a grand job. Its simply up to you to determine who is within your budget with any add-on service.

Kings of Grand Canyon helicopter tours, so not much Papillon vs. Maverick; but more so you'll be in good hands if booking a flight with either company.

Helicopter tours they offer you are similar in terms of flight path, time spent from hotel to hotel - and extra activities such as a landing tour for a picnic.

I cannot tell you who to pick as they're sure to provide you the best possible service.

What is quite amazing is that they also use the reliable Airbus EC130 helicopter type, that is a 6- seated which is used more than other models.

Grand Canyon helicopter tours for first time flyers or seasoned helicopter passengers will experience a service like no other - as they both compete for custom.

However, for Maverick Helicopters, the company operate is Hawaii where Papillon do not, so they have the upperhand there.

In making your choice who to book with; simply look over there tour options well taking into consideration... length of time on tour and make sure its within budget.

Papillon vs. Maverick tours comparison

  Papillon: Maverick:
Total tours: 25 18
Air ONLY tours: 9 8
Landing tours: 11 5
Lowest price tour: $39.00 $104.00
Highest price tour: $619.00 $694.00
Most top rated tour: Grand Celebration Tour Wind Dancer
PAX Capacity: 6 6
States: Nevada, Arizona Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii
Table list as following: air only tours, tours that involve a landing, lowest or highest priced tour, top rated, passengers capacity in helicopter - plus which States they depart.

Up in the Air ONLY tours

No discrimination in terms of who is better than who in flight only, or what its usually termed as 'Air Only' helicopter tours.

What that means is Maverick Helicopters or Papillon will take you up on a helicopter tour that is flight only, so no landing.

Helicopter landings tours are catered to those with a bigger pocket in terms of budget.

So one way to keep the price down is to only book an air only helicopter flight, well landing tours are usually restricted to the Grand Canyon.

Air only tour share between the companies is a whopping seventeen options available, with Papillon listing nine and Maverick with eight tours, respectively.

What that means for passengers is not only a saving, but you get to see the Grand Canyon with either operator, in the luxury of the helicopter at all times.

Maverick Helicopters operate in Hawaii where Papillon don't, so air only helicopter rides also apply there.

Heli adventures

What is classed as a heli adventure is helicopter tour that involves the flight well also taking a landing tour, or landing to participate in an activity.

In respects, Papillon hold the title as the operator who offers that most options in terms of Grand Canyon landing tours to go one to shoot, take a boat trip or a tour on foot.

Options with Papillon also extend to taking a drive in a Hummer or touring in a ATV.

Similarly, Maverick Helicopters are not short of there Grand Canyon helicopter landing tours, nor are they without other interesting activities.

Landing tours can involve a picnic for all, while a visit to the Skywalk is made available.

OK, Papillon have many more activities to pick that come before or after the initial helicopter flight; but Maverick are sure to make it an experience to remember.

Whether its part of the package or an add-on, its important to know that booking a tour with activities do increase the price.

To keep those costs down you can stick to air only tours with perhaps only a landing.

Most affordable packages

Customers who book Papillon or Maverick Helicopter tours do so with a budget in mind, and for many potential customers this is the only option.

Despite the sheer size of the companies operation; Maverick and Papillon are sure to reduce costs so tours are accessible to all.

So in Papillon they provide the highest number of low cost helicopter tour packages, fourteen of which are under $200.00.

What you will need to look out for is Papillon tours don't always include, well... a helicopter tour.

It will instead involve a bus trip, boat or plane, but no involvement with a helicopter.

On the otherhand, no making a mistake with Maverick Helicopters as all tour packages involve a tour in a helicopter - well, all except two tour options.

Compared to Papillon's fourteen tour packages under $200.00; Maverick Helicopters are restricted to only two tours under this price range.

So in terms of affordability, the winner will have to be Papillon with many more options.

Luxury, extended helicopter tours

Know that if its a tour that involves a flight in a helicopter, then that doesn't come cheap, so expect plenty of expensive, luxury helicopter tours made available.

So while Papillon have a handful more tours made available; they also have a large number of high end, extended tours over the Grand Canyon.

The Skywalk Getaway with Heli and Boat tour cost the most with a price tag of $619.00.

Not surprising as the 6 hour plus tour involves the helicopter tour; before landing, taking an activity then finishing with a boat trip.

However, Papillon is a budget tour operator who provide more affordable tours than those on the high end.

Maverick Helicopters are different to Papillon as in they offer more expensive tours, with the priciest at $694.00 for the Indian Territory helicopter tour.

To put it simply, Maverick helicopter tour packages require a budget of $250.00 or more for tours that depart to the Grand Canyon, or out of Kauai or Maui in Hawaii.

Location is key

When it involves Grand Canyon helicopter tours; it must be said people have the difficult task of booking with Maverick Helicopter or Papillon out of Nevada or Arizona.

You want to know who you should book with, well to be honest, I can't tell you that as the quality of service from them both of similar, yet of high standard.

That also goes for them using identical helicopter models in the Airbus EC130.

If departing via Grand Canyon Village, Papillon provide a 6-seater Bell 206 LongRanger helicopter for customers - a model Maverick don't operate.

Where Maverick Helicopters triumph over locations is that the company operate in Maui or Kauai in Hawaii.

So well Papillon are restricted to Las Vegas or Grand Canyon tours; Maverick do so too, well offering helicopter tours over the Hawaiian islands.

When departing for the Grand Canyon, I would say the Best helicopter tours belong to Papillon in terms of numbers.

It could be a departure out of Las Vegas which departs Boulder City - or Grand Canyon Village, Peach Springs or out of Page in Arizona.

Not too far behind are Maverick, but that is only fair as the company are stretched in other locations.

Hidden Fees or Tricks

If its Papillon who offer the most exciting range of Grand Canyon helicopter tours, or if you decide Maverick Helicopter offer the best helicopter rides, you need to make a choice.

What I do like about the companies that people often overlook, it that they're honest about additional fee's - with no tricks in the ordering process.

So its a pay what you see policy where no fuel or surcharges will be added on later.

List price is and should be the price you pay; only this can increase if you decide to upgrade.

Upgrades can come in the form of a ground tour of the Grand Canyon or paying to sit in the co-pilot seat - if made available.

Its can be confusing at the checkout as the price, at first, would appear to cost more.

But rest assured, this is a simple price breakdown that includes fuel, surcharges and additional fees - so will tally up to the original price listed.

If these prices were not included, in fact helicopter tours would be so much cheaper.


People who can't decide to book a Grand Canyon helicopter tour with Papillon or Maverick Helicopters are not alone.

In fact the companies square up in terms of tour and add on activities, its really only the price that makes a difference.

So with that in mind, you will want to go for Papillon as the company have made more affordable helicopter tours available.

Where Maverick Helicopter do list a small number of cheaper options; its nowhere near in comparison to Papillon.

Its also made difficult as the companies tend to always operate near one another, if flying into the Grand Canyon.

Where I can distinguish the two is that Maverick Helicopters service Kauai and Maui in Hawaii - a location Papillon don't currently operate.

No two companies beat the other in terms of in the air only tours, or helicopter tours that involve a landing - which is also true for Maverick who land in Maui.

The only way you should as a potential customer book a helicopter tour is by budget, and budget alone - with the companies offering a tour for everyone.

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