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Helicopter Charters

Chartering a helicopter involves being flown to and from a destination of your choosing; from racing to sports, a festival or a simple airport transfer, try a private helicopter.

USA | 30th March 2020

Maui to Big Island helicopter tour availability

Get two for the price of one by booking a custom Maui to Big Island helicopter tour that can only be privately booked, so will come at a cost.

USA | 11th March 2020

Kauai private helicopter tours

Off the shelf private Kauai helicopter tours are within budget if number of guests match capacity, though a special charter can be arranged.

Global | 1st March 2020

Helicopter hire for PROM guide

Make the ultimate entrance to school prom with use of a luxury helicopter; take off locally from an airfield before landing on school grounds.

Global | 27th February 2020

Helicopter wedding hire guide

Helicopter wedding hire guide outlines the process of hiring a chopper for a big send off, to chauffeuring wedding guests to or from the ceremony.

UK | 16th January 2020

Helicopter charter companies in the UK

Make use of our helicopter charter companies directory for booking your next private heli flight, with a focus on services based in the UK.