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How much is a helicopter tour in Hawaii

Presenting helicopter tour prices on Hawaii which are listed per island, plus all package deals per every helicopter tour company.

Nothing is missed as I list the low to high price helicopter tours on Hawaii with the Big Island, Kauai, Maui and Oahu included - plus Molokai and Lanai. Know the cheapest offer instantly per operator along with the most expensive package. I intend to offer the pricing this way to inform you on the best prices.

How much a helicopter tour in Hawaii really is can only be found on a per island basis, then broken down per operator.

I hope to cut out the noise by simply listing the prices per tour on a low to high price formula.

I feel this will more importantly than anything else present the cheapest Hawaii helicopter tour per operator on every island that is served.

Know that the Big Island is the most costly to partake in a tour but funny enough it still has the cheapest package deal of all islands.

Kauai serve quite thrilling helicopter tours with a generous flight duration to match.

But its a competitive island so expect to pay a price that is within reason; includes doors off experiences or a landing tour if paying extra.

No island is missed so you'll see the pricing for every island, including Lanai at a high cost or Molokai where you'll depart via Maui.

Fun fact for you: if you were to participate on all one-hundred, twenty-two helicopter tours across Hawaii, it would cost in the region of $48,905.25.

To put that into perspective, it would take a whopping 172 hours, 7 minutes; or 7 days (that's a whole week), 4 hours and 6 minutes.

Big Island helicopter tour prices

Big Island Operator: Low: High: Avg. Price: Avg. Dur. No.
Blue Hawaiian Helicopters $99 $799 $414 73min 10
Mauna Loa Helicopters $190 $560 $312.50 75min 4
Paradise Helicopters $274 $922 $554.43 3hr55min 18
Safari Helicopters $199 $199 $199 55min 1
Sunshine Helicopter $249 $634 $486.50 83min 6
More tours than any other Hawaii island is on the Big Island, serving thirty-nine tours by five operators. Departures are Kamuela, Hilo, Kona, Waimea or Waikoloa.

Not surprising to know the island of Hawaii - or the Big Island - is the most costly place for a helicopter ride yet which has a large number of middle range tours.

Blue Hawaiian Helicopter will be the operator if choosing the cheapest Big Island helicopter tour, costing only $99.00 for a fifteen minute flight.

Whereas Paradise Helicopters offer the highest priced helicopter tour at $922.00, a price range that is normal with the operator.

In fact all five Hawaiian helicopter tour companies who operate on the Big Island do offer a cheap package deal of sorts - likewise a more expensive tour or two.

Interestingly, did you know if you booked up with all thirty-nine helicopter tours on the Big Island it would take you 4 days and 57 minutes to complete - or 96 hours, 57 minutes

That is on top of a hefty $18,488 bill if booking a tour with every package deal made available to you.

Kauai Helicopter tour prices

Operator: Low: High: Avg. Price: Avg. Dur. No.
Maverick Helicopters $169 $269 $219 35min 2
Jack Harter Helicopters $289 $434 $361.50 75min 2
Blue Hawaiian Helicopters $229 $309 $259 48min 4
Mauna Loa Helicopters $325 $693 $509 60min 2
Safari Helicopters $199 $259 $229 75min 2
Sunshine Helicopters $204 $215 $209.50 50min 2
Island Helicopters $275 $275 $275 62min 2
Cheapest Hawaii helicopter tour prices are on the island of Kauai; Seven helicopter tour companies serve the island with various flight experiences made available.

Popularity of a Kauai helicopter tour is in the number of Kauai helicopter tour companies who operate on The Garden Island.

Low pricing is the key with the rivals competing for custom by dropping the prices to stay competitive - so expect cheap helicopter tours on Kauai, along with a generous flight duration.

Make it a cheap Kauai helicopter tour by booking Maverick Helicopters $169.00 offer.

Likewise, if funds are unlimited why not shoot for anyone else who offers a one hour or more tour, with the Kauai open door tour a must try.

Low prices on Kauai with over sixteen helicopter tours in total; meaning if you were to participate in all sixteen tours available, it would cost you $4,642.

In total it would take 910 minutes or if broken down, 15 hours, 9 minutes to complete.

Maui helicopter tour prices

Operator: Low: High: Avg. Price: Avg. Dur. No.
Air Maui Helicopters $185 $281.25 $241.07 57min 7
Blue Hawaiian Helicopters $279 $459 $343.20 61min 5
Hawaii Helicopters $279 $359 $305.66 50min 3
Maverick Helicopter $249 $339 $286.50 61min 4
Pacific Helicopters $299 $899 $539.33 62min 6
Sunshine Helicopters $214 $394 $274, $337.33 51, 51min 6, 6
Maui is served by six helicopter tour companies offering thirty-one packages between them. What is easy for customers is all companies operate out of Kahului Heliport.

Hawaii's second largest island is served by up to six helicopter tour companies across thirty-one tour packages.

Its not overly expensive to book a helicopter tour on Maui but there is a pricing range at the very cheapest to the higher end.

Air Maui Helicopters can hook you up with a cheap Maui helicopter tour at $185, or why not try Pacific Helicopters $539.33 package deal.

Rest assured you will be able to book a package that is within budget while in Maui.

If you have the resources to compete in all thirty-one Maui helicopter tours, expect to pay in the region of a whopping $10,346.50.

In tern that would take 1,790 minutes to complete, or 1 day, 5 hours and 5 minutes.

Oahu helicopter tour prices

Operator: Low: High: Avg. Price: Avg. Dur. No.
Blue Hawaiian Helicopters $284 $1,200 $573.50 52min 4
Magnum Helicopters $269 $289 $279 50min 2
Mauna Loa Helicopters $279 $350 $313.33 56min 3
Novictor Helicopters $205 $315 $236 35min 5
Paradise Helicopters $199 $459 $312.88 43min 9
Five Oahu helicopter tour companies serve twenty-three tours; most depart Honolulu but make sure Kalaeloa, Turtle Bay Resort or, and Ko Olina is accessible to you.

One of the lowest cost Hawaiian islands for a helicopter tour is on Oahu where you can be set you up for as little as $199.00.

Whereas the middle to high end pricing skyrockets but you can still expect to find a large number of cheap Oahu helicopter tours.

Expect an average flight duration of 30 to 40 minutes at the lower end of 50 minutes if paying premium prices per tour.

Five helicopter tour companies serve The Gathering Place with all staying competitive between prices to flight duration.

If you were thinking about participating on all Oahu helicopter tours, then it would cost you in the region of $7,788 - not bad for an island serving twenty-three helicopter tours.

To break that down for you, it would take 1,045 minutes, or 17 hours, 25 minutes.

Molokai helicopter tour prices

Operator: Low: High: Avg. Price: Avg. Dur. No.
Air Maui Helicopters $185 $281.25 $241.56 56min 4
Blue Hawaiian Helicopters $279 $279 $279 50min 1
Hawaii Helicopters $279 $279 $279 45min 1
Maverick Helicopter $259 $259 $259 55min 1
Pacific Helicopters $320 $320 $320 60min 1
Sunshine Helicopters $274 $364 $284, $329 55min 2
Six helicopter tour companies who serve Maui offer ten Molokai focused tour packages including one with a doors off tour or landing excursion.

If you want to see multiple Hawaii islands for the price of one; you can do that on Molokai via the island of Maui, through up to six Maui helicopter tour companies.

Its not an exclusive Molokai helicopter tour so it will involve a Maui tour also, which is where you'll depart.

The cheapest Molokai helicopter tour cost $185.00 via Air Maui Helicopters well the costliest is as much as $320.00.

Bare in mind pricing to flight duration between the operatorsare similar, so avoid paying more for a tour that is cheaper or more value for money elsewhere.

Molokai helicopter tours can be behind shut doors of experience a doors off flight.

If you cannot make up your mind but have unlimited funds, it would cost you $2,671.25 to compete on all ten non-exclusive Molokai helicopter tours.

Whereas it would take 545 minutes to finish, or 9 hours and 5 minutes.

Lanai helicopter tour prices

Operator: Low: High: Avg. Price: Avg. Dur. No.
Pacific Helicopters $1345 $3,625 $1,656.66 73min 3
Only the one helicopter tour company serves Lanai directly with three off the shelf tour packages that can be booked, all of which must be private tours.

It is not possible to cross the channel around Hawaii to reach Lanai on a helicopter tour, so instead you must visit Lanai.

Its not cheap either because these are chartered helicopter tours and not ones that anyone can book up.

So you'll book with Pacific Helicopters who operate their cheapest offer at $1345.00 or their most expensive of $3,625.00.

Having said that, the operator only offer the three tours so there is a mid range tour costing $2495 - but still very expensive.

Fill up all three passengers seats to spread the costs, or if failing to do that you'll still need to pay full price as you charter the whole helicopter.

Flight duration is as little has short 30 minutes, or make it worth your money by booking a one hour, forty-five minute tour.


How much is a helicopter ride in Hawaii various from one island to the next; but expect a low, mid range to more high end pricing structure.

Kauai offer the cheapest helicopter tours followed by Oahu, Maui and the Big Island.

Whereas all Hawaii islands are not without their higher end pricing that can be air only or include an upgrade - such as a doors off or landing tour.

I cannot offer a definite price per tour because there's so many of them on offer.

In fact there's as many as 122 Hawaii helicopter tours one can book, so therefore would be difficult to provide a number.

It must be said there is a cheap Hawaii helicopter tour per island or per operator so you're sure to find something of interest, but within budget.

Remember to compare price to flight duration as you don't want to be short changed knowing you could of got more for your money.

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