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Maverick Helicopters Airbus EC130 above Maui coast

Maui helicopter ride prices

Match your next Maui helicopter tour price to flight duration as its the only possible way to get the best deal on the island.

Maui helicopter ride prices are quite competitive on the island as six operators fight for your custom. Benefit to you is the pricing is quite low but the flight duration per tour is more generous. No Maui helicopter tour is the same as helicopter type, flight duration and service make a lot of difference.

To begin with you don't want to book a helicopter ride in Maui on the price alone; as an additional $20.00 can include up to 15 minutes more in the air.

So in reading my price lists per Maui helicopter tour company, make sure to compare duration to price to get a deal that is within budget, but quite generous.

If its seems too good to be true, it probably is as the flight duration could be a short one.

Up to thirty-one Maui helicopter tours on the island, of whom twenty-one of them are listed as under $300.00.

If you feel that is within budget then you're in for a treat as a one hour tour time in the air is a common thing.

Where there is room to stretch the budget $20.00 or a little more you'll get an extended time in the air, which will be worth your time and money.

No tour on the island is the same as it can include a thrilling Maui doors off helicopter tour to one that includes a landing on a remote spot.

Under $300 common

You'll notice most of the prices offered by Maui helicopter ride companies are listed under $300.

Therefore, that will stretch your budget to this mark if you want to pick and choose from any operator in Maui.

Not only that, but rest assured as prices are much cheaper with the lowest list price of $185 via Air Maui Helicopters.

Of the thirty-one Maui helicopter tours available by six operators; twenty-one of them will be listed under $300.

If your budget can afford it up to $50.00, your options increase to five or six more tours.

Know that Air Maui helicopters offer the cheapest Maui helicopter tours that include a single doors off tour, with the rest of the options with doors on only.

Generous flight duration

One thing you'll notice well picking a helicopter ride in Maui is the flight duration extends to over one hour.

That is a one hour flight from the time you lift off up to when you return to land.

Its a generous flight duration offered by each helicopter tour operator for reasons of competitiveness.

Meaning as the companies compete for custom as they're situated near to one another, they're fighting for visitors to the island, so increasing flight times well decreasing prices.

That is excellent for you as it means whatever Maui helicopter ride you choose; know that there's not one better tour to next, so you can't get it wrong when you book a tour.

Departing Kahului

Situated on the other side of Kahului Airport is six aircraft hangers that site all Maui helicopter tour companies.

So whatever operator you book a ride with, either way you'll end up in the same location to depart for your flight.

Location is near to the centre of Kahului so is within a walking distance to save money or a brief taxi ride.

If arriving by car free customer parking is made available on an adjoining parking area as spaces next to the offices are reserved for staff only.

So knowing that all helicopter rides in Maui depart Kahului, this will help you plan your trip as all bookings lead to the Kahului Heliport.

Maui helicopter tour operator prices

Up to six helicopter ride companies in Maui await your booking with the type of helicopter in use, service or if its a doors on or off experience making a huge difference.

Air Maui Helicopters

Air Maui Helicopters are probably the cheapest helicopter tour company in Maui, as they offer a very cheap ride via their Hana & Haleakala tour.

What is nice about Air Maui is the company offer an extended flight time that will last up to 75 minutes at most, or one hour on average.

That is all the time customers will need to see every part of the island, or the extra time needed to hop over to a nearby island.

Low to mid range pricing with seven of the companies tours being less than $300.00.

Tour Name: Depart: Dur.: Price:
Doors Off West Maui & Molokai Kahului 45min $245
West Maui & Molokai with Oceanfront Landing Kahului 75min $281.25
Hana & Haleakala with Cliffside Landing Kahului 75min $281.25
Hana & Haleakala Kahului 45min $185
Complete Island Kahului 60min $255
West Maui & Molokai Kahului 60min $255
West Maui & Molokai Special Kahului 45min $185
Air Maui operate a 6-seater passenger capacity Airbus H125, but the pricing is cheap still as this type of helicopter is usually costly to operate.

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters Maui branch certainly have a mixed price range with a starting price of $279.00 up to $459.00.

Low costs correspond to a 50 minute ride while their most expensive tour is a whopping 90 minutes long.

Middle of the road pricing is in the region of $340.00 to $359.00 but two options are under $300.

Regardless of cost per tour, no single tour duration will last under 50 minutes with an additional 15 minutes costing up to $80.00 more.

Tour Name: Depart: Dur.: Price:
Complete Island Maui Kahului 65min $359
Hana & Halaekala Kahului 50min $279
Maui Spectacular Kahului 90min $459
Waterfalls of West Maui and Molokai Kahului 50min $279
Heli-Whale Experience - Maui Kahului 50min $340
All inclusive pricing with a generous flight duration to match; guests will be taken up in their 6-seater Airbus EC130 helicopter.

Hawaii Helicopters

Hawaii Helicopters offer only the three Maui helicopter ride opportunities with two reasonably priced tours at $279.00 for a flight time of 45 minutes each.

That leaves the $359 Maui Island Complete tour that last up to 60 minutes for a tour that takes in the whole island.

Funny enough, Hawaii Helicopters operate a tour that is a price match to Blue Hawaiian Helicopters - only Hawaii Helicopters offer 5 minutes less in the air.

So know that price to flight duration differences need to be noticed in order for you to get the best deal.

Tour Name: Depart: Dur.: Price:
Haleakala & Hana Kahului 45min $279
Maui Island Complete Kahului 60min $359
West Maui & Molokai Kahului 45min $279
Hawaii Helicopters embark on their rides over Maui in a 6-seater plus the pilot Airbus H125 with four passengers along the back, plus two on the co-pilot seats.

Maverick Helicopters

Maverick Helicopter prices are what you see is what you pay; but know the operators prices are broken down on their tour page, which can be confusing.

But its not if you pay attention, as the cost you originally saw is still the price to pay; only the operator breaks it down so you can see the added fuel surcharge cost per person.

Up to four Maui helicopter rides to experience via Maverick Helicopters, three of which are under the mid range pricing of $300.00.

That is for a generous 50 to 55 minute flight time but know the stated 75 minute tour with their Hana Rainforest Experience includes a landing.

Tour Name: Depart: Dur.: Price:
Molokai Voyage Kahului 55min $259
Maui Dream Kahului 65min $339
Hana Rainforest Experience Kahului 75min $249
Maui Spirit Kahului 50min $299
Airbus EC130, 6-seater capacity passenger chopper with a tour that is a minimum 50 minutes long for under $300, well the highest priced tour includes a landing.

Pacific Helicopters

Pacific Helicopters operate a cheap to operate Robinson R44 on their average one hour rides, but it is on the higher price range.

Under $300.00 price range only includes their West Maui Waterfalls tour for 45 minutes.

Jumping up as little as $20.00 more will extend to two more tours with a 60 minutes flight time - so therefore it would cost you only $20 more for 15 extra minutes in the air.

You can ignore the bottom two tours on the list as its more geared towards professional photographer's or an extended private tour for three guests.

Tour Name: Depart: Dur.: Price:
West Maui Waterfalls Kahului 45min $299
Molokai Cliffs and West Maui Waterfalls Kahului 60min $320
3 Island Combo Tour Kahului 90min $499
Hana and East Maui Kahului 60min $320
Photographer Package Kahului 60min $899
Pilot's Choice Flight Kahului 60min $899
Pacific Helicopters cheapest tour is just under $300 as you'll notice on the table; only for $20.00 more this will extend your budget to two more options.

Sunshine Helicopters

Sunshine Helicopters are a company who operate two helicopter types per tour; but this can make things a little tricky to work out.

Basically, for every Maui helicopter ride, the operate allow you to partake on the tour in an Airbus H124 [FX Star] or their Airbus EC130 [Whisper Star].

What that means is the FX Star options are cheaper well a tour in the Whisper Star can cost as much as $50.00 more.

On top of that, I have had to include the open seating prices; along with the seat upgrade cost - which allows guests to pick there seat at.

Tour Name: Depart: Dur.: Price:
Hana Haleakala Tour - FX Star Kahului 40-50min $234, $329
Hana Haleakala Tour - Whisper Star Kahului 40-50min $284, $379
Circle Island Deluxe Tour - FX Star Kahului 60-70min $324, $419
Circle Island Deluxe Tour - Whisper Star Kahului 60-70min $394, $489
Molokai Deluxe Tour - FX Star Kahului 55-65min $294, $389
Molokai Deluxe Tour - Whisper Star Kahului 55-65min $364, $459
Hana Haleakala Early Bird Tour - FX Star Kahului 40-50min $214, $309
Hana Haleakala Early Bird Tour - Whisper Star Kahului 40-50min $264, $359
Circle Island Deluxe Early Bird Tour - FX Star Kahului 60-70min $304, $399
Circle Island Deluxe Early Bird Tour - Whisper Star Kahului 60-70min $374, $469
Molokai Deluxe Early Bird Tour - FX Star Kahului 55-65min $274, $369
Molokai Deluxe Early Bird Tour - Whisper Star Kahului 55-65min $344, $439
Twelve Maui helicopter tours are listed but know its really only six; that is because with each tour guests can select to partake in one of two helicopter models.


I have taken the liberty of describing Maui helicopter ride prices being in the region of $300.00 as the most common price.

However, that is not to exclude prices that are less or costs that are more expensive but for good reason.

Where prices run under $300.00 it usually corresponds to a shared helicopter ride for up to six passengers, with a tour duration of 40 to 50 minutes.

Higher end prices are different in that the flight time is much longer, but can include a landing on a remote site in Maui or visiting a nearby island.

On top of that a guest can choose to upgrade a seat which does come at cost.

If departure location is a concern in regards to extra expense; know that all six Maui helicopter tour companies operate out of the Kahului Heliport near the airport.

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