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Maui to Big Island helicopter tour availability

Regular Maui helicopter tours currently don't bring you within reach of the Big Island, but private charters can be arranged.

No off-the-shelf Maui helicopter tours from up to six operators offer the 26 mile crossing over the Maui Channel to the Big Island. To book up this kind of tour guests will be required to book a private charter. Its not cheap either as all seats have to be covered so will have a starting price of $1,800 per hour.

It has to be said booking a Maui to the Big Island helicopter tour can only be a custom one so not what I would call an off-the-shelf tour.

Therefore its within your grasp to still undertake this unique Maui and Big Island tour from the air, if you're willing to pay the custom pricing.

If you schedule a private helicopter tour via a Maui helicopter tour company who in turn run a 6-seater helicopter - then all six seats must be paid in full.

To reduce costs bring along six friends, family members or a group of six people who will all be willing to pay there own way.

You'll then find the pricing is more inline with the companies regular scheduled tours.

Pricing is per hour with a minimum one hour a common thing; whereas a flight route can be chosen by you, but refined by the operator.

If its just you and a friend who wish to partake in a Maui to Big Island helicopter tour, its worth your time punching the numbers.

For example, and I haven't checked myself yet; but would it make more sense to book a Maui only helicopter tour, then hop over to the Big Island to separately participate in a helicopter tour well your their.

Its quite possible this option will be much cheaper well you get to make a whole day of it.

Custom helicopter tour only

So while its not made available to you with a phone or online order, organising a private, custom helicopter tour from Maui to the Big Island is doable.

It will involve you knowing what you want out of the tour beforehand so the helicopter tour operator can make the arrangements on their end.

Distance between Maui and the Big Island is only 26 miles, so its a tour that is possible.

Distance between departure point on Maui will put on a few extra miles, so will take up more time before you reach the Maui Channel to cross the water.

Once you've cut over the Hana Forest Reserve or Halaekala in Maui, its only a short 10 minutes or so before you reach the Big Island mainland.

This will likely be the northernmost point of the island at Lapakahi State Historical Park.

Safety is a concern crossing water so its important guests are whisked over the ocean as quickly as possible.

Its then once you've reach the Big Island via Maui you can begin a helicopter tour flight route that was organized between you and the operator.

Maui to Big Island costs

Of the five Maui helicopter tour companies who offer private charters; only three of them make known publicly what their helicopter tour prices are per hour.

To get an idea what that is I will publish them here but know prices are likely to change.

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters charter rates are stated as $2,454 per hour in their Eco-Star, or $2320 per hour in the A-Star helicopter.

Helicopter types in use are a 6-seater passenger capacity with a four seats on the rear row, with up to two co-pilot seats next to the pilot - of whom sits on the left side.

Similar company to Blue Hawaiian are Maverick Helicopters who state their starting price at $2,250 for a inter-island transfer.

Who is more inline to the Blue Hawaiian Helicopters service overall are Sunshine Helicopters - only their stated prices cost less per hour.

Sunshine Helicopters also operate an Eco-Star (FX Star) and A-Star (Whisper Star) that will sit up to six passengers.

Current listed prices are $1,800 per hour in the FX Star, or $2,000.00 per hour in the Whisper Star.

However, price increases $400.00 in the FX Star plus $500.00 for use in the Whisper Star when applicable fees and fuel surcharges are applied.

I was wrong then, its indeed Blue Hawaiian Helicopter who offer the lowest priced private helicopter charter.

Booking with Maui operators

Of the six Maui helicopter tour companies only the five offer a private, custom helicopter tour - so that excludes Air Maui Helicopters with no mention of private charters.

Instead you get to choose a company that can offer you a very difference service, helped with the helicopter model in use.

Apart from Maverick Helicopters who mention inter-island transfers; no other services talk about crossing over to the Big Island.

So you will want to make sure that is available but it really should be. Maui helicopter tour companies often hop over to nearby islands on their regular scheduled tours, so why should the Big Island be any different.

First up I would recommend you register your interest for a custom helicopter tour from Maui to Big Island via Blue Hawaiian Helicopters.

The company are open with their prices plus you know what type of helicopter to hire.

That goes for Maverick Helicopter also but additional costs or fees are not listed, only starting from costs.

Over to Sunshine Helicopters who are also very open about their pricing per hour with the helicopter type in use.

Again, no mention of inter-island crossings but it is a custom tour that could be booked.

Finally, that brings me to Pacific Helicopters who could arrange a private helicopter tour of Maui and the Big Island.

What would be different about this company is that they operate a smaller, three-seater passenger Robinson R44 - with an option to remove the doors.

Purpose of your tour

Its not easy on anyone unless you know what you want out of your custom helicopter tour to Big Island via Maui.

To begin with will the companies headquarters at the Kahului Heliport be sufficient or accessible to you, plus members of your group.

Landing on private land or a picking you up from elsewhere can be arranged, but could come at a cost as its takes up valuable time on your first or only hour tour.

As you intend to use the time to see Maui and the Big Island, the flight route will need to be split up to make time to see all landmarks on both islands.

Visiting West Maui well hopping over to the far east/south coast of the Island Of Hawaii might not be doable, as the tour route must be done under an hour if that is the flight duration you booked.

The Big Islands Volcano National Park is on this end so is an important attraction to visit, so make it work by refining the tour to make this area of the island a priority.

If time allows it or you've paid for a full two hours, then be sure to consider hopping over to the island of Kahoolawe plus a helicopter tour to Lanai, which is nearer to Maui.

Here's a tip, it might be possible to book a single Maui helicopter tour before booking a flight over to the Big Island to pay for a second helicopter tour well you're there


Custom helicopter tours that go to the Big Island via Maui do not exist, so instead guests are required to book a private helicopter tour, to make it a reality.

It does not come cheap as it can be anywhere between $2,000 to $3,000.

However, costs can be reduced if you bring along maximum passenger numbers to help cover the costs.

That way you may find the prices per person to be more inline with regular, daily tours.

If you cannot fill up to six seats - which is the normal capacity on the helicopter in use - then you'll still need to cover six passengers.

If you cannot do that then forget about the larger operators well instead opting for a tour company who operate a smaller capacity helicopter.

Forget Blue Hawaiian, Sunshine or Maverick, as they all operate large capacity choppers.

Book a Maui to Big Island helicopter tour via Pacific Helicopters if your family or group is three people or less.

Passengers will embark on this tour with the company in a three-seater, passenger capacity Robinson R44 that offers all guests a window seat.

What is more important is the company should be happy to complete a custom helicopter tour with doors off.

You do not need to know everything about flight routes or things to see from the air, as the company you book up with should be experienced enough to arrange it all for you.

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