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Robinson R44 tour helicopter soars above Oahu mountains

Oahu helicopter tour price list

Allow me to present to you all prices related to a helicopter tour in Oahu, no additional costs are expected but a seat upgrade can be booked.

Oahu helicopter tour prices are what I class as mid range; so will cost mostly between $300 to $400. Cheaper tours are available but expect this to correspond to a shorter flight duration. Options include a doors on/off tour or pay a little extra for a preferred seat where applicable.

Five helicopter tour companies service the island of Oahu, of whom offer a very unique experience in a multitude of helicopter types.

Includes a doors on or off adventure that usually costs no extra but will do via Paradise Helicopters.

Where else you can upgrade is for a landing tour via two Oahu helicopter tour operators that come at a much higher price, along with an extended flight time.

It has to be said Magnum Helicopters offer the best price per duration ratio; but others can offer a similar price, with a flight time to boot.

Take for example Mauna Loa Helicopters who operate a cheap to run Robinson R44; but the company make sure to pass on savings to their customers.

Don't rush and book a tour until you know if the departure point is accessible to you.

Departures mostly lift off via Honolulu at Daniel K. Inouye International Airport; more so at Ko Olina Resort on the west or Turtle Bay Resort in the north.

Oahu mid range pricing

I consider mid range Oahu helicopter tour prices to be in the region of $300 to $400, give or take a few dollars.

So with that in mind your budget will be within reach of most of the helicopter tours in Oahu, across five operators.

Only four of a total twenty-three Oahu helicopter tours are listed above $400, but in most cases it won't effect you.

One tour priced at $1,200 via Blue Hawaiian Helicopters is for a party of six; so is not needed unless you bring family or friends along.

Paradise Helicopters have listed two tours above this mid range pricing, but again its only the one that will apply if its a standard, per person tour you want to book.

No super cheap Oahu helicopter tours at the moment with the cheapest available priced at $180, via Novictor Helicopters.

Reduced price to flight duration

Remember where the prices are cheap, which applies to most listed here; expect a reduced flight duration.

You'll be able to see that price per each table list under the heading Dur. - meaning flight duration.

This is the approximate time only so the Oahu helicopter tour is expected to last this long from lift off to landing later on.

Cheapest offerings usually correspond to a short flight time, but that is not so with four of the five companies.

In fact, Magnum Helicopters might be listing the best offer of $269 for open seating, or $20 more for a seat upgrade - duration of their only tour is a generous 50 minutes.

Cheaper options that match a decent flight duration is also in the hands of Mauna Lao Helicopters offering a 50 to 60 minute flight time.

Oahu helicopter tour operator prices

Here are all five Oahu helicopter tour operators including there complete price list plus helicopter tours that are more suited to the general public.

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters

I would refer to Blue Hawaiian Helicopters pricing as fair; meaning it would apply to anyone who wishes to spend under $300 only via their Blue Skies of Oahu tour.

But for $45 more guests can upgrade to a complete Oahu tour via their Complete Island Oahu package.

Cheapest tour is still an impressive 50 minutes, or 15 minutes more with their Complete Island tour - so essentially $61 more will land you an extra 15 minute flight duration.

If participating on a helicopter tour in Oahu via Blue Hawaiian Helicopters; guests will be asked to arrive at either their Honolulu or or Ko Olina Resort.

Honolulu departures is via Daniel K. Inouye International Airport, well their Ko Olina location is at a Heliport near the resort, overlooking Barbers Point Harbor.

Tour Name: Depart: Dur.: Price:
Blue Skies of Oahu Honolulu 50min $284
Complete Island Oahu Honolulu 65min $345
Oahu Spectacular Ko Olina 65min $465
Ultimate Family Adventure Ko Olina 30min $1,200
Only four helicopter tour packages via Blue Hawaiian departing Honolulu or Ko Olina, well prices are mid range the highest cost is a special charter for a group of six.

Magnum Helicopters

Magnum Helicopters offer only the one helicopter tour in Oahu, but its the only one that is needed - if its a doors off adventure you want.

Magnum Helicopters specialise in Magnum P.I. helicopter tour that partakes in a genuine Hughes 500, or MD500D helicopter model.

When booking with Magnum Helicopters, its up to you if you don't mind where you sit well using their open seating arrangement - or else you'll need to pay an extra $20 for a preferred seat.

Their tour is reasonably priced at $269 for what will be a 50 minute tour duration.

Remember you'll be signing up to an Oahu doors off helicopter tour so won't be for everyone, or children under a certain age.

Tour Name: Depart: Dur.: Price:
Doors Off Adventure Tour - Preferred Honolulu 50min $289
Doors Off Adventure Tour - Open Honolulu 50min $269
Note Magnum Helicopters offer a single helicopter tour departing Honolulu; two prices refer to a seat upgrade or an open seat.

Mauna Loa Helicopters

Mauna Loa Helicopters are a Oahu tour company who operate a cheap to run Robinson R44, therefore reduced overheads should be reflected in the price to pay.

And so they are, as Mauna Loa offer a mid range pricing with a choice of a 50 or 60 minute flight time.

Only the three helicopter tours in Oahu but each one will offer a unique experience.

You'll notice they all depart via their Daniel K. Inouye International Airport where no extra cost will be added for parking, among other things.

Focus of their Oahu Pro Photography Flight tour is for those who wish to photograph Oahu with no distractions, so no sharing with other guests if you don't want to.

Tour Name: Depart: Dur.: Price:
The Oahu Experience Honolulu 60min $320
The Oahu Magnum P.I. Experience Honolulu 50min $279
Oahu Pro Photography Flight Honolulu 60min $350
No tour is private unless you pay to cover all three passenger seats; not listed is their Proposal Tour I have excluded as it doesn't apply to a traditional tour.

Novictor Helicopters

Novictor Helicopters are much like their nearest rivals, Mauna Lao helicopters; both of whom are neighbours on the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport site.

Well you'll notice Novictor offer cheaper prices, pay close attention to the Dur. column as you'll see the flight duration is much shorter.

Therefore, you get what you pay for with less time to tour Oahu from the sky.

Not to be ignored mind you is their shortest flight time tours of 20 to 30 minutes might be all you need.

What you might not want to book is their Waikiki Sunset tour as its more geared towards couples for a romantic getaway - but sure makes for great photography opportunities.

Tour Name: Depart: Dur.: Price:
Royal Crown of Oahu Honolulu 60min $315
Isle Sights Unseen Honolulu 45min $265
Path to Pali Passage Honolulu 30min $215
City by the Sea Honolulu 20min $180
Waikiki Sunset Honolulu 20min $205
If you want the best value with Novictor Helicopters be sure to book their highest priced Royal Crown of Oahu tour at a cost of $315 per person.

Paradise Helicopters

Paradise Helicopters often get overlooked for what is a remarkable service; but they're sure not without their amazing Oahu helicopter tour options.

I suppose the pricing may put people off a little with cheaper options available elsewhere, but that is made up with a range of flight times.

Shortest times don't necessarily correspond to a cheaper price, so is mid range still.

Cheapest options via Paradise Helicopters is their Diamond Head Scenic tour or a sunset themed tour that won't apply to single people.

Meet up point for guest is near Kalaeloa Airport or north of Oahu at Turtle Bay Resort.

Tour Name: Depart: Dur.: Price:
Legends of West Oahu & Luau Kalaeloa 30min $394
Valleys & Waterfall Explorer Turtle Bay Resort 40min $299
Magnum Experience Turtle Bay Resort 60min $359
Oahu Sunset Experience Kalaeloa 75min $459
Legends of West Oahu Kalaeloa 30min $199
Oahu Circle Island Experience Kalaeloa 75min $419
Diamond Head Scenic Kalaeloa 30min $199
North Shore Sunset Spectacular Turtle Bay Resort 30min $289
North Shore Adventure Turtle Bay Resort 20min $199
Pricing via Paradise Helicopters can be reasonable but its means a short flight time, but for a higher budget the tour can extend up to 75 minutes, with doors off or on options.


It has to be said participating in an helicopter tour in Oahu, prices are what I consider to be mid range - meaning they cost between $300 to $400.

Very little cheap Oahu helicopter tours options on the island but its possible to do so for as little as $180, but $199 is more realistic.

Cheaper costs don't measure up to a fair flight duration, as a brief 20 to 30 minute flight time is normal at the lower end.

Complete helicopter tours on Oahu can be achieved in this time so don't pay more than you need to.

It is possible to book a tour for up to 50 minutes for under $300, but only just.

There are five helicopter tour companies serving Oahu, of whom list twenty-three tours at various prices, mid range being the most common cost per passenger.

No price listed is for more than one guest, nor is it possible to get a discount for two or more people - what you see is what you get.

Never rush into booking the cheapest helicopter tour in Oahu until you've matched it up to the longest flight duration, that is within budget.

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