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Rear seat view approaching Lanai Airport in Robinson R44 helicopter

Lanai helicopter tours guide

No need to fly into Lanai via a helicopter tour when its possible to participate in a Lanai helicopter tour directly, departing Lanai Airport.

Explore Lana'i at its finest via a luxury, private helicopter tour with Paradise Helicopters. Its not a book for all tour, but rather a chartered tour that requires 4 to 6 passengers. Its up to you as the payee to make sure all seats are covered, whether all seats are booked or its only the one seat needed for you.

Its understandable that one of the less visited islands in Hawaii would have limited options in helicopter tours, but there is a company offering you the chance.

Looking after you are Paradise Helicopters who're the company you will need to book a tour with, but there is a catch - its a private tour.

Meaning you will need to book a whole helicopter for it to go ahead. It could be a 4 to 6-seater helicopter - but its likely to be a small, agile Robinson R44 model in use.

Its not cheap, as the lowest asking price is $1345 with the highest price of $3625.

When booking this tour you will want to arrange all participates to pitch in. If you fail to fill all seats, you will still be required to pay full price.

Limited options with choice of tours, but believe me when I say all three are tempting.

If its only Lanai you want to see intimately, then its the lowest price tour available. But a tour that involves a jump over to nearby islands of Maui or Molokai will double the price.

Open to anyone who can afford it, there is no age limit in place, so perfect for the whole family or a group of 4 to 6 people.

Price list table

Tour Name: Price: Dur.:
Lanai: Molokai Sea Cliffs $2495 1hr, 25min
Lanai: Circle Island Experience $1345 30min
Lanai: Maui Nui $3625 1hr, 45min
Only the three Lanai helicopter tours to be concerned about; all of which are listed above along with individual tour price, plus flight duration.

Price list table demonstrates just how expensive a helicopter tour in Lanai really is, with the lowest price at $1345.

Lowest price is the cost to pay for an exclusive Lanai island helicopter tour only; so if its only Lanai you want to see - book this one.

Most expensive, and a tour that takes in all three islands comes with a whopping $3625 price tag - but a one hour, forty-five minute flight time.

Paradise Helicopters operated

Paradise Helicopters have a huge presence in Hawaii, so its not surprising to find them in a remote area of Lanai.

Operating out of Lanai Airport, the company is the only helicopter tour operator on the island - no other options are available to you at this time.

What that means is, its this company or none at all, but you're sure to be in good hands if you do decide to book a private Lanai helicopter tour with them.

Its not known what helicopter type will be used on the day, but the company is capable of chartering a 4 to 6-seater helicopter.

Currently a 4-seater maximum capacity helicopter tour can be booked; so that brings me to believe Paradise Helicopters will charter a Hughes MD500, or more likely a Robinson R44 (as featured in picture on top of page).

Private Lanai helicopter tours only

Its not possible to book a standard helicopter tour in Lanai; less demand here so a helicopter ride can only be catered for once the maximum number of people have been matched.

Therefore, it will be up to you - or the payee - to make arrangements with up to an additional 3 guests - plus you - to take a private flight.

It does not have to be the maximum 6 or 4 booking you need to meet; in fact it can be just the one or two of you - but you need to pay for all seats onboard.

If its the Robinson R44, you need to pay for 4 people; whereas, if its the Bell 407, you'll need to fill up 6 seats or end up paying for additional seats that are not needed for your group.

Private Lanai helicopter tours vs open to the public tours allows for guests to enjoy an experience with your loving family and friends.

One EXCLUSIVE Lanai tour

With only the three helicopter tours that primarily focus on Lanai; its only Paradise Helicopters' Circle Island Experience that is focused in Lanai only.

Therefore, if its most of Lanai you have a desire to tour from the air, this would be the private tour to book.

Hopping over to nearby islands is avoided well the helicopter circles the island to make sure its amazing cliffs, beaches and resorts are all seen.

The thirty-minute helicopter tour will depart Lanai Airport as the pilot brings you within reach of the now extinct, Lāna‘i’s singular volcano, Pālāwai.

On the southern shore Mānele Bay will be seen in all its glory, while heading north the Kānepu‘u dryland forest preserve, Keahiakawelo and Polihua will not be missed.

In the east of Lanai the tour comes to an end as you view the lengthy, sandy beach.

Lanai, plus nearby islands

Final two Paradise Helicopters' Lanai private helicopter tours available will focus on circling Lanai still - but a hop, skip and jump brings you over to nearby islands.

Departing Lanai Airport, guests will be treated to the magnificent landscape of Lanai, before heading over the Lahaina Roads - that's the body of water that sits in between Lanai, Maui and Molokai.

On this brief helicopter flight over the water, guests need to be vigilant as the possibility of seeing Humpback whales is moment to remember.

First up is the Molokai Sea Cliffs Tour; its a one-hour, twenty-five minute tour that hops over to Molokai.

Once there, the tour will primarily focus on West Molokai and the Molokai Forest Reserve - plus the islands world famous tallest cliffs.

On to the second option, the Maui Nui Tour; its a circle around Lanai as you jump over to Maui to see her wonderful landmarks - as you head back to tour what remains of Lanai.

Lanai Airport departure

If participating in Lanai helicopter tour, guests will embark on Lanai Airport, located at Lanai Airport Rd, Lanai City, HI 96763, USA.

Entering the terminal guests will need to locate the Paradise Helicopters desk to be checked-in.

Quite a small, not so busy airport so it shouldn't be too hard to find help by airport staff if you need it - but its Paradise Helicopters personnel who will be in charge of taking care of you.

Safety briefing will be first thing on the agenda through a quick talk in an area of the terminal lounge that is limited to Paradise Helicopters customers only.

No viewing the helicopters outside until its time to walk out onto the tarmac to head to the helicopter sitting in wait.

All flights depart this location and will return once the helicopter tour is over.


Unlike participating in any Hawaii specific helicopter tour; doing so in Lanai is different in that is must be a private tour only.

There is no booking a tour available to the public as you'll need to arrange a private Lanai helicopter tour for 4 to 6 people.

Once the company knows how many you're bring along, they can then arrange a specific 4 or 6-seater helicopter - but more likely to be a 4-seater Robinson R44.

Only the three helicopter tours made available to anyone who is interested in paying for the hefty asking price - from $1345 to an eye-watering $3625.

Cheapest price is for the Lanai exclusive Circle Island Experience tour that is limited to the island of Lana'i only.

Whereas the middle price range Molokai Sea Cliffs tour brings you over to Molokai, or the higher end Maui Nui tour involves the island of Maui.

Lanai tours will circle the island to bring you within reach of her beauty; but can still be seen even when jumping over to Maui or Molokai is involved.

Helicopter tours depart via Lanai Airport with Paradise Helicopters the one and only operator offering an air tour departing the island.

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