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USA | 7th March 2020

Are Kauai helicopter tours safe

Kauai helicopter tours are safe with a record to prove it; but as you only hear about the bad news, know that most tours go without a hitch.

USA | 5th March 2020

Cheapest Maui helicopter tours

Book up one of the cheapest Maui helicopter tours made available; its cost less but that is not to say its a shorter flight or landmarks are missed out.

USA | 6th March 2020

Is Maui helicopter tour worth it

Participating in a Maui helicopter tour will be worth the money as most of what the island has to offer you can only be accomplished in the air.

USA | 4th March 2020

Maui helicopter tours weight limit guide

Book a Maui helicopter tour with all operators if you weigh under 240lb; or make use of the two companies who have a higher limit of 300lb.

USA | 3rd March 2020

Minimum age Hawaii helicopter tour

Refer to my Hawaii helicopter tour operators minimum age limit table; this will help you decide who to book with and who're child friendly.

USA | 3rd March 2020

Hawaii helicopter tour companies

I've listed all thirteen Hawaii helicopter tour companies visitors are free to book a flight with that is sure to cater to a flight route you require.

USA | 1st March 2020

Oahu helicopter tours weight restrictions

Book a Oahu helicopter tour if you're under 250lb; if exceeding this limit your options are limited, but there is a generous 300lb allowance.

Global | 1st March 2020

Helicopter hire for PROM guide

Make the ultimate entrance to school prom with use of a luxury helicopter; take off locally from an airfield before landing on school grounds.

USA | 29th February 2020

Maui Open Door helicopter tours guide

Participate in an exciting, wind in your face Maui open door helicopter tour for seeing the best of what Maui has to offer with no restrictions.

USA | 28th February 2020

Helicopter tours departing from Princeville

Passengers can take only the one Kauai helicopter tour from Princeville; but a tour that will take in all sights at $319.00 for 45 minutes.