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Kauai helicopter tours weight limit guide

To participate in a Kauai helicopter tour passengers will need to be within a weight limit as outlined by all tour operators.

To be safe all passengers will need to weigh under 240lb to qualify with all seven companies. While a minimum weight limit can be as low has 240lb, that's a risky option for customers who're too close to this limit. Guests will be asked to be weighed first, all while holding on to there carry-on's, such as there camera equipment.

Its not too difficult if you're under the weight limit as outlined by all seven Kauai helicopter tour operators, as its made clear.

When booking a helicopter tour with one of Blue Hawaiian, Jack Harter or Maverick Helicopters - you will be sure to go ahead as planned has the maximum weight limit is generous.

When booking a helicopter flight with others, for example Island Helicopters, Mauna Loa, Safari or Sunshine Helicopters - they have a lower maximum weight requirement.

Therefore that could result in more passengers not be able to fly with those operators.

That is not to say you will have to miss out, because remember; where one companies weight limit is too low, it won't be with others.

So before booking a flight, be sure to check on there weight limit policy as to avoid issues later.

Customers can still go ahead with an operator they originally intended to fly with, only you will be asked to book a comfort seat as an additional cost.

Kauai maximum weight limit table

Operator: lb: kg: st:
Blue Hawaiian Helicopters 300 136 21.4
Island Helicopters 250 113 17.8
Jack Harter Helicopters 300 136 21.4
Maverick Helicopters 300 136 21.4
Mauna Loa Helicopters 275 125 19.6
Safari Helicopters 250 113 17.8
Sunshine Helicopters 240 109 17.1
Data is based on publicly available information; maximum weight limitations is subject to change anytime, so be sure to contact the helicopter tour operator in advance.

Passenger weight limit for Kauai based helicopter tour companies, outline there limits in pounds, as normal as a US state.

However, that is not the default or known metric used for others around the world; so for your convenience I have converted pounds into kg or stone.

The table therefore is outlined with four columns like this: name of Kauai helicopter tour operator; weight in lb or pounds; weight in kg or kilograms; weight in st or stone.

Data has been pulled from operators web sites so is subject to change without warning.

In the case of Jack Harter Helicopters who're known for there Kauai open door helicopter tour, is a company who do not publicly state their weight limit, so I've taken a guess based on what is normal for the MD Hughes 500 helicopter they operate.

Comfort Seat requirement

Of all seven Kauai helicopter tour operators, it must be said all offer a compromise if you're over the maximum weight limit.

Helicopter tours can still go ahead with you onboard, but it will be at an additional cost.

Having checked out policies per provider, often the option to buy an adjacent seat - seat next to you - can be an option.

Not always possible mind you as it may be booked up already, so as a passenger will be sat there, there's no chance for you to book it.

Expected prices to pay for what is also known as a comfort seat would usually be at a discount - usually half the price.

However, that is not always true as passengers who're over the maximum weight limit for a helicopter tour will need to pay full price for an additional seat.

What with a comfort seat - or an additional seat - being made available for guests, this would mean you're limited to where you can sit.

So if you intend to sit in the co-pilot seat or near a window, for example, that option would no longer be available; as comfort seat passengers almost always sit in the rear - but a window seat could still be possible.

Carry-on item weight

So let's so you're a passenger who will absolutely be over the maximum weight limit, so will need the comfort seat option if made available.

And again, let's say for example you're a passenger well not over the weight limit, but borderline reaching the limit.

That will become a problem for you if you intend to bring carry-on board the helicopter.

I am not talking about luggage, bags or backpacks, I am of course talking of photography equipment; namely cameras, cell phones and stabilisers, for example.

Photography equipment is sure to pile on the pounds when brought on board so the Kauai helicopter tour operator is going to weigh your items.

To do that passengers will be asked to hold all camera equipment in hand before they're weighed on the scales.

That way your total weight can be taken, including your carry on items.

If you're just about under the weight limit, be warned a DSLR camera and additional accessories can for sure bring you over the weight limit.

To which case you may need to leave your camera behind or accept an additional charge.

That is not to say the helicopter operator won't let it go while allowing you to get on board with no trouble or cost.

Book with different operator

When that is all said and done, the option of course is to simply book up with another Kauai helicopter tour operator - well there is seven companies to choose from.

Having said that, its not much use booking up, paying and arriving at the operators departure destination if you then go on to make a fuss over weight issues.

Passenger issues with weight restrictions in the weigh-in can go two weighs; you cancel the flight so therefore forfeit all costs - or you pay additional fees asked by the operator.

To avoid all that trouble you need to know your correct weight so you have other options early on in the booking stages.

If you're within reach of the say, Safari Helicopters 250 pounds limit, then surely the option to book up with a service with a higher weight limit makes more sense.

So therefore, for example, Blue Hawaiian Helicopters or Maverick Helicopters would be the companies to book up with.

To make sure the booking a helicopter tour procedure goes as smoothly has possible, only book up when you know the tour will absolutely go ahead.

If you change your mind after the booking process, it could result in you not receiving a full refund if failing to cancel in good time.


So there you have it, of all seven Kauai helicopter tour companies who operate in Kauai exclusively...

The lowest weight limit is 240lb via Sunshine Helicopters, while the highest passenger maximum weight limit in is a more generous 300lb.

If you're concerned about if you will be over the lowest options 240lb or 275lb with four of the seven companies - then there's no doubt to what you need to do.

Simply book up with Blue Hawaiian, Jack Harter or Maverick Helicopters who operate a 300lb weight limit restriction - though its subject to change without warning.

So don't make it difficult for yourself when booking a helicopter tour; only book with an operator you know have a higher limit where you will be in touch with.

Saying all that, its not the end of the road if you do weigh-in over the limit.

Options made to passengers is a comfort seat; its not a requirement but it will allow you to fly without being left behind, or leaving you out of pocket.

That is not to say you won't be charged for a comfort seat because it does come at cost.

When you weigh yourself at home or in a hotel, be sure to wear what you intend to wear on the flight - all while holding the camera equipment you intend to bring on board.

That is what the operator will ask of you when you're at there offices; as all passengers will need to be weighed by them - while holding your equipment so they can get a fair weight assessment.

Finally, if you feel your weight will be a problem with a company you intend to book up with, make life easy by simply booking with another, or perhaps near by Kauai helicopter tour company.

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