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Maverick Helicopter flying over Kauai coast

Kauai helicopter tours prices

I have discovered 16 Kauai helicopter tours shared between 7 helicopter flight services; departing from Port Allen Airport, Lihue and Princeville respectively.

If taking helicopter tours in Kauai, prices start from as little as $169 for a 20 min. flight, with a 95 min. or so helicopter tour costing $434, to a $693 doors-off ride. If I tally up all prices across all packages; expect to pay on average $290, which is about right when you consider surcharges.

With up to sixteen helicopter pleasure flights out of Kauai every day, you won't be short of finding a package that suites your needs, well staying within your budget.

That's with an on average, a 57 minute flight if you also take into consideration landing helicopter tour adventures.

Best helicopter tour prices are online well booking your flight should be in advanced to guarantee a seat.

Locations on the Kauai island where you'll depart in the helicopter are: Port Allen Airport in the south, Lihue in the west, and Princeville at the highest point in the north.

So wherever you're coming in from, there's a flight departing from all sides of the island.

When going through all Kauai helicopter tour prices; I've come to relies the surcharges will only be available to see in the booking page.

Not to be missed is the Kauai doors off helicopter tour at a price of $309.00; it is an add-on but Jack Harter don't charge.

Prices Based on Flight Time

When considering your flight time from all helicopter tour companies I've mentioned, quality and value of service will likely depend on the flight time - or duration.

Base prices start from $169 for just 20 minutes; which to be fair you won't get the chance to see much of the Kauai island with the price or time.

When selecting a tour for up to 50 minutes, then you can really expect to get your monies worth, especially as the Island is not all that big.

Big prices are usually set on helicopter landing adventures; so not only are you paying for the flight, you're being charged for the time it takes to land and explore.

Higher prices also include doors-off helicopter rides with a focus on pro photography.

Fuel Surcharges

What I've noticed with most helicopter rides out of Kauai, is the catch of additional charges you will expect to pay at the checkout.

However, in many cases it won't be of a huge surprise as the prices stated, is still the price you'll end up paying.

Additional breakdown of your charges will include some sort of surcharge, with fuel surcharges being a big one, but this will be stated in the price you pay.

Don't be surprised as certain services will add a surcharge at the checkout you will indeed have to pay extra for, which won't be expected until you read more in detail.

When costs include extra charges for fuel, that could be anywhere between 35 to 45 percent extra - depending on the type of helicopter, flight duration and tour package you've selected.

Paying by Credit Card

Prices stated are usually based on cash or credit card prices, so well prices stated will remain the same until you've paid, a little more could be added on.

If you're being charged extra for use of a credit card, then it shouldn't be more than 2% as the minimum credit card charge.

If you're being charged more, then this could be related to fees you don't know about.

To avoid being charged extra for the helicopter ride, you could look into paying on the day via cash or travelers cheque's - to reduce the overall cost.

Though it is quite possible, prices shown on the web site are indeed the best prices you will receive, cheaper than paying by cash.

Additional Services

It goes without saying, if you're paying for additional services within your flight, then expect to pay more than the price stated.

Base prices are always shown (such as From prices) but its rarely the price you pay as it only states prices for one passenger.

If booking two or three family members or friends; expect to pay double or triple.

However, if booking more than one passenger you may find you'll receive some kind of discount - so keep an eye on that.

Once all additional charges have been met by the helicopter tour company; then state taxes could be charged too, though its usually included in the price.

All Prices Table:

Service: Package: Depart: Min: USD:
Maverick Helicopters Kauai Explorer Port Allen 50 $269
  Kauai Discovery Port Allen 20 $169
Jack Harter Helicopters 60-65 Minute Tour Lihue 60 $289
  90-95 Minute Tour Lihue 90 $434
Blue Hawaiian Helicopters Discover Kauai Princeville 45 $309
  Kauai Eco Adventure Lihue 50 $269
  Rise & Shine Lihue 50 $229
  Happy Hour Lihue 50 $229
Mauna Loa Helicopters

The Kauai Experience

Lihue 60 $325
  Kauai Pro Photography Flight Lihue 60 $693
Safari Helicopters Deluxe Waterfall Safari Lihue 60 $199
  Refuse Eco-Tour Lihue 90 $259
Sunshine Helicopters Ultimate Kauai Adventure Tour Lihue 50 $215
  Ultimate Kauai Adventure Early Bird Tour Lihue 50 $204
Island Helicopters Kauai Grand Deluxe Circle Lihue 50 $275
  Jurassic Falls: Helicopter Landing Adventure Lihue 75 $275

All prices stated in table are base prices only; additional costs, or unexpected surcharges may apply when you order. All prices are likely to change without warning.


I've done my very best to bring you Kauai helicopter tours prices from all heli services operating out of the Hawaii island of Kauai.

Now I understand I may have missed one or two tour packages, though I am sure I haven't missed a helicopter tour company.

If I have missed a package, then you shouldn't miss it yourself as you visit the web site to place your order and check package deals.

Don't ever take the base prices as is; all prices shown are likely to increase as you proceed with your order - with fuel charges, taxes and additional costs added on.

Though to be fair to most of the helicopter tour companies I've mentioned, all big extra costs are usually shown in the prices promoted.

With only a breakdown of additional costs shown if you're interested to read more.

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