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Bell 407 tourist helicopter seen with Statue Of Liberty in distance

Statue Of Liberty helicopter tour bypass

Rest assured Lady Liberty will be seen on all NYC helicopter tours departing Manhattan or out of New Jersey locations.

New York helicopter tour packages take in the sights of the magnificent Statue Of Liberty in the day or at night. She is not made a priority but only one landmark to see of many beautiful attractions in NYC. Restrictions apply with a half mile limit well a doors off helicopter will allow for amazing sights of her.

In a way all New York City helicopter tours will involve the Statue Of Liberty one way or another, as she's hard to miss sitting on the horizon.

What you will want to do to make sure is book a tour that will make her one of a dozen major landmarks to fly by over the course of the helicopter tour.

Once you come within range of her it will only be a half mile or more due to restrictions.

However, you will want your camera ready with a lens that will allow up close shots, plus those all important wide shots to get a true scale of structure.

No stopping or hovering above, the helicopter keeps on moving so you will only pass by, but you could see more of her if the helicopter circles.

No restrictions for those you wish to take a doors off helicopter ride over NYC, so make sure the landmarks can be seen unrestrictive with an open door helicopter experience.

If you want to see more of her like never before than do so by night with a private helicopter tour.

Statue Of Liberty helicopter tour companies

To know what Statue Of Liberty helicopter tour over Manhattan is right for you; you will first need to establish what company will be flying you.

Well all helicopter tour operators listed include a package deal that involves all sights, know that all tours involve the Statue Of Liberty during the flight.

When you require a helicopter tour that lifts off out of lower Manhattan; then only look at those services that depart the Downtown Manhattan Heliport, on Pier 6.


First up on the list is the well established, highly trusted HeliNY who will take passengers around the Statue Of Liberty in their luxury black Bell 407 helicopter.

HeliNY have 4 tour packages that take in the Statue Of Liberty, they are: The New Yorker Tour, The Ultimate Tour, The Deluxe Tour and the VIP - Air And Sea Tour.

Liberty Helicopters

Departing Pier 6 again is Liberty Helicopters who offer tours at a reasonable price.

Liberty Helicopters will take you in their 6-seater capacity Airbus ACH125 helicopter that have big windows to see the Statue Of Liberty as you pass by.

Manhattan Helicopters

Manhattan Helicopters will take you and your occupants in their Bell 407 helicopter which has floor to roof windows for seeing all sights.

Manhattan offer you 3 NYC helicopter tours involving the Statue Of Liberty, including the Classic, Deluxe and VIP Manhattan Helicopter Tour.

New York Helicopters

You must of seen New York Helicopter flying their red/white Bell 206 B III JetRanger or L IV Long Ranger at one point as its regular sight over the New York City skyline.

The company offer you 3 tours out of Manhattan: including Liberty Tour, Central Park Tour, and Grand Tour - Kearny, NJ tours are: Taste of NYC Tour, Ultimate NYC Tour and NYC Skyline Tour.

FlyNyon or HeliFlights

When taking a helicopter tour that passes the Statue Of Liberty, you will want to do it with either of these guys by signing up to there doors off helicopter rides.

Well FlyNyon depart out of Kearny, HeliFlight are located in Linden, New Jersey. Flynyon will fly you in their Bell LongRanger while HeliFlight take flight in a Robinson R44.

Zip Aviation

Once again a New York helicopter tour operator who will be recognised by their black Bell 407 helicopter - with a yellow strike along the side.

Final company to depart downtown Manhattan with tours that include: Liberty Harbor, Grand Island and Big City.

No Statue Of Liberty priority tours

I can offer you a list of NYC helicopter tours that involve the Statue Of Liberty; what I cannot provide you is exclusive tours involving Lady Liberty only.

Its like this, helicopter tour operators take on a similar flight path over NYC for reasons that will satisfy there biggest audience possible.

So for that reason all flights are basically complete New York helicopter tours with the Statue Of Liberty being nothing more than a fly by.

One has to look a little further than taking a tour that is widely available for anyone to book - so for that reason you'll need to book a private helicopter tour.

A welcoming sight on all tour packages; she will come into view at one point during the flight, with her positioning allowing for an extended time to see her.

When viewing Manhattan over the Hudson or East River heading south, its hard to miss the glorious sight of her as she stands tall on the horizon.

Well Statue Of Liberty helicopter tours offers no more designated time over other famous landmarks - she can be seen for what is most of the tour duration.

Non-stop bypass only

So how will a Statue Of Liberty helicopter tour look to those interested in seeing more of her, over other major landmarks in New York.

Honestly, all helicopter operators offering NYC tours available for sightseers will not make the Statue Of Liberty a priority.

Instead, she will merely be seen from a far while the helicopter flies past.

However, as she is situated in an area that can be seen from miles around; the Statue Of Liberty can be seen for an extended period of time.

That way she can be seen close up, as you pass by or when you are flying away to look at the next landmark.

Helicopters, partially those who chauffeur tourists over and around Manhattan, are not able to hover - so there's no stopping along the flight path at any point.

Advantage to a fly pass around the Statue Of Liberty is that photographers will be able to shoot from all sides - making sure you capture her from top to bottom.

That will help on a bright, sunny day as an opportunity will come once the sun is out of your eyes, to take photo's or see her with the naked eye.

Statue Of Liberty 'Half Mile' Limit

Helicopter tour seen observing the half mile rule in mid flight
In the distance is a helicopter tour passing by the Statue Of Liberty with her lower section seen in the foreground.

Unfortunately for those you wish to see the Statue Of Liberty up close and personal, may be a little disappointed.

Due to FAA regulations no tourist helicopter can come within a half mile boundary set around the her.

Bit of problem when tourists want to see her as close as possible, where the views on the ground are not made possible.

So with that in mind prepare with a camera lens - if you are taking a camera - by making sure you have a lens of 70mm or more so all shots can be captured from a distance.

New York City is a goldmine for tourism helicopters who fly a hundred flights or more over the Manhattan area daily, so imagine what that is like to people on the ground.

Therefore, tourists who have visited the Statue Of Liberty by ferry can enjoy themselves viewing the grounds outside, without noisy helicopters in the air.

If you feel you will be missing out, that cannot be further from the truth.

The Statue Of Liberty is an enormous structure that will still appear big when circling her from over half a mile away.

Doors Off photography

No other way is it made possible to view the Statue Of Liberty with the naked eye or through the camera lens then with a New York open door helicopter tour.

What that means is the helicopter you will be flying in will not have doors fixed on at all.

Instead, passengers will feel the wind through there hair as the open cockpit will allow for unrestricted viewing.

Its quite possible the pilot will have there door on, but all other doors will be off.

What that means for passengers wishing to photograph unforgettable shots of Lady Liberty, will do so with no limits.

Taking a doors on helicopter tour can have restrictions for photographers as a reflection of people in the helicopter can be seen on the window.

Open doors will mean no windows so you're free to take stunning pictures in a seated position or perhaps a brief feet out helicopter ride for comfort.

When circling or passing by the Statue Of Liberty in a way that makes her visible only on the one side of the helicopter, you'll see her clearly through the opposite open door.

So with that in mind, let's take a look a what will prevent you making the most of the tour.

Restrictions to consider

Going back to restrictions with doors on helicopter tours, its vital you know that is not the best option for serious photographers.

Its not even ideal for those you want to capture nice, clean images of Manhattan and her amazing landmarks as seen from the air.

You will need to go for the doors off experience as its not often said enough; windows will cause reflection, and that will ruin your photographs.

What else is not said enough, is say you're circling or passing by the Statue Of Liberty, think of it like this... only one side of the helicopter will get the best views.

If you happen to be sat on a window seat that will be the opposite side of the Statue Of Liberty when she comes into view - what happens to you if you're not on the correct side?

That's right, you'll merely be left looking through the opposite window that will now be smaller, while fellow passengers heads will be in the way.

What you must do to avoid disappointment is book a Statue Of Liberty side of the chopper view - if an upgrade of your seat is made available.

If sitting in the middle seat, this will be useful as sights can be seen from left to right.

Lady Liberty by Night

Have you ever wondered what the Statue Of Liberty will look like at night, as seen from 1000 feet in the air - now that opportunity has been made available.

New York City nighttime helicopter tours are limited so you will need to dig a little deeper to find a package.

With that in mind, I have found Liberty Helicopters offering their City Lights Ride tour that is flown at night.

Departure is out of Kearny in New Jersey with no nighttime tours out of Manhattan.

This Liberty Helicopter tour will see popular landmarks with the Statue Of Liberty coming up first on the tour of the night.

Lady Liberty will look quite peaceful at night yet a little haunting at the same time.

If you want go beyond what is available to you off the bat; then you must look a FlyNyon as an operator who will fly you at night.

Its not a package deal so a tour you'll have to arrange with the company - which can be a doors on option - or make it a doors off helicopter tour by night.

Visitors can make the most of the landmarks they want to see more be organising a private, or charted NYC tour.

Private NYC helicopter tours

You may of gathered by now that Statue Of Liberty priority helicopter tours do not exist, as she is merely a one stop of many attractions to see.

Instead, if you really want to prioritise her on your up and coming tour; you can do so by arranging a private tour - also known as a charter.

While helicopter charters over New York City can be expensive; not so if you do it through operators that allow for you to change your flight course.

Meaning you can make an arrangement with the company to make the Statue Of Liberty a priority.

Therefore, a 15 minute tour can involve 10 minutes or more flying close to her.

First thing to do is book a private tour with FlyNyon using their doors on or doors off deal.

Other operators to offer a charter service include HeliNY, Liberty Helicopters, New York Helicopters and HeliFlight.

FlyNyon and HeliFlight are the services to organise a private helicopter tour with that will hopefully not involve a price hike.


There is no such thing as a Statue Of Liberty priority helicopter tour, so the options are to make special arrangements to prioritise Lady Liberty.

NYC helicopter tours don't take long unless upgrading a flight; so you will want to go the extra mile to make sure more time is focused on the Statue Of Liberty.

That will mean you'll have to charter a helicopter to spend more time outside of the half mile restriction zone.

While you're at it why not arrange for a New York nighttime helicopter tour that will include the Statue Of Liberty and other attractions - as seen under amazing lights.

While Lady Liberty will be involved in all Manhattan centric helicopter tours - package deals will only involve a half circle or a pass by.

If you want to photograph her at her finest, then make it a doors off helicopter that will allow for pictures to be taken without fear of reflection on the glass.

Restrictions to consider is that the Statue Of Liberty may only be seen from one side of the helicopter - so remember that when booking your seat.

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