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Me, aged 13 years inspecting helicopter before ride

About us... or me

Welcome to my web site, focusing on all things helicopter day experiences; including rides, lessons, and related helicopter tours in the UK and abroad.

Over the course of the next few years I hope you can put trust in me to offer you an in-depth guide with real life experiences of using a various helicopter ride companies throughout UK and abroad.

I am by no means an expert or seasoned helicopter ride guy; so for now I'm just starting out with a goal of trying out all types of helicopter rides, which I hope in as many helicopter models as possible.

I don't view a helicopter tour like the average person; for me its more about experiencing the flight of the helicopter, and much less what is going on outside.

I am a complete amateur at this point, so I have no more experience in flying with helicopter experience days then you if its your first time out.

I hope to change all that by becoming a so-called expert by putting in many hours of flight time in as possible, for all types of helicopter rides.

Who Am I

My name is Nick Vaughan, I am based in the Hereford, Herefordshire in England, UK. So well my ventures will mostly participate in near by counties and the Midlands, I will venture farther out over time.

For as long as I can remember, I have been a fanatic for all things helicopters, and well I wasn't exposed to heli's physically growing up, that sure hasn't put a dent in my enthusiasm for them.

I look to the sky for passing helicopters as I live under the flight path of near by army base. Well like most people I get a thrill when an air ambulance lands in a field.

Now, my passion for helicopters as grown as far is it can, so I hope to document all my flight time by publishing all my work so I can share it with like minded people.

Taking helicopter flights is in keeping with my other hobbies, photography and travel - of which all will come useful as I go on my adventures.

What is Helo Days

Helo Days is a blog type web site where I write about all my helicopter flights in the UK, heli tours around the world with helicopter lessons available.

You'll notice I don't write by experience, so I can only offer my advice at this time as I garner more time in the air to then put that experience in writing.

In the meantime Helo Days is for helping you discover, or explore all the types of helicopter tours throughout the world, with a little more focus on the UK and USA.

Primarily I will be writing down all my thoughts through well informed helicopter articles; for those that are starting out in rides to those that are looking for there next flight.

All topics covered are helicopter rides, helicopter tours and helicopter lessons. I could explain in detail what to expect on the flight to offering you basic advice on what to take or what to expect.

I will publish all my pictures in my photo gallery, well uploading all available helicopter videos from my time riding a helicopter, to just a passing or flying overhead heli.

I hope to cater for all, from family to the elderly, with my helicopter rides covering:

  • Calm, family friendly rides
  • Doors off helicopter rides above cities
  • Helicopter tour and ground adventures
  • Adrenaline rides that feels like a roller coaster

Once the adventure is complete, I'll be sure to publish it here on Helicopter dayz in the form of an article, a photo gallery or a video - or perhaps all of the above.

My desire to fly in all types of heli's

Unlike most people who will enjoy taking a helicopter ride, for me its all about experiencing flights in all types of helicopters, so my choice of flights does have a baring on model availability at the time.

I have no desire to make do, so instead I will explore my options for taking rides is as many models as possible, though saying that - heli tour services tend to use the same few models.

My favorite helicopter is the Bell LongRanger 206L, followed by its smaller cousin the Jet Ranger.

I am big movie buff so seeing helicopters in films growing up as only increased my enthusiasm for one's that are featured, including the Hughs 500 helicopter - seen in the Magnum TV series.

Well I will get to fly in my favorite LongRanger helicopter during my time; I know for sure that the Jet Ranger and the smaller, bubble shaped Hughes 500 will show its head once in a while.

In my opinion, helicopters people will most likely fly in during a helicopter tour around the world are:

  • Bell LongRanger 206L
  • Bell JetRanger 206
  • Robinson R44
  • Robinson R66
  • Eurocopter EC130
  • Eurocopter AS350 Ecureuil
  • MD Helicopters MD 500

If you've taken a helicopter ride over the last decade, its quite possible you flew in one of these models, which are all still going strong to this day thanks to their safety record and reliability.

Qualify for my Private Pilot License

In due course, I hope to cement my place in the world of helicopter rides, by being the guy that actually has a license, which I hope will farther increase the trust you have in me.

Living in Hereford, there's an amazing helicopter flight school in nearby Leominster, which is where I plan to take my lessons, but I know it won't be an easy task.

For starters, I'll need to sort of my vision, before passing my medical exam then taking the lessons.

If I pass my PPL, I will then hope to shoot for a CPP, or Commercial Pilot License. That for me, will be am uphill task even before I sit behind the stick of the helicopter.

Here I will have to go back to school to gain GCSE in English, Maths and Science, with a medical exam taking all day which is more thorough and demanding.

Once I begin my helicopter lessons, I will sure provide regular updates on Helo Days over the course of the months it takes me to pass.

In the meantime, I hope you'll enjoy reading all my articles, viewing my galleries or watching my videos I post here and on YouTube.

What to get out of my web site

Be sure to stop by Helo Days to help plan your next venture in the sky. I'll be sure to cover all tours available around the UK and world, with a focus more on English speaking countries.

My articles will help you plan your trip by explaining to you what you'd need to bring along on your ride - such as camera or sunglasses - and what to expect on your ride.

Articles will be interspersed with general articles related to helicopters; how they fly, regulations and photography - which is just for people who wish to know more about choppers in general.

My categories along the menu on top of the web site covers tours, rides, lessons, charter and advice.

So well lessons covers taking helicopter lesson experiences to qualify for your PPL or CLL; as it happens helicopter tours and rides can be different.

Tours cover articles for taking a sightseeing helicopter tours across any country well visiting all popular tourist spots from the air - and on occasions landing to view on the ground.

Well helicopter rides do fly on a designated flight route, there's no major landmarks or tourists spots to see - only a desire to fly in a helicopter from 5 minutes to 1 hour.