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Maverick Helicopters' Airbus EC130 soaring above Kauai rainforest

Cheapest Kauai helicopter tours

Secret to a cheap helicopter tour in Kauai is booking for an early morning tour, with an open seat to avoid cost of an upgrade.

Listing only the cheapest Kauai helicopter tours through up to five operators on the island. Lowest price is for Island Helicopters' Grand Deluxe Circle Island tour at $145, or the Kauai Discovery via Maverick at $169. To get value for money book a cheap tour that has a 50-60 minute flight time only.

Thanks to competition being quite fierce in Kauai this allows for the prices to pay for a helicopter tour to be what is considered cheap regardless.

However, a real bargain can be found if you go through the trouble of booking a tour that is the very cheapest - but only if the duration of the tour justifies the overall cost.

One thing to know about basement bargain helicopter tours is this; similarities between all tour flight routes are near identical.

On top of that, expect to board a 6-seater maximum capacity helicopter that is closed doors; so no Kauai open door helicopter tour to experience at a low price.

Areas of interest among visitors to the island are sure to be met; including a stop as cascading waterfalls to manoeuvring in between narrow canyons at a low attitude.

Kauai's helicopter tour prices at there lowest only differ between $20.00 to $30.00, with the lowest being $145.00, next is $169.00 - with prices then hovering around $200.00.

Cheapest tour per operator

Operator: Tour Name: Time: Price:
Blue Hawaiian Helicopters Rise and Shine 50 $229
Island Helicopters Grand Deluxe Circle Island 50 $145
Jack Harter Helicopters 60-65 Minute AStar Tour 60 $259
Maverick Helicopters Kauai Discovery 25 $169
Safari Helicopters Deluxe Waterfall Safari 60 $199
Sunshine Helicopters Ultimate Kauai Adventure Early Bird Tour 50 $210
Operator column demonstrates who operates the helicopter tour; tour name relates to name of tour package; time is flight duration; price is 'starting from' lowest price list.

In respects, its not always possible to participate in one of the cheapest Kauai helicopter tours if it will cost you more to get to the operators headquarters.

So with that in mind I have gone through the trouble of finding the cheapest helicopter tour in Kauai - listing only one low price tour package per operator.

While all helicopter tours depart Lihue, guests are often required to arrive at the out of airport location, before being shuttled back in.

Parking at offices of the companies involved is FREE and so is the shuttle service.

Cheapest tour is in the hands of Island Helicopters as you can see in my table. Whereas the most expensive is Jack Harter's 60-65 Minute AStar Tour.

Low price vs tour duration

Trouble with guests booking a cheap tour is its normal to only glance at the lowest price, while forgetting you still need to look at one more figure.

That is the helicopter tour flight duration, meaning how long the tour will last in minutes.

Lowest prices often are matched with short flight times. However, that is not completely true with the options I have made available to you on my list.

Expect the average flight duration to be between 50 to 60 minutes.

I ask you to keep in mind Maverick Helicopters offer one of the lowest prices, only its for 25 minutes only.

So whenever you want to book a cheap Kauai tour, know that is only worth your money - and time - if you make it a 50 to 60 minute one.

Cheap tours under $259

In my calculations to list only the cheapest Kauai helicopter tours currently available; I've done so with tour list prices under $259.00 maximum.

1. Island Helicopters: Grand Deluxe Circle Island

Cost: $145.00. Official Grand Deluxe Circle Island tour page. Departing: 3788 Ahukini Rd, Lihue, HI 96766

Currently the cheapest helicopter tour in Kauai relies on Island Helicopters' Grand Deluxe Circle Island tour.

Remarkably, the lowest usually corresponds to a short tour duration; that is not true here as passengers still embark on a 50 minute tour.

Lift off from Lihue Airport Heliport to get a birds-eye view of all major attractions in a clockwise heading.

Nawiliwili Harbor and the Kauai Marriot Resort is up first, along with the Hanapepe Valley, plus Manawaiopuna Falls which will turn into a little Jurassic Falls helicopter tour as you arrive at the world famous waterfall.

Enter the Olokele Canyon at a low attitude before heading to Na Pali Coast.

Up next is Hanalei Bay & Valley as your arrive at Waialeale where your tour flies inside the crater of Mt. Waialeale volcano.

2. Maverick Helicopters: Kauai Discovery

Cost: $169.00. Official Kauai Discovery tour page. Departing: Port Allen Airport, 3441 Kuiloko Road, Hanapepe, HI 96716

Second cheapest Kauai helicopter tour is in the hands of Maverick Helicopters in their 6-seater Airbus EC130.

While the cost is so cheap it doesn't make up for the lack of time made available for this trip, with a disappointing 25 minutes.

Comparing that to Island Helicopters' Grand Deluxe Circle Island tour its quite short of flight time - along with a price increase.

Depart Port Allen Airport with once again a clockwise heading: Guests will catch a glimpse of rich farmlands, busy roads and mountain ranges.

That all happens as you zigzag between landmarks such as the Hanapepe Valley with incredible views of Manawaiopuna Falls.

Make a heading to the coast to view Na Pali and Kona Forest Reserve including Awini Falls and Waialae Falls - then hit on the Waimea Canyon - The Grand Canyon of the Pacific.

3. Safari Helicopters: Deluxe Watefall Safari

Cost: $199.00. Official Deluxe Waterfall Safari tour page. Departing: 3225 Akahi St, Lihue, HI 96766

In third is Safari Helicopters' Deluxe Waterfall Safari that focuses on... Kauai's cascading waterfalls scattered across the island.

You'll do so in their luxury state-of-the-art 6-seater Airbus H125 with a window configuration that allows for floor to ceiling views.

While the premise of this tour are waterfalls; guests will embark on a low, slow attitude as you enter canyons to hover near waterfalls.

All members of the family are welcome as Safari Helicopter operate a tour that is catered to toddlers to seniors.

Flight route passengers will take is a Lihue Heliport departure as you climb attitude to circle the island - as you wonder inland to view its magnificence.

Nothing to be missed on either side of the chopper thanks to its long windows.

Expect to see most of the coastline out of the left window while the right side is more focused inland.

4. Sunshine Helicopters: Ultimate Kauai Adventure 'Early Bird' Tour

Cost: $210.00. Ultimate Kauai Adventure Early Bird tour [No Longer Available]. Departing: 3416 Rice Street - Suite 203, Lihue, Hawaii 96766

Still a fairly cheap helicopter tour is this Sunshine Helicopters Ultimate Kauai Adventure Tour - only its dubbed an early bird tour for the sake of a cheap ticket.

To qualify for a low rate guests will require to book a tour before 8:30am or after 2:00pm.

Participates will have to fly in their 6-seater Airbus H125 on an open seat basis - that means you cannot upgrade to a specific seat - which seems fair to me.

Depart Lihue Heliport as you head south to take in all sights on the southern coast.

Cut across Kauai inline with a detour to major areas on route to the Na Pali Coast, one including Jurassic Falls.

Swing over to Princeville as you soar the coastline before making a heading back to Lihue Heliport.

Take advantage of an early morning tour as the morning light in Kauai can make for some professional photography opportunities.

5. Blue Hawaiian Helicopters: Rise and Shine

Cost: $229.00. Official Rise and Shine tour page [No Longer Available]. Departing: Lihue Heliport, 3730 Ahukini Rd, Lihue Heliport #8, Lihue, HI 96766

Despite Blue Hawaiian Helicopters being a major helicopter tour operator on the island of Kauai - and Hawaii overall - they still offer guests a low price fare.

Guests will board their luxury air conditioned 6-seater Airbus EC130 that is capable of taking the whole family - thanks to a generous maximum weight limit per person.

Early morning start of 8:00am so guests will experience stunning light across Kauai.

Lift off via Lihue Heliport as you spend the best part of the tour inland. Flight route will see a swirling pattern but the tour will soon hit on the Na Pali Coast, as seen from inland or out to sea

Before all that, expect to come into contact with the Manawaiopuna Falls situated deep in the mountaintop of the Hanapepe Valley.

Then over to Olokele Canyon and majestic Waimea Canyon. Lastly, the pilot will fly you to Mt Wai’ale’ale, a dormant shield volcano - if the weather permits.

6. Blue Hawaiian Helicopters: Happy Hour

Cost: $229.00. Official Happy Hour tour page [No Longer Available]. Departing: Lihue Heliport, 3730 Ahukini Rd, Lihue Heliport #8, Lihue, HI 96766

Once again Blue Hawaiian Helicopters offer one of the cheapest helicopter tours in Kauai, at the same price of their tour above.

Once again guests will board the Airbus EC130 with a seating arrangement for four across the rear, with two co-pilot seats in the front.

Flight route of the Happy Hour tour is near identical to their Rise and Shine tour; so nothing is missed if you pick one tour over the other.

What is different about this tour is hinted in the tour name, Happy Hour.

Therefore its a later departure via Lihue Heliport with a 4:00pm start. Not bad if you don't want to start the day too early.

Tour will be different in that its a new day with a different pilot which will mean the flight can be original, but will still be similar.

See all landmarks as mentioned previously, well in the meantime guests will see cascading waterfalls, valleys, canyons, sea cliffs and vast coastline.

7. Sunshine Helicopters: Ultimate Kauai Adventure Tour

Cost: $230.00. Official Ultimate Kauai Adventure Tour tour page. Departing: 3416 Rice Street - Suite 203, Lihue, Hawaii 96766

Only a dollar more can see you book Sunshine Helicopters' Ultimate Kauai Adventure Tour - so its not an early bird tour as listed previously.

Once again its a near identical Kauai helicopter tour to their previous outing, only its at a busier time.

Helicopter tours depart once or twice every hour so there's no missing out.

Board their comfortable Airbus EC130 with air conditioning and a seat configuration that allows for a wide seat.

Depart Lihue as you head onto the coast before making a due south heading; beaches, tourist resorts and waves crashing against the coast are sure to be seen.

Tour then heads inline to soar above vast rainforests with Jurassic Falls coming into sight.

You'll arrive at Olokele Canyon before flying at a low attitude helicopter tour in Waimea Canyon - along with its beautiful waterfalls.

Finally, follow the Na Pali Coast before flying south as you head back to Lihue heliport.

8. Jack Harter Helicopters: 60-65 Minute AStar Tour

Cost: $259.00. Official 60-65 Minute AStar tour page. Departing: 4231 Ahukini Rd, Lihue, HI 96766

Jack Harter are responsible for what is the best helicopter tour in Kauai; which is their 60-65 Minute Hughes 500 Tour.

Only, its not cheap so I can instead recommend their AStar tour that is cheap which is due to their current internet special pricing.

Harter operate an Airbus H125 which is equipped with the all important floor to ceiling windows.

Arrive at Jack Harters shack office before you're personally shuttled over to their departure point at Lihue Heliport.

Head south to see Nawiliwili Harbor and the Menehune Fishpond, plus Kipu Kai and the Tunnel of Trees.

Jurassic Park fans will be thrilled to see Manawaiopuna Falls in Hanapepe Valley, as its home to Jurassic Falls.

Olokele Canyon up next before flying into the canyons of Waimea Canyon - then its over to Na Pali's incredible coastline.

Now you'll be making a heading to your original departure point with the North Shore beaches from Ke'e to Hanalei to be seen.


Kauai offer a large number of cheap helicopter tours with a starting price of $145.00 with an impressive 50 minute flight time.

Not bad considering Maverick Helicopters' cheapest Kauai helicopter tour cost $169.00, so priced more, but for only 25 minutes.

With that in mind, I ask you to never book a tour until you understand the cheapest price most corresponding to a tour duration of 50 minutes to one hour.

If you get that correct you can be guaranteed value for money as the tour is a long one.

Make sure to book online as all discounts are automatically applied or discount codes are publicly available for you to use at checkout.

Island Helicopters' Grand Deluxe Circle Island tour is cheapest at $145, while in second place is Maverick Helicopters with their 25 minute Kauai Discovery tour.

Costs start to rise after this but not be much, so only expect a $10.00 to $30.00 increase with the highest price - but still the cheapest - being $259.00 via Jack Harter.

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