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What to wear on Hawaii helicopter tour

What you wear on a Hawaii helicopter tour should be comfortable, not restricting and be appropriate for the tour you're undertaking.

What to wear on a Hawaiian helicopter tour would require layers if its a doors off or landing tour, as it can become cold over time. Footwear is important because again, a helicopter landing on a remote area would be unsuitable for sandals or heels. To be safe, all Hawaii islands call for a shirt, pants and lace tied shoes.

Climate conditions across Hawaii's island chain would be similar, so if you're traveling to Kauai, Maui, Oahu or the Big Island, all rules apply.

First thing, no hats as it can become hazardous, so is discouraged by the heli operator.

Not so much clothing, but jewellery like dangling earrings will not be permitted so will have to be removed.

Focus more on what you are wearing on your feet; make it lace close-toed shoes, such as sneakers or hiking type boots to keep it safe.

That is particularly important if taking a helicopter landing tour, where the ground can be wet or rocky - so a twisted ankle is not unheard of.

Similarly to landing tours, a Maui or Kauai doors off helicopter ride can become chilly over a period of time, so wear layers.

Simply wear a shirt with shorts or pants, but make it dark clothing as to avoid a reflection in the window.

Tropical climate attire

Hawaii is essentially a chain of tropical islands where the wearing of little clothing is completely normal for people to show up for there helicopter tour.

Its not unusual for people to show up in swimwear - well still covered up - or hiking gear if they're running late.

Operating out of Hawaii, helicopter companies know the deal with tourists so will try there best to be accommodating.

What you wear on the bottom will almost be shorts, so are allowed with no issues; but so are skirts or dresses, but that is a problem for the wearer.

Tropical clothing usually entails light, flowing clothing, so know that on a helipad or in the air with an doors off tour, things blow and become a nuisance.

Dress for all Hawaiian islands

When it all comes down to it, regardless of the Hawaiian island you will be at, what you wear for a helicopter tour will be what you've worn over the course of the day.

It is recommended you do make changes, but more often than not; you will be fine what you turn up to at the heliport.

Where helicopter operators might have an issue is footwear alone, and nothing else.

If you're taking a Hawaii helicopter tour that includes a landing, the staff will let you know if they feel your shoes are inappropriate - which could delay or cancel your flight.

So whether you're on Oahu, Maui, Kauai or the Big Island, focus more on your shoes well the rest of your attire is less important.

All touristy stuff like backpacks, handbags, loose jewellery and hats will not be permitted - so don't turn up with these items unless a companion can hold into them.

Kauai's wet weather

One island in Hawaii that may need a little more attention than the often dryer islands, is Kauai, thanks to its wet weather.

So while Oahu, the Big Island and Maui tend to by dryer, its not so with Kauai.

What you will need to focus on wearing on during an open door helicopter ride, is a light, windproof, rainproof jacket.

Not the mountaineering kind, just a simple zip up jacket that will keep you dry from the sprinkle of rain that often catches passengers inside the helicopter.

Of course, this does not matter if you're taking a helicopter tour with closed doors, it just applies to doors off helicopter rides only.

Where Kauai helicopter tours involve landing, know that it can be raining so make sure you're covered to prevent a chill.

Windy 'open door' clothes

Regardless of the island where you decide to take an adrenaline helicopter ride, it can be chilly soaring the sky in an open cockpit helicopter.

With that in mind, its imperative you wear layers as it prevent getting chilly over the course of the helicopter tour.

It may seem inappropriate to wrap up on the ground on a typical hot or humid Hawaiian day, but that will soon change up in the sky.

Cruising at 1,500 to 2,000 feet in the air is not what's its like on the ground. Its might seem fine at first, but you could become cold as tours last up to 60 minutes or more.

So where a sweater, a hoodie or a simple light jacket; as hats will not really be permitted for safety reasons.

Don't be to concerned what you wear on the bottom, shorts or pants will be fine, though if wearing a skirt or dress, you may be distracted while trying to keep it down.

Correct landing tour outfit

Primarily in regard to Kauai or often available on other islands, a Hawaiian helicopter landing tour needs to be planned way in advanced.

Meaning, what is the terrain or landing ground going to be like so you can dress appropriately for the environment.

Well for one thing its guaranteed to be rough, boggy, wet with possibly slippy crevices; so dress as you would going for a walk up or doing a little hiking in Hawaii.

Oahu, Maui and the Big Island will tend to have a similar environment in terms of pastures, grassy hills or rocky trails - so will still need attire suited to hiking.

More importantly, its what a person wears on there feet when it comes to a helicopter landing tour, so NO to sandals or open toe shoes - such as heels.

You must wear hiking boots or a solid pair of lace tied sneakers with a sturdy sole grip.

Dark clothing for photography

What with all Hawaiian islands being the epidemic of professional to amateur - including would-be tourist photographers - it would be advisable to wear dark clothing.

Most Hawaiian helicopter operators recommend this; in fact, as reflective clothing can and will be seen on the inside window screen.

Result of that is the shirt or top you're wearing can be seen, so will ruin pictures.

Its not just bright colors. prints or patterns that also show up; its small things like the logo or emblem of the brand on the breast.

Don't spoil your photographs of Hawaii from the air by wearing the wrong type of clothing; if you have to pull on a light, dark rain jacket to reduce reflection, then do it.

Not much can be said about passengers who fly with you mind; its quite possible one did not get the memo, so will wear the wrong attire and ruin for everyone.


All Hawaiian helicopter tours, regardless of the island you're visiting, calls for a shirt or sweater, while shorts of pants will be appropriate.

No hats will be allowed on board nor will the wearing of loose jewellery or accessories.

Clothing you wear should be taking the color scheme into consideration, as to avoid a glare on the window.

That is not good for your views and is worse for anyone taking photography, so wearing dark clothing.

When it comes to shoes, always make it lace tied shoes, as sandals or heels become an issue while getting in and out of the helicopter, as well has on landing tours.

If taking an open door helicopter tour, shoes that are not strapped on could fall off your feet, resulting in falling out of the chopper - so may be rejected before boarding.

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