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Focusing on helicopter pleasure flights. I've written vital pieces of information to assist helicopter passengers on there first flight - know what to bring, wear and expect.

USA | 6th April 2020

How much is a helicopter tour in Hawaii

Revealing the cheapest helicopter tour prices across all major Hawaiian islands per all operator deals, while revealing the highest prices.

USA | 3rd April 2020

Are helicopter tours safe in Hawaii

Helicopters tours in Hawaii are completely safe despite incidents happening; with only the eight crashes that have occurred in the last decade or so.

USA | 22nd March 2020

Maui helicopter ride prices

Maui helicopter rides can be accomplished for under $300 with a reduced flight time; or costing you more for an increased flight duration.

USA | 21st March 2020

Oahu helicopter tour price list

Oahu helicopter tour prices are in the mid range; costs between $300 to $400 mostly but it can be cheaper if you don't mind a shorter flight time.

USA | 20th March 2020

Big Island helicopter tour prices

Allow me to present to you all Big Island helicopter tour prices in a simple to use table; listed per operator includes tour name, duration, price.

USA | 17th March 2020

Kauai helicopter tour: Morning or Afternoon

Make it an early morning helicopter tour in Kauai as any unexpected delay can be rearranged for later in the day, which isn't possible on late afternoon tours.

USA | 16th March 2020

Do you tip helicopter pilots in Hawaii

You can tip helicopter pilots in Hawaii but how you tip them should come at the end; at a time you're able to talk to the pilot to say your thanks.

USA | 7th March 2020

Are Kauai helicopter tours safe

Kauai helicopter tours are safe with a record to prove it; but as you only hear about the bad news, know that most tours go without a hitch.

USA | 6th March 2020

Is Maui helicopter tour worth it

Participating in a Maui helicopter tour will be worth the money as most of what the island has to offer you can only be accomplished in the air.

USA | 4th March 2020

Maui helicopter tours weight limit guide

Book a Maui helicopter tour with all operators if you weigh under 240lb; or make use of the two companies who have a higher limit of 300lb.