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Maverick helicopter skimming Maui coastline with crashing waves

Cheapest Maui helicopter tours

Book a cheap Maui helicopter tour knowing highly requested landmarks can still be seen despite the lower cost.

Cheapest Maui helicopter tours tend to take in less sights; but not so here as all major places are reached, but in a shorter time. Focus in on West Maui with a crossing over the Pailolo channel a possibility. Cheapest helicopter tour of Maui starts at $185 with a price range of $279 on average.

Of all islands of Hawaii, Maui offers a large number of cheap helicopter tours that is sure not to disappoint passengers.

Up to six Maui helicopter tour companies operate on the island; all of which offer a cheap package you can book.

Cheaper than most islands but that is not to say you'll be short changed.

Guests can still experience the best of Maui in a helicopter tour that see's most of West Maui, with a tip over the water to Molokai.

Flight time averages an impressive 45 minutes; so you can guarantee no landmark or highly requested tourist spot will be missed.

Focus of the tour will be mostly on Haleakala; a dormant volcano with a moonlike crater.

Guest will see the town of Kahului from the air at departure point or coming into land.

West Maui's mountains will be seen, miles of coastline, cliffs, valleys and canyons at a high or much lower attitude - often depending on the weather.

Crossing the channel or soaring above the coastline; guests may be lucky to spot a pod of Humpback Whales.

If in any doubt about the price make sure to book a cheap Maui helicopter tour as it will be totally worth your money with the precious time you spend on the island.

Cheapest Maui helicopter tour per operator

Operator: Tour Name: Dur.: Cost:
Air Maui Helicopter Tours Hana & Haleakala 45 $185
Blue Hawaiian Helicopters Hana & Haleakala 50 $279
Hawaii Helicopters Haleakala & Hana 45 $279
Maverick Helicopters Hana Rainforest Experience 75 $249
Pacific Helicopters West Maui Waterfall 45 $299
Sunshine Helicopters Hana Haleakala Early Bird Tour 45 $214
Maui helicopter operators cheapest tour price list includes: operator's name, estimated flight duration, lowest price of tour per operator.

Make up your own mind who you wish to book a cheap Maui helicopter tour with by using my convenient price list.

Six helicopter tour companies operate on the island, so I've only listed one tour available from each company, at the lowest price.

Listed in alphabetical order, you'll notice the cheapest Maui helicopter tour still comes first with Air Maui's own Hana & Halaekala tour, costing $185.

If you want to participate in the cheapest helicopter tour, that is the tour to book up.

Second cheapest is the Hana Haleakala 'Early Bird' Tour via Sunshine Helicopters.

Costs then fluctuate from $249 and $299: shared between Blue Hawaiian Helicopters, Hawaii Helicopters and Maverick Helicopters.

Pacific Helicopters are an operator who offer the most expensive tour, yet cheapest tour available between the remaining companies.

Costs were accurately listed at the time of publishing; so be sure to checkup on costs just in case they've changed since.

All under 279 dollars

I consider the cheapest Maui helicopter tours currently available to book online as those listed $279 or less.

Reasoning for this is a large number of tours across multiple Maui helicopter companies have a list price with a $279 price tag on one or two tours.

That is so the helicopter tour companies can all be competitive with one another as to avoid being left behind on price matching.

So well you'll discover this price coming up quite often; it won't be long before you notice Maui helicopter tours can be much cheaper.

I've compiled a list of ten helicopter tours at the cheapest price; if you go elsewhere it will sure to be much more expensive.

Not intentional, but you'll notice there's two cheap helicopter tours listed per company.

Air Maui Helicopter Tours

  • Hana & Haleakala
  • Check Availability | Duration: 45 Minutes | Price: $185.00
  • Tour that takes you over to the most requested places in East Maui; they include the Haleakala Crater, lush tropical rainforest of Hana, valleys and waterfalls.
  • West Maui & Molokai
  • Check Availability | Duration: 45 Minutes | Price: $255.00
  • Most of West Maui Mountains are explored as later a heading towards Molokai's rugged north shore is reached with a water crossing.

Sunshine Helicopters

  • Hana Haleakala Early Bird Tour
  • No Longer Available | Duration: 45 Minutes | Price: $214.00
  • Explore above central Maui with a heading to Halaekala dormant volcano; See the Hana rainforest, Old Hana Town, Kipahulu the taro fields of Ke'anae and coastline.
  • Hana Haleakala Tour
  • Check Availability | Duration: 40 Minutes | Price: $234.00
  • Focus of the tour is over the world's largest dormant volcano, Haleakala. Discover a moonlike crater with pure iron oxide cinder cones - plus other landmarks.

Maverick Helicopters

  • Hana Rainforest Experience
  • Check Availability | Duration: 75 Minutes | Price: $249.00
  • Experience Hana Rainforst that takes in a landing for up to 30 minutes. Guest will soar the coastline, view remote landscapes, valleys and canyons.
  • Molokai Voyage
  • Check Availability | Duration: 55 Minutes | Price: $259.00
  • Two for the price of one, this two-island helicopter tour experience explores Maui until hopping over to Molokai to view waterfalls, rainforests and mountains.

Hawaii Helicopters

  • Haleakala & Hana
  • Check Availability | Duration: 45 Minutes | Price: $279
  • See most of Maui by taking in the Halaekala with a focus of East Maui. includes Oheo Gulch, Hana Town and Hana Rainforest... plus beaches and waterfalls
  • Waterfalls of West Maui & Molokai
  • Check Availability | Duration: 45 Minutes | Price: $279
  • See West Maui as you cross the Pailolo channel to explore Molokai. You'll see the world's highest sea cliffs, state’s tallest waterfall and beautiful valleys.

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters

  • Hana & Haleakala
  • Check Availability | Duration: 50 Minutes | Price: $279.00
  • Nothing will be missed as passengers will see Mt. Halaekala, soar over Hana Rainforest Preserve, Seven Pools of Oheo Gulch and more.
  • Waterfalls of West Maui and Molokai
  • Check Availability | Duration: 50 Minutes | Price: $279.00
  • Take in West Maui's beautiful mountains, coastline and rainforest as you head over to Molokai; a nearby island with a water crossing included.

Saving more in Kahului

If you're traveling to Maui for the day with a cheap helicopter tour in mind; why not save on extra costs by spending your short visit in Kahului.

Maui has been blessed with six helicopter tour companies; all of whom are located on the outskirts of Kahului, south of the airport.

Here, you'd be able to walk to the Kahului heliport on foot from the centre of Kahalui in under an hour - to help save on transport costs - well saving on a taxi or Uber ride.

If you're visiting Maui for an extended time, it will apply more to you by making Kahului your place of stay over the course of your visit.

Kahului is Maui islands capital, so tourists can stay in one of the many hotels on the island well you enjoy the convenience of local eateries, attractions and nightlife.

Arriving in the town via Kahului airport, you will only have to make your way to the opposite side of the airport to arrive at all of Maui's helicopter tour operators departure location.

No need to take a taxi or shuttle service as again, as visitors can walk that distance in less than 20 minutes.

Take Airport Road to the junction of Kala Road. Follow the road around the airport before reaching a bridge crossing.

On the other sides of the bridge it possible to take the gravel tack to the heliport, or keep following the road until the next junction - that is an unwanted walk you'd want to avoid.

Budget operators

You'd really want to spend your time glancing over one or two Maui helicopter tour operators; of whom will provide the best offers.

Low budget or cheap helicopter tours primarily are available through Air Maui and Sunshine Helicopters.

That is not to say they are a cheap, less inferior companies; they just happen to offer guests a better range of cheap helicopter tours in Maui.

Take for example Air Maui, up to five tours can be booked; with a price starting from $185 - or $281 at the highest price.

Sunshine Helicopters cater to the low end of helicopter tours starting at just $214.

However, they're not short of helicopter tours hovering around this price range; as costs can be as little has $234, $264 and $274.

That is if you avoid upgrading to a specific seat by making use of their open seating.

Rest of the high respected Maui helicopter tour companies can absolutely be considered for a tour, but no the costs start to spiral at this point.

Others have prices in the price range I've previously mentioned, but options are less so.


Often guests who arrive on a single island in Hawaii will have to book a helicopter tour based on the tour operator who is within driving distance or nearby to there hotel.

That is not the situation in Maui as all six helicopter tour companies are grouped side by side on the Kahului Heliport - just south of the airport.

Convenient as it is, guests can descend on the heliport knowing if one operator is not within budget, they can simply move over to the next.

I define a cheap Maui helicopter tour as one priced at $279 or less.

Operators value tours around this price range as to stay competitive; so you won't be short of much cheaper options.

If you're staying in Maui for the day or longer; book a hotel in the town of Kahului as to be within reach of the Airport.

Distance from the town centre to the airport is a quick taxi drive or within reach on foot.

That should help you save money even more as you avoid high costs getting to and from the heliport that is situated on the airport grounds.

No Maui helicopter tour operator is a budget one; but you'll find Air Maui and Sunshine Helicopters with the cheapest Maui tours.

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