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Paradise Helicopters open door MD500 over coastline, mountains in background

Big Island helicopter tour prices

I've listed up to thirty-nine helicopter tours on the Big Island between 5 operators; all of whom offer a cheap to high end price range.

Rely on me to publish all current Big Island helicopter tour prices; cheap tour packages are available starting at $99 up to $250, with more options available if booking a mid range tour, between $300 to $400. However, its the tours on the higher end of the market of $500 plus that offer a landing or activities.

The Big Island is served by thirty-nine helicopter tours shared between five companies who operate a very different experience between them.

So while cost is important, remember to check to see if price range is in line with a long flight time - up to an hour - plus an accessible departure point.

Failing to recognize all options available to you will be to little, too late; later on as refunds can not often be returned if canceling under 48 hours.

Use my list per operator to view the name of the tour, departure location, flight duration plus the total price expected to pay.

What isn't listed is flight route so make sure its one that covers the whole island, if still within budget.

On top of that is not known until you check it yourself if its a Hawaii doors off helicopter tour experience, or one that is doors on.

If its an open door experience it would normally proceed in a Magnum P.I. style MD500, or Hughes 500 helicopters, capable of carrying four passengers.

If you want to book a tour for the whole family at a reduced price; you can do so via most operators with a 6-seater capacity chopper, as a common helicopter type in use.

Takeaway is this, make sure the price you pay corresponds to the longest flight time that will still be within budget, to get your monies worth.

Cheap Big Island operators

If you're wanting the Big Island helicopter tour prices in an effort to recognize the cheapest Big Island helicopter tours, I can provide that for you, no problem.

Simply go ahead and view the list for all five helicopter companies, as you'll be able to determine who is the cheapest Big Island helicopter tour operator by your own.

However, in an effort to save you time, please do checkout Mauna Loa prices.

The company operate a low cost, cheap to operate Robinson R44 helicopter on their tours, so these reduced overheads are passed onto customers.

Not only Mauna Loa but Safari Helicopters need to be seriously considered with their single Big Island tour only.

So while Sunshine Helicopters have a tour under 200 bucks; so do Blue Hawaiian Helicopters, along with several tour packages just above this price range.

Mid range prices

Mid range prices for helicopter tours on the Big Island I consider to be approximately $300 to $400 dollars.

If this is a price range you can afford then your options for a tour to your liking goes up to almost have the options available - plus the cheaper prices.

Over half of Blue Hawaiian Helicopters tour package prices are between this mid price range, with an option to book with a reputable company.

Mauna Loa Helicopters have only the one mid range price along with their cheaper options.

Quarter of Paradise Helicopters of their total eighteen Big Island helicopter tour options are favorable to this price range.

Safari Helicopters only have the cheap option - but with an extended flight time - but Sunshine Helicopters only have the two options out of their six packages.

High end price range

If you intend to pay high end prices for a once in a lifetime experience, before you do this experience, it can often be met using a cheap to mid range option.

However, high end prices do guarantee many things, such as: a landing tour, extended flight time with possibly food or drink involved.

The Big Island is the largest island in Hawaii by a mile; so its any wonder more time is needed to tour the island.

That is where an high end price range is needed to make sure customers can see all of the island, not just a little corner of it.

Cheap to mid range helicopter tours well lasting up to an hour, the flight route misses much of the island - but that is not true for high end prices.

You'll sure to get your monies worth with an expensive helicopter tour lasting up to two hours or more, or a little less.

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters offer guests three cheaper to mid range tours; while they specialise in an experience to remember, with a price to match.

Tour Name: Depart: Dur.: Price:
Hilo Holoholo Hilo 15min $99
Big Island Spectacular Waikoloa 1hr45min $599
Circle of Fire Plus Waterfalls Hilo 50min $269
Kohala Coast Adventure Waikoloa 50min $309
Big Island Spectacular (Japanese) Waikoloa 1hr45min $649
Big Island Spectacular with Landing (Japanese) Waikoloa 2hr30min $799
Kohala Coast Adventure (Japanese) Waikoloa 50min $359
Heli-Whale Experience - Big Island Waikoloa 50min $350
Historic Hamakua Hilo 50min $269
Craters & Coffee Tour Hilo 1hr45min $439
Notice the Japanese label relates to the tour being conducted in Japanese only; while English is primarily spoken between English speaking guests only.

Mauna Loa Helicopters

Mauna Loa Helicopters are a big player on the Big Island, but its only the four tour packages available with at least one available to most peoples budget.

Tour Name: Depart: Dur.: Price:
Big Island Experience Kona 2hr $560
Magical Waterfalls Tour Kona 2hr $310
Kona Sunset Experience Kona 30min $190
Kona Coast Helicopter Tour Kona 30min $190
Remember Mauna Loa Helicopters operate a doors on/off experience so will not be for all the family, with only three passenger capacity per tour.

Paradise Helicopters

Paradise Helicopters are a huge helicopter tour company on the Big Island who operate up to a eighteen tours that cater to the higher end of the market.

Tour Name: Depart: Dur.: Price:
Whales & Waterfalls (3 in 1 Experience) Waimea 45min $374
Doors-Off Kohala Valleys & Waterfalls Waimea 30min $324
Kohala Coast Waterfalls & Remote Hike Kona 2hr $475
Doors-Off Kohala Waterfalls & Remote Hike Waimea 1hr45min $424
Doors-off Lava & Rainforests Adventure Hilo 40 $324
Lava & Rainforests Adventure Hilo 40min $274
Circle Island Experience Kona 2hr $599
Kohala Coast & Waterfalls Kona 1hr $375
Volcano by Air & Land Kona 10hr $787
Experience Hawai'i Kona 1hr45min $559
Volcano Kohala Landing Kona 3hr $659
Volcano by Air & Land Hilo 8hr30min $512
Air Zip & Dip Adventure Kona 6hr30min $922
Waterfall Heli-Trek Kona 8hr $838
Lava Adventure & Waterfall Swim Hilo 3hr $525
Big Island Expedition Kona 10hr $599
Family Helicopter Ride & Zipline Kona 10hr $773
Sunset Experience Kona 2hr15min $639
Paradise Helicopter operate a doors on/off flight in a 6-seater Bell 407 for a family or a in a 4-seater passenger capacity 'Magnum P.I.' style MD500 helicopter.

Safari Helicopters

Safari Helicopters only tour you'll need that will cost you under 200 bucks; the company operate a ceiling to floor window configuration for amazing views.

Tour Name: Depart: Dur.: Price:
Volcanoes National Park & Waterfalls Safari Hilo 55 $199
Current stated price is based on the companies web offer using a Promo Code web60 at checkout, while standard price is $259.00 if code is not applied.

Sunshine Helicopters

Sunshine Helicopter prices are online costs only with a increase in price if bought else where; the company operate only the three tours but with a seating upgrade available.

Tour Name: Depart: Dur.: Price:
Big Island Volcano Deluxe Helicopter Tour* Kamuela 1hr45min $559
Big Island Volcano Deluxe Helicopter Tour Kamuela 1hr45min $634
Kohala Hamakua Coast Helicopter Tour* Kamuela 40-45min $249
Kohala Hamakua Coast Helicopter Tour Kamuela 40-45min $324
Big Island Volcano Deluxe Early Bird Tour* Kamuela 1hr45min $539
Big Island Volcano Deluxe Early Bird Tour Kamuela 1hr45min $614
Only three tours via Sunshine but note that each tour has a reduced price option; open seating * is cheaper but upgrading to a preferred seat increases the price drastically.


Lots to consider before purchase your Big Island helicopter tour package, as a similar price at a reduced price may be possible to book.

If you want to book a helicopter tour on the cheap its sure available to you; so book with Mauna Loa or Safari Helicopters for options under $200.00.

Mid range budget will broaden your options to most Big Island helicopter tour companies who list half of there tours between $300 to $400 - give or take several dollars.

Higher end Hawaii helicopter tour prices for those where money is not a problem will benefit with landing tours, activities, or a helicopter tour that is catered.

However, massive price increases simply refer to an extended flight time for up to two hours possible, well including an air and landing adventure.

If that is longer than is needed then be sure to revert to a mid range pricing that tends to exclude landings or activities for the whole family.

Cost to operate a helicopter per hour can increase or reduce overheads, so its Mauna Loa in their cheap to operate Robinson R44 that is suited to most budgets, with a three passenger seat capacity.

Blue Hawaii Helicopters plus Sunshine Helicopters operate a 6-seater Airbus EC130 which tends to cost a little more.

Well considering the costs, flight time and flight route; don't forget to pick a Big Island helicopter tour that is a doors on or doors off experience.

Personally I would insist on the open door helicopter tour experience for unrestricted views.

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