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Helicopter Rides

Short or long helicopter rides vary from 5 minutes to an hour; it could be an excursion around your local area or flights to nearby tourist destinations to see from the air.

UK | 31st January 2020

12 Mile helicopter rides in the UK

Experience a 12 mile helicopter ride in 7 to 8 minutes while getting a birds-eye view of the countryside with fields, lakes and woodlands.

UK | 22nd January 2020

Battersea helicopter rides guide

Depart the luxury Battersea heliport with The London Helicopter the service who will be your tour operator in their Airbus H125 helicopter.

Global | 21st January 2020

Huey helicopter rides for civilians

Once in a lifetime experience for civilians taking a Huey helicopter ride; will entail an open door flight with 5 to 8 passengers present.

UK | 17th January 2020

Snowdonia helicopter flights

No other way to see Snowdonia National Park in all its glory than with a helicopter flight, with the mountains, waterfalls and trails to be seen.

UK | 7th November 2019

Helicopter rides: Newport, Gwent

Helicopter rides in Newport fly over the city or head over to Cardiff and near by towns; all flights depart via the posh West Usk Lighthouse.

UK | 5th November 2019

Helicopter ride: Cardiff City tour guide

Take a very Welsh helicopter ride over Cardiff; departing the capital or via Newport a short distance away, with flights taking in all sights.