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Kauai helicopter tour: Morning or Afternoon

Partake in a Kauai helicopter tour in the morning or afternoon knowing that the island is often blessed with clear skies as to see as much of the landscape as possible.

Guests who participate in a Kauai helicopter tour would be expected to book a morning or afternoon tour only, hence the question morning or afternoon. Little difference between them but a early morning tour is more beneficial in that in case of a delay, a tour for later in the day can be arranged.

Never book a Kauai helicopter tour, or on any Hawaii island on the final days of your stay as it limits your re-scheduling in case of a delay.

Believe me when I say a possibility of a delayed helicopter ride in Kauai is high no thanks to the islands subtropical weather conditions.

Kauai helicopter tours in the morning or afternoon won't make much of a difference in terms of visibility or clear skies photographic opportunities.

But if you must I for sure recommend an early as possible helicopter tour as to allow a reschedule later in the day in case of a delay.

On top of that book a Kauai helicopter tour as soon as you arrive on the island because where a later in the day reschedule is not possible, an extra day or two may be needed to make sure your tour proceeds.

Like any country in the world, a 10am to 2pm schedule would be ideal as it tends to be the brightest time of day - so perfect for taking pictures.

No guarantee the weather will be clear and sunny; so expect helicopter tour conditions that allow for rain or conditions that don't see far over the horizon.

Morning or afternoon difference

Talk to anyone those who partake in a Kauai helicopter tour regularly as they will say the same thing, it really makes no difference if you tour is in the morning or afternoon.

Kauai is blessed with beautiful conditions from early in the morning throughout the afternoon, all the way up to late in the evening.

Conditions that are ideal for guests who participate in a Kauai helicopter tour.

In fact it would be ideal to bring along sunglasses for a very early tour up to the evening, to keep the bright sunshine out of your eyes.

Its not a matter of morning or afternoon but more so what time of the day is best for your schedule.

The morning is my best time

Personally, and this is my opinion only, I would say morning is the best time for a Kauai helicopter tour for many reasons.

Early morning helicopter tours allow the passenger often rare, yet unique photographic opportunities with an almost surreal morning shade.

Afternoon lighting can be quite consistent with no change, so the lighting can be almost the same for photographs.

Perfect for clear visibility through a doors shut to Kauai doors off helicopter tour, but not for photographers hoping to capture a multitude of amazing pro photographs.

More so, once you've captured these photographs or finished the helicopter tour, guests can spend the rest of the day touring the island on the ground.

Between 10am to 2pm

Much like the rest of the world, its recommend that between 10am to 2pm will be the best time to take a helicopter tour.

Therefore, its a two hour window in the late morning plus two hours early in afternoon that will be the best time to fly over Kauai.

Not possible for all but those that can book a helicopter tour at this time should do so for the best lighting conditions.

Its not guaranteed due to Kauai's ever changing weather conditions; but when its a good day you'll experience a bright, clear Kauai landscape.

Give or take 20 to 30 minutes will not make a difference with the stated time; in fact several hours one way or the other won't matter either.

Any delays can be caught up

Travelers will understand that for reasons out of your control, a delay or cancellation can occur to those participating in a helicopter tour.

Delays are more likely in Hawaii, so therefore in Kauai then anywhere else in the world, as subtropical conditions can often have its say on your tour.

If you imagine taking a morning helicopter tour but was then delayed for reasons stated.

Perfect, because now you have more time in the day for the operator to make changes to your original Kauai helicopter tour schedule, at no additional cost.

Arrangements can be an hour or two delay, or if not it could be later in the afternoon as you'll still have plenty of time.

Soon upon your arrival in Kauai

Common suggestion by helicopter tour companies in Hawaii is agreed that guests should really partake in a helicopter tour soon after there arrival onto the island.

Once you're arrived in Kauai or you wish to book way in advanced; book it for the first day to two only, but no later to be safe.

What that means is, and going by my idea for delayed early morning helicopter tours can be rescheduled for the afternoon - same applies to later in the week.

Imagine you plan to be in Kauai for 5 days only, well on your first or second day the tour gets cancelled, due to bad weather for example.

Helicopter operator can reschedule your tour later in the day, but as you still have a few more days in Kauai, you're almost guaranteed it will go ahead on the same day or later in the week, if that is the only open slot.

What do tour operators say

Kauai helicopter tour operators have to deal with the wettest island in Hawaii, so by now have a plan in place to deal with unexpected cancellations in Kauai.

Number one plan is to ensure travelers book early in the there several day stay in Kauai so that all important helicopter tour can still be completed, only later in the day or week.

They're also in agreement about morning or afternoon helicopter rides; saying it does not matter, as early to late in the afternoon tends to be a consistent pattern.

However, what they will tell you is Kauai's climate is unpredictable, so where rides can go ahead; there's no guarantee for clear views for sightseeing or taking photographs will be optimum.

Knowing all this, its expected helicopter tours will still go ahead in rain but not so much in fierce, windy conditions.

Unpredictable conditions

Not so much unpredictable as those living in Kauai will tell you it can rain from one minute to the next.

What cannot be predicted is optimum flying conditions, so weather can cause aircrafts to be grounded for a brief time.

High winds, storms or torrential rain is part of those terms so a delay is likely to allow time for these weather conditions to pass over.

If they don't and the delay is indefinite, likely outcome would be a reschedule for the next day or two - so that's why its important you book a helicopter tour as soon as you've arrived in Kauai.

Where its not possible and for reasons out of your control, expect the operator to issue you a full refund.


Don't be too concerned about a morning or afternoon Kauai helicopter tour as operators will tell you, it won't make any difference.

Kauai enjoys a consistent pattern of bright sunny conditions throughout the day which makes it ideal for high visibility when participating in a helicopter tour.

However, I must admit a Kauai earliest in the morning helicopter ride is my preference.

And here's why, in my haste to make sure my tour goes ahead, any delay allows for a re-schedule later in the day.

On top of that you will want to make it a 10am to 2pm helicopter ride as its the brightest time of the day.

You cannot be to picky at the busiest times as the available slots won't allow you to pick and choose a time.

Book a Kauai helicopter tour for the morning but go one better, make it so its on the day you arrive on the island, or the next day if you must.

Reason behind this is to allow for any delays to be rescheduled to a later day during your stay if a time is not available later on the same day.

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