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Blue Hawaiian Helicopter above the North Shore

Top North Shore helicopter tours

Guests you wish to hit on the North Shore on a helicopter tour should do so knowing the location is only one of many to see over the course of the tour.

Ten North Shore helicopter tours exist for customers to book while on Oahu. The location is popular for visiting on the ground yet the hidden treasures can only be seen in the air. Five helicopter tour companies offer this package along with three departure points across Oahu.

If booking a helicopter tour in Oahu that will involve the island's North Shore, the area is merely one landmark of many destinations see.

It will be possible to book one or two North Shore dedicated flight routes but in doing so will be a Turtle Bay departure with an open door helicopter tour experience.

Not for the whole family I grant you but know there are helicopter tour companies who do cater to families with young children with a studier, calmer helicopter type in use.

If you have fear of flying then make it a doors on tour that should be a little more easy on the heart.

Flight routes will always be counter-clockwise around the island but on the North Shore, the route will fly over the coast as well has heading inland.

Wherever you're staying on Oahu, be sure to book a tour that offers the best deal that will include a reasonable price but a generous flight duration.

Price list

Operator: Tour Name: Depart: Min: Price:
Paradise Helicopters North Shore Adventure Turtle Bay 20 $199
Mauna Loa Helicopters The Oahu Magnum P.I. Experience Honolulu 50 $200
Blue Hawaiian Helicopters Blue Skies of Oahu Honolulu 50 $284
Magnum Helicopters Doors Off Adventure Tour Honolulu 50 $289
Paradise Helicopters North Shore Sunset Spectacular Turtle Bay 30 $289
Paradise Helicopters Valleys & Waterfall Explorer Turtle Bay 40 $299
Novictor Helicopters Royal Crown of Oahu Honolulu 60 $315
Blue Hawaiian Helicopters Complete Island Oahu Honolulu 65 $345
Paradise Helicopters Magnum Experience Turtle Bay 60 $359
Blue Hawaiian Helicopters Oahu Spectacular Ko Olina 65 $465
Up to ten helicopters tours in Oahu that focus on or at the very least, pass over the North Shore; operated by 5 operators via 3 departures; listed prices are in ascending order.

Did you know there are up to twenty-three helicopter tours in Oahu, of which less than half involve a flight over the North Shore of Oahu.

Its well worth your time to as the tours on offer are sure to bring you over the famous beaches to within reach of landmarks to see inland.

Of the ten North Shore helicopter tours, all of them are based on around a theme.

For example, you could partake in a Magnum P.I. helicopter experience; make it a doors off helicopter tour - or why not wait until sunset.

Notice how there's only three departures across Oahu that will bring you over the North Shore, of which make it a Turtle Bay Resort departure to be within easy reach of your main destination.

Focus of picking a top North Shore helicopter flight is one not only based on best price, but one that offers more flight time.

North Shore focused or en-route

Of the ten helicopter tours on offer with the North Shore expected to be the focus of the flight, you'll only find its the four tours that primarily stay over the North Shore area.

So its the six helicopter tours that will include the North Shore on there flight route, but more time will be spent heading down to the Oahu South Shore.

If you didn't know already, there's lots of landmarks of interest to view down there.

With the four Oahu North Shore helicopter tours focused on seeing what this huge area has to offer guests, expect the tour to continue before or after reaching the North Shore area.

If departing Turtle Bay Resort, two tour packages will primarily focus on the north, while other options will see a flight route circling Oahu.

To guarantee a dedicated North Shore flight route, book up Paradise Helicopters North Shore Sunset Spectacular [No Longer Available] via Turtle Bay, priced at $289 for a 30 minute flight.

More so, Paradise Helicopters offer their North Shore Adventure at a cheaper price of $199, for a shorter 20 minute duration this time.

Landmarks to see

Knowing you can depart via Turtle Bay Resort in the north; Honolulu in the South; or Ko Olina Resort in the west - its important you know what you are expected to see.

If you're going to get your monies worth you need to know all areas listed will be visited, therefore no shortcuts are undertaken by the pilot.

Passengers will be taken on a counter-clockwise flight route wherever you may be departing.

So after lift off, expect a west or due south heading long before reaching the North Shore, or pass over it almost immediately if heading out of Turtle Bay Resort.

What a North Shore helicopter tour is absolutely expected to see is her famous huge crushing waves at Waimea Bay and Sunset Beach.

If in season expect to see professional surfers riding the waves but expected to see people always occupy the beaches.

Within the 17 mile stretch of the north facing coastline, guests will see all her beaches, resorts, forests and wildlife if you're lucky enough.

Helicopter companies responsible

Guests wishing to book a helicopter tour in Oahu that will include time over the North Shore can book up with all five helicopter tour companies on the island.

Not all tour packages include the North Shore so its vital you choose one of the options I've carefully planned out for you, saving you time and effort.

If you want to make it a family trip then be sure to book with Blue Hawaiian Helicopters as they make it a flight that is easy on young children.

However, if you're looking for an experience to remember, make it a Oahu doors off helicopter tour via Paradise Helicopters, Magnum Helicopters or Mauna Lao.

If booking with Magnum and Paradise you'll be expected to board a Hughes 500 where all passengers will be seated on the outside, apart from the middle front seated co-pilot.

Doors off with Mauna Loa or Novictor will be in their agile, 4-seater Robinson R44.

The best helicopter tours on Oahu are those that are open doors as the views are not restricted to those that are behind closed doors.

Up to three departures

So what with the five helicopter tour companies on Oahu who're responsible for making it a once in a life time trip, remember to think about departure location before booking up.

If you're staying in Honolulu then it will make sense to book a helicopter tour departing their, but a convenient departure will not guarantee the best tour package.

Its therefore advisable to make sure the departure location is within reach if in a rental car for example, but don't book a tour based on departure alone.

To be honest, if its a North Shore focused tour then you'd really want to depart in the north via Turtle Bay Resort.

If not, you can swing over to the west to depart at the family friendly Ko Olina Resort.

Having said all that, its obvious most people will still want to depart out of Honolulu as its the number one destination to stay for visitors.

Therefore its up to you to make it a North Shore tour - and I've picked at all five options - that will lift off near Daniel K. Inouye International Airport.


To make it a North Shore helicopter tour in Oahu guests should expect the destination to be merely one of many landmarks to reach on-route.

So you won't get a North Shore focused tour but there is two options for you if you wish.

If its not a helicopter tour that soars along the North Shore's famous beaches with surfer or resorts, you can at least expect to see some of it if the tour will partake on the rest of the island.

Up to five Oahu helicopter tour operators are responsible for operating ten helicopter tour packages that involve the North Shore.

Remember, if I don't have it listed above, then the North Shore is not expected to be seen.

While there are five helicopter tour companies operating on the island; know that three departure locations are scattered around the island, primarily near the coast.

So pick a location that is more convenient to you but know convenience does not guarantee the best tour package deal.

Departure options include Honolulu or Ko Olina in the south or Turtle Bay in the north.

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