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Blue Hawaiian Helicopter with passengers onboard in flight over Oahu

Oahu helicopter tours weight restrictions

Know that operators weigh you at check-in as to allow them to balance the helicopter, so this can effect where you sit.

Restrictions apply to those who participate in a Oahu helicopter tour. Guests are asked not to weigh over 250lb to qualify for all tours; or not exceeding 300lb to be within the weight limit of two Oahu helicopter tour companies. Limits are based on rear seats, as front-seat passengers are combined weights.

Don't let the possibility of your weight hold you back when participating in a Oahu helicopter tour; weight restrictions apply but they can be quite generous.

To qualify for all helicopter tours in Oahu by any operator, don't exceed 250lb.

If weighing up to, but still under 275lb; you can book with Mauna Loa Helicopters in their Robinson R44.

When you are way above these weight limits; you can proceed with a helicopter tour with one of Blue Hawaiian Helicopters - or book with Magnum Helicopters for a special open door helicopter tour in Oahu.

Weight restrictions are based on open seat passengers; if you sit in the front for FREE or as an upgrade - weight will be measured as a combined total for two individuals.

When you exceed the top weight restrictions, guests are asked to pay for a comfort, adjacent seat to provide space for other passengers.

So a fair overweight allowance is accepted, but don't expect to weigh more than 40lb, as you risk canceling or delaying your tour.

Oahu helicopter tour weight limit table

Operator lb. kg. st.
Blue Hawaiian Helicopters 300 136 21.4
Magnum Helicopters 300 136 21.4
Mauna Loa Helicopters 275 124 19.6
Novictor Helicopters 250 113 17.8
Operator column lists official helicopter tour company name; lb is weight in pounds; kg is weight in kilograms; st is weight limit converted to stone.

Guarantee of a Oahu helicopter tour can go ahead 100% if you are under the weight limit as outlined above by all operators.

To be inline with the weight limit policy of all helicopter tour companies you must be under the maximum weight of 250lb.

If you're under this weight then you'll be free to pick and choose a tour by all companies.

Only just exceeding this weight restriction you only miss out on Novictor Helicopters; so you can still book a place with three remaining operators.

If you're still over the 275lb weight limit of Mauna Loa, you can then move onto one of Blue Hawaiian Helicopters or Magnum Helicopters, respectively.

My Oahu helicopter tour weight limit table outlines passenger weight restrictions for back row seat passengers only.

Front seat combined weight

Did you know with a couple of the Oahu helicopter tour operators as featured in my list above, do have a front-seat weight limit in place.

What that means for you is your combined weight cannot exceed for two people who will be sitting in the co-pilot seats.

So here's what happens, in the case of Magnum Helicopters two passengers must not exceed 345 pounds between you.

In the case of Blue Hawaiian helicopters, the company ask you do not exceed a combine weight for the following helicopter types:

  • Combined weight under 319lbs for A-Star tours
  • Not exceed 470lbs for Eco-Star tours between two passengers
  • Single passenger weigh must be under 250lbs for A-Star
  • Individual weight limit 260lbs for Eco Star

In Blue Hawaiian Helicopters they operate a fleet of different types of helicopters; so weight limit will depend on what tour you participate in.

Two helicopter types require weight limit for front-seated passengers to not exceed a certain amount.

Well individual weight restrictions are limited too just 250lb to 260lb for front seats.

Its a little complicated but there's always the rear row if you don't meet the front seat requirements - plus a refund will be issued if need be.

Overweight allowances

Often a passenger will arrive at check-in and be over the recommended weight limit for the helicopter type in use, per tour.

Its not the end of the road for you as there are options made available, but usually as an upgrade.

First thing, exceeding weight restrictions can incur a cost for an additional seat if its available on the day/time you booked up.

Its called a comfort seat and would require an empty seat next to you as to help take on extra weight that is carried onboard.

Absolutely you will not need a second seat for most people who're over the weight limit, but its all about passenger comfort.

When an adjacent seat is made available it helps provide passengers more room to move around and take pictures.

Not so easy when a number of passengers create an uncomfortable seating arrangement - so that's primarily why its needed.

Costs for a comfort seat should not exceed $50.00, but don't be surprised if it costs more, or on rare occasions, much less - or completely FREE.


To guarantee a helicopter tour in Oahu with any helicopter operator that takes your fancy, you'll need to be under a 250lb weight limit.

Its an allowance for freely booking up a flight with a service that you feel offers one of the best helicopter tours in Oahu - starting with Novictor Helicopters.

However, if you just about exceed this weight restriction you can move up a place to Mauna Loa - plus an additional two helicopter companies who will accommodate you.

Difficulty for most passengers who wish to take a tour with often unfair limit; but its not a problem as Blue Hawaiian or Magnum Helicopters have a more generous limit.

All rear row seat passengers must not exceed 300lb which should be enough for most.

If you pay for an upgrade on one of the front two seats next to the pilot; weight limits are based on combined weight, not individuals.

Many different types of helicopters are used so read up the weight policy carefully as it has an effect on the tour you'll be undertaking.

Passengers can exceed weight restrictions within reason; but you'll be charged for an extra seat as a matter of customer comfort.

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