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Kauai 'Open Door' helicopter tours
Kauai 'Open Door' helicopter tours
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New York 'Shoe Selfie' helicopter rides
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Grand Canyon helicopter tour prices

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USA | 30th June 2021

Best Hawaiian island for helicopter tour

In my humble opinion, I believe Kauai to be the best Hawaii island to take a helicopter tour, but only if its doors off with an optional landing tour.

USA | 1st May 2020

Top North Shore helicopter tours

Book a Oahu North Shore helicopter tour that will focus on this area, or why not make it a tour that will include Oahu's other beautiful locations.

USA | 21st April 2020

Diamond Head helicopter tour guide

Make sure Diamond Head is on the Oahu helicopter tour itinerary as its an attraction not to be missed from a birds-eye view with the family.

USA | 14th April 2020

THE 10 Best Hawaii helicopter tours

My best helicopter tours on Hawaii favor a doors off or landing; but know an air only tour can be exciting if you take advantage of upgrades.

USA | 11th April 2020

Cheap Oahu helicopter tours

Not only cheap but the cheapest Oahu helicopter tours along with a price list that will help assist you in outweighing cost to flight duration.

USA | 8th April 2020

Complete Hilo helicopter tours guide

If staying in or visiting Hilo on your trip to the Big Island you can book a Hilo helicopter tour departure via three operators with nine tours package offers.

USA | 6th April 2020

How much is a helicopter tour in Hawaii

Revealing the cheapest helicopter tour prices across all major Hawaiian islands per all operator deals, while revealing the highest prices.

USA | 3rd April 2020

Are helicopter tours safe in Hawaii

Helicopters tours in Hawaii are completely safe despite incidents happening; with only the eight crashes that have occurred in the last decade or so.

USA | 2nd April 2020

15 Best Maui helicopter tours

Best Maui helicopter tours need to include a doors off experience along with a landing excursion with an inter-island exploration if available.

USA | 1st April 2020

Best helicopter tours in Oahu

To be the best Oahu helicopter tour you'd need to seriously think about an upgrade to include a doors off flight or a landing experience.