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Helicopter Tours

Taking a helicopter sightseeing tour involves flying over famous landmarks; Helicopter tours take you up mountains or volcanoes, to viewing national parks or capital cities.

USA | 30th June 2021

Best Hawaiian island for helicopter tour

In my humble opinion, I believe Kauai to be the best Hawaii island to take a helicopter tour, but only if its doors off with an optional landing tour.

USA | 1st May 2020

Top North Shore helicopter tours

Book a Oahu North Shore helicopter tour that will focus on this area, or why not make it a tour that will include Oahu's other beautiful locations.

USA | 21st April 2020

Diamond Head helicopter tour guide

Make sure Diamond Head is on the Oahu helicopter tour itinerary as its an attraction not to be missed from a birds-eye view with the family.

USA | 14th April 2020

THE 10 Best Hawaii helicopter tours

My best helicopter tours on Hawaii favors a doors off or landing; but know an air only tour can be exciting if you take advantage of upgrades.

USA | 11th April 2020

Cheap Oahu helicopter tours

Not only cheap but the cheapest Oahu helicopter tours along with a price list that will help assist you in outweighing cost to flight duration.

USA | 8th April 2020

Complete Hilo helicopter tours guide

If staying in or visiting Hilo on your trip to the Big Island you can book a Hilo helicopter tour departure via three operators with nine tours package offers.

USA | 2nd April 2020

15 Best Maui helicopter tours

Best Maui helicopter tours need to include a doors off experience along with a landing excursion with an inter-island exploration if available.

USA | 1st April 2020

Best helicopter tours in Oahu

To be the best Oahu helicopter tour you'd need to seriously think about an upgrade to include a doors off flight or a landing experience.

USA | 28th March 2020

Oahu Turtle Bay helicopter tours

Make life easy by booking a helicopter tour at the Turtle Bay Resort. Its within reach of the whole island but ideal if you're staying in the north.

USA | 27th March 2020

Cheap Big Island helicopter tours

Competitive pricing on the Big Island as helicopter tour operators battle over low prices to fight for your custom, resulting in cheap tours.