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Robinson R44 helicopter passenger views Maui's landscape in the air

Is Maui helicopter tour worth it

With up to 727 square miles to explore in Maui during a short time you'll be there; its vital you book a tour that is sure not to miss Maui's hidden treasures.

Is a Maui helicopter tour worth it? Well I think so as its a luxury air tour that is done in comfort as you take in rainforests, a dormant volcano to waterfalls and the coastline. Do it for as little as $185 per person or why not make it the open door helicopter experience for the best views in Maui.

Seeing as Maui is 1,884 km², its quite possible all tourists won't get the opportunity to see all of Maui's major landmarks or hidden secrets.

That can only be accomplished via a Maui helicopter tour that is sure to visit places of natural wonder - including cascading waterfalls, crashing waves on the coast and streaming rivers through the rainforest.

Most of which cannot be visited on ground as they're inaccessible, so its up to the pilot to visit the hard to reach places.

Options available to you in terms of tours are taking a hot and sweat bus ride, drive yourself in a rental car or view Maui from the water on a boat tour.

Of which, I recommend you try as they allow for an up close and personal experience.

Helicopter tours can come later or before as passengers are treated to a tour that is different from the next - all of which depart via Kahului Airport.

If you're staying in Kahului this is a wonderful opportunity to save on extra costs as hotel to the heliport distance is achievable on foot.

Only if you want to see all of Maui

What with Maui being Hawaii's second largest island; visitors need to be prepared to splash out a bit of cash to see all hidden treasures on the island.

Not possible if you were to partake in a traditional walking tour or hike.

Maui has major landmarks to see in your time to the island, most of which cannot be visited in your short stay.

So the only way to see its rainforests, dormant volcano, national parks, beaches and waterfalls - is through a helicopter tour.

Maui helicopter tours are worth the money if you're interested in seeing most of the island up close.

It can be from an attitude of 1,500 ft. to only 500 ft. as you glide through the canyons.

Areas where helicopter tours pass by are usually inaccessible, secluded spots. So a fantastic way to see an area of Maui never to be seen on foot.

If you visit Haleakala National Park on foot you can be sure the trip will take up most of the day - that is excluded nearby interests.

However, more of Halaekala can be seen as you view the landscape from the window or open door of a helicopter tour - as it circles or hovers above.

Maui heli tours vs. others options

If you're interested in seeing most of Maui during your stay, be sure to do it via an air tour, on foot and a boat.

But why should you only do it with the one tour type; when you should seriously be participating in a series of Maui tours to see the island from air, land and sea.

Most visitors will want to walk the island by taking local transport or a shuttle service arranged by the travel operator.

Mixed in between the bus and car trips you will want to spend time at sea, viewing Maui's skyline and landscape from the ocean.

It should be a tour that circles the island but with a stop on a harbour or beach.

While Maui's natural beauty and wonderment is seen up close on land; prioritise a Maui helicopter tour that takes in secluded, hidden area's of the island that will never be accessible by land or water.

So while you should absolutely be taking a bus or road tour; guests to the island will only see most of Maui, via a helicopter tour.

Six Maui helicopter tour companies occupy the island so you can be sure you'll find a price that is within budget - and a tour package that see's the sights you want to view.

Do it cheap as possible

Is a Maui helicopter tour worth it will depend on your budget. If you're setting aside money for a tour - then booking a helicopter tour will be strongly advised.

It will be the biggest expense you make in the time you spend on the island; so do make sure you don't intend to pay for more, expensive extras.

Six helicopter tour operators each have offer a cheap Maui helicopter tour; at a starting price of $185 via Air Maui Helicopter Tours.

You can be assured this quoted price is the cheapest helicopter tour on Maui at this time - and would be going into 2020.

However, the remaining five helicopter tour companies are not without there low prices; so expect a price range between $214 and $279 widely available.

If you know the cheapest Maui helicopter tour before booking; least then you won't regret it later knowing you could of saved up to a hundred dollars or more.

If you feel the lowest price mentioned meets your budget; be sure to book a tour well in advanced to avoid disappointment by ordering on the day or a few days before.

One more tip: make sure to book online in advanced as to get the best price possible, which will be automatically applied without needing a discount code.

Open door will make it worth it

So let's say you decide a Maui helicopter tour is worth the money after all; allow me to suggest the best Maui helicopter tour there is to book.

Its not for all the family or the faint-hearted, but guests must book a Maui open door helicopter tour to make it worth it.

Doors off vs trapped inside a tight helicopter cabin will have a drastic result on the tour.

If you decide to go for doors on - and its possible most people will book this tour - it can absolutely be worth your time, but know the viewing area is somewhat restricted.

If you sit by the window or occupy one of often two available co-pilot seats, you won't feel let down.

Not true if you're stuck in the middle seat in the rear, as viewing through the window on either side of the helicopter is made difficult - especially if you want to take pictures.

That being said, why I love open door and most visitors to the island do is this; doors off allow for unbelievable, unrestricted helicopter sightseeing tours.

When doors are removed, it allows for passengers to see Maui at it should be; no pain of glass, reflection or obstruction getting in your way.

Sitting in a middle seat is still a possibility with a open door tour, but seeing out through the open door frame is much easier and better, than if it was doors shut.

Get on board the idea

Having said all that, it would be hard to persuade anyone to spend there hard earned cash on what will be an expensive Maui tour, if you're not onboard from the beginning.

As you're asking if a Maui helicopter tour is worth it, I can only assume you're at least taking the prospect of a heli tour seriously.

But I still need you to get onboard the idea or else you probably won't enjoy it, know it cost so much money.

Remember, helicopter tours in Maui and Hawaii overall, tend to be the best tours of all tours - as experienced by tens of thousands of visitors to the island every year.

Helicopter tours can be quite the adventure; so while a 45 minute flight is normal; it could be up to 90 minutes or more from start to finish.

Upgrading to a co-pilot seat will make sure you, as the payee - to get the best seat in the chopper.

Well on top of that making sure its a open door helicopter your is something you'd want to try at least once.

None of this is possible if you're not under the minimum weight for a Maui helicopter tour for example, so you will want to be prepared.

Finally, you will want to make it an experience you will never forget by making sure you take lots of pictures with a video so you can share it with family and friends when you get home.


Guests to Maui will need to be up for a helicopter tour, as those who will have a certain degree of doubt won't enjoy a helicopter ride.

So make up your mind now, take a helicopter tour in Maui knowing its the best way to see Maui is terms of things to see that are visited on the ground - but not always accessible on foot.

You can visit all major landmarks in Maui in a helicopter with time to take in its beauty as you take pictures and videos.

And remember, its often done in an air conditioned helicopter; so there's no getting hot and sweaty in a bus tour or walking trip.

Comfort is a priority for passengers, so seeing all of Maui in a luxury helicopter tour verses other tour options is not possible - its thirsty, tiring work as you're exposed to the Maui heat.

Maui helicopter tours are the only way to hit all Maui landmarks without setting a foot on them.

You will still want to visit as many of Maui attractions and landmarks as possible with the ground tours made available to you - including a bus, boat or walk/hiking tour.

Costs of a Maui helicopter tour can exceed $400 but know that you can book for as little has $185 - so there will be no regrets later as you realise you missed out on a bargain.

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