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Paradise Helicopters replica Magnum P.I. MD500 chopper on Turtle Bay Resort helipad

Turtle Bay helicopter tours

Perfect if Turtle Bay is easily accessible to you well you're staying in Oahu as the resort is only a few short minutes to the heliport, but also near the many beautiful beaches.

Turtle Bay helicopter tours are only limited to the four options, but only one is all you need for an amazing air adventure. Paradise Helicopters are the exclusive operator in the area who will partake in all tours in a replica Magnum P.I. MD500 chopper. Upgrades include doors off, a landing or a preferred seat at cost.

If you're staying at the Turtle Bay Resort in Oahu, you're in for a treat if you intend on taking a helicopter tour of some kind.

In fact the Turtle Bay helicopter tour departure point is only on the other side of the car lot, so is only a few short minutes on foot - so no transport in needed.

Common flight routes will proceed as normal but an unexpected detour or a shift in the route can happen from one day to the next.

Its therefore always a unique tour despite only the four Oahu helicopter tour options.

Changes on an upgrade can also make a difference, so much so like the doors off add-on or the landing excursion on a hilltop.

What you're expected to see in the air varies from one tourt to the next; but expect to see the coastline, rainforests, waterfalls, busy towns plus activity below on the Turtle Bay Resort.

All guests are expected to proceed on any one of the tours in a fast, yet tough bubble-like chopper - which is Magnum P.I. replica MD500 that will seat four passengers.

If you insist on the doors off experience, go one better by doubling it up with a landing.

Turtle Bay helicopter tour prices

Tour Name: Upgrade: Duration: Price:
Magnum Experience Doors Off, Landing, Seat 60min $359.00
Valleys & Waterfall Explorer Doors Off, Seat 40min $299.00
North Shore Sunset Spectacular Doors Off, Seat 30min $289.00
North Shore Adventure Doors Off, Seat 20min $199.00
First column lists all four tour names; second column demonstrates upgrade options at cost; third section is estimated flight duration; last column is starting from price.

Quite easy for me to list helicopter tours that depart Turtle Bay as its only the 4 options, all of which are operated by a single company, Paradise Helicopters.

Its possible all tours will proceed in a 4-seater passenger capacity MD500, or Hughes 500 chopper that replicates the one used in the Magnum P.I. series.

It will accommodate two passengers in the rear with two side seats, whereas two guests can sit next to the pilot, on the co-pilot seats with a middle seat passenger.

Upgrades are made available on all tours with a seat or doors-off option a popular one.

You'll notice the Magnum Experience tour lists a landing in the upgrade section; this is where you can pay $100.00 more to land for a brief time at a secluded landing spot.

Limited to Four Air Tours

Only the four helicopter tours departing Turtle Bay Resort to which is in the hands of Paradise Helicopters in their Magnum P.I. replica MD500 chopper.

Magnum Experience

Visit Site | Duration: 60 Minutes | Price: $359.00

My personal best helicopter tour in Oahu departing Turtle Bay is this exhilarating ride in a Magnum P.I. Hughes 500 chopper.

By default its a strictly doors-on tour but for a small upgrade costs you can get the most of its with a doors off helicopter tour - including a landing option on a remote area.

What the tour route entails is a flight departing on the near northernmost-point of Oahu as you spend time manoeuvring around the North Shore.

Passengers will soar along the east coastline before the helicopter passes Honolulu before viewing Pearl Harbor as you cut back up through the middle of the island.

What else you'll see is Kaliuwa‘a, known as Sacred Falls, Ka’a’awa Valley, Lē‘ahi or Diamond Head and Waikiki Beach with a low level flight off the shores of Waikīkī.

Valleys & Waterfall Explorer

Visit Site | Duration: 60 Minutes | Price: $299.00

Once again a Paradise Helicopters tour that partakes in their quick, tough yet reliable Hughes 500, and again in the Magnum P.I. replica.

Passengers are expected to pass over Kaliuwa‘a, Ko‘olau Mountains, Kāne‘ohe Bay, the famous North Shore surf breaks, plus Pearl Harbor with Honolulu in your sights.

Doors firmly fixed by default but you really should consider the doors off upgrade to be guaranteed unrestrictive views.

Flight routes will bring you out over the ocean with the shore line seen from a far.

Inland guests will cut into the island of Oahu before reaching Honolulu but all that can be seen at Pearl Harbor... is sure to be seen.

North Shore Sunset Spectacular

No Longer Available | Duration: 30 Minutes | Price: $289.00

Sunset's don't last long do they so that's why its only the 30 minutes or less on this tour.

Guests will partake in a sunset theme helicopter tour but the premise of the tour still includes the usual sights on the ground.

Expect to view a large area of the North Shore, Ko‘olau Mountains, Haleiwa Town, plus Remote Kaena Point.

To which point the helicopter will head back to Turtle Bay Resort as you see the sun finally set below the horizon.

Tour will proceed in a doors on Hughes 500 but again the doors off option is available.

North Shore Adventure

Visit Site | Duration: 20 Minutes | Price: $199.00

Shortest flight duration yet but a helicopter tour that will still feel like a full adventure.

No time is wasted as guests are brought within reach of the magical sights the island of Oahu has to offer them, as seen by the air.

View Oahu’s North Shore including the Banzai Pipeline, Sunset Beach, Sharks Cove, Waimea Bay, Ko‘olau Mountains and Kaliuwa‘a - known as Sacred Falls.

Flight route is a only a short circuit but all that and more will be seen, more so if you go doors off at cost.

Inland, out over the ocean and viewing the coastline is all expected to be seen through the open - or closed doors - of the chopper.

Turtle Bay Resort departure

Turtle Bay Resort is the perfect place for departing for a mid range cost helicopter tour over Oahu as the location offers visitors many opportunities during your stay.

Paradise Helicopters operate at of this exclusive heliport where its made easy to arrive by on foot, where you simply cross the car lot to get to the offices of the heliport.

Before departing for your Turtle Bay helicopter tour departure, guests will be welcomed to tour the area well visiting rocky shores of Turtle Bay or the sandy Turtle Beach.

Access to the heliport is via the other side of the car parking lot so a check-in into the offices there will be expected in good time.

In the meantime guests can view the choppers on the helipad, including the replica Hughes 500 or the Bell 407, if its not departed with other passengers onboard.

Paradise Helicopters exclusive

Turtle Bay Resort is home exclusively to Paradise Helicopters; meaning no other Oahu helicopter tour company operate in the area.

Busy with visiting tourists or a place that brings many visitors to the resort daily its sure to be an amazing area to set up shop.

So Paradise Helicopter have taken up residents literally within the resort, if I can say that, so its within reach on foot - with no car or vehicle needed to get there.

To be precise, their full address is: Turtle Bay Resort 57-091 Kamehameha Highway, Kahuku, HI 96731, USA.

So there it is, the address confirms that the location is indeed Turtle Bay Resort.

Fixed doors or removed

All four helicopter tours via Paradise Helicopters is a doors on tour; though an option to upgrade to a Oahu doors off helicopter tour is an made available to anyone.

To do that go through the normal procedure of booking one of the four tours made available to you, then select the doors off upgrade, also known as an add-on.

Its will cost no more than $50.00 per person but will need to be strongly considered.

No where else on Oahu can you view the island in a way that a doors off experience can offer you, whereas doors on can be restricted but still recommended.

Paradise Helicopters might bump your tour over to their replica Magnum P.I. helicopter or make use of their own-branded Hughes 500.

Rarely will guests experience a doors off tour in their 6-seater Bell 407 helicopter.

One Landing Tour only

As it happens none of the Paradise Helicopters Turtle Bay departure tours offer a landing adventure from the get go.

Instead its a special add-on or upgrade where passengers will be taken to their own remote landing spot to enjoy the Oahu landscape for a short time on the ground.

Its a high attitude, hilltop spot where guests can exit the chopper to venture around to take pictures, under the guidance of the pilot.

Which Oahu helicopter tour this is made available is via the Paradise Helicopters Magnum Experience tour.

Flight route will still be near identical without this landing upgrade, so expect to still see Kaliuwa‘a, Ka’a’awa Valley, Diamond Head, Waikiki Beach, and Pearl Harbor with a focus on a low level flight off the Waikīkī shores.

This tour will proceed in the MD500 Magnum P.I. helicopter; so why not upgrade again to make it a doors off experience also.

Guest restrictions apply

Like any helicopter tour restrictions apply so well it caters for most people, these tour options may not accommodate all.

If you weigh above 265lbs guests will be required to pay a FEE during the check-in or check-out process.

To be more precise involving Turtle Bay departures; All guests weighing between 265lbs to 300lb will be charged $50.00 while participating in their Hughes 500 tour.

All passengers weighing above 300lb however will be charged for a second seat.

Paradise Helicopters offer a window seat upgrade where available but cannot be guaranteed if over the weight limit.

Children under 2 years go FREE as a lap child in a doors-on tour only; 2 years and up will require a seat paid in full at adult prices.

What you wear on a Oahu helicopter tour can by anything if its doors-on; whereas the open door tour will require hair tied back, lace tied shoes and fitted clothing.


Turtle Bay Resort helicopter tour departures are an important location for those who're staying at the resort, or for visitors only a short commute away.

Only the four Oahu helicopter tours out of this location along with all options in the hands of Paradise Helicopters.

Its expected all tours will partake in their 4-seater Magnum P.I. replica MD500 chopper.

Well limited to four options there will still be plenty of booking slots open to anyone with a heliport, that easy to get too - while parking is a plenty across the road.

Paradise Helicopters are the exclusive operators from Turtle Bay so there's no mix up.

Default helicopter tours are doors on but for an upgrade guests can try the doors off tour.

What else you can do is consider the preferred seat add-on or the very special hilltop landing on a secluding spot, at one point during the normal flight route.

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