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Honolulu as seen through Robinson R44 co-pilot side seat window

Honolulu helicopter tours guide

Helicopter tours departing Honolulu is convenient for guests staying in the capital who don't wish to venture too far to reach there departure location.

Up to eleven off the shelf tours shared between four helicopter tour companies operate on Oahu. Honolulu helicopter tours depart on the site of Daniel K. Inouye Int'l. Airport with all companies near neighbours. Oahu helicopter tours are near identical in what is seen plus a clockwise flight route is expected.

If you're staying in Honolulu for the duration of your time spent in Oahu, but wish to take a helicopter tour, you are in luck.

I can guess you arrived on the island via Daniel K. Inouye International Airport; so its this airport location you'll need to head back too.

Not the main terminal area but on the other side of the airport grounds all four helicopter tour companies line the stretch of the buildings, off Lagoon Dr.

The best Oahu Helicopter tours are competitively priced so you won't miss out on any offer but you'll need to make a decision of whom to book a tour with.

But before you do make sure the price matches a fair flight duration as you don't want a too short flight time, when later you realise you could've got more for your money.

Family friendly tours are in the hands of Blue Hawaiian Helicopters in their big 6-seater Eco Star type helicopter.

However, if its more of an adventure you require then make it a doors off helicopter tour that will bring you over Oahu with no obstructions in your way.

Oahu open door helicopter tours are limited to who can participate but when the doors are off it makes for amazing pro photography opportunities.

Oahu certainly makes for one of the best Hawaiian islands for a helicopter tour where the doors off option is not to be missed.

All Honolulu helicopter tour list

Operator: Tour Name: Dur: Price:
Blue Hawaiian Helicopters Blue Skies of Oahu 50min $284
Blue Hawaiian Helicopters Complete Island Oahu 65min $345
Magnum Helicopters Doors Off Adventure Tour 50min $269
Mauna Loa Helicopters The Oahu Experience 60min $320
Mauna Loa Helicopters The Oahu Magnum P.I. Experience 50min $279
Mauna Loa Helicopters Oahu Pro Photography Flight 60min $350
Novictor Helicopters Royal Crown of Oahu 60min $315
Novictor Helicopters Isle Sights Unseen 45min $265
Novictor Helicopters Path to Pali Passage 30min $215
Novictor Helicopters City by the Sea 20min $180
Novictor Helicopters Waikiki Sunset 20min $205
Helicopter tour companies listed multiple times as they offer more than the one tour, plus flight duration and how much the helicopter tour is expected to cost.

Not too difficult for travelers wishing to partake in a helicopter tour departing Honolulu as its only the eleven tour options.

Beginning with Blue Hawaiian Helicopters on the table you'll notice the company offer a fair price for what will be a 50 to 65 minute trip.

Only the one Magnum Helicopters option but it comes via a special Magnum P.I. helicopter tour in a replica MD500D type helicopter.

Its a doors off experience that is not for everyone but its certainly one of the best Honolulu helicopter tours in Oahu.

Mauna Lao Helicopters offer three helicopter tours with a 50 or 60 minute option; along with a price range that includes the highest price tour of all.

Finally, that brings us to Novictor Helicopters who only operate out of Honolulu in their doors off or doors shut Robinson R44 type helicopter.

Novictor are among the cheapest Oahu helicopter tour companies on the island who operate a cheap to run helicopter model, so they have the price to match.

Helicopter tour synopsis

I have supplied a quick and easy to use Honolulu based helicopter tour departures list above, so this is where you can read a little more about each tour.

Helicopter tour synopsis only explains a little bit about what to expect on each tour but know that everyone of them can be unique, but follow a near identical flight route.

That is a heading due west as all helicopter tours departing the busy Daniel K. Inouye International Airport proceed in a clockwise direction - regardless of how the flight route pattern is planned out.

First thing passengers onboard the helicopter will see is more of Honolulu plus her adjoining suburbs and busy harbour life.

Over to the corner of Oahu the helicopter tour heads to the Ko Olina Resort before turning north to reach the Oahu North Shore as you head inland or out onto the coastline.

Not always mind you as the flight route may head north right away as the tour can focus more on Oahu East only.

That will bring guests within reach of valleys, lush rainforests and cascading waterfalls.

  • Blue Skies of Oahu
  • Visit Site | Operator: Blue Hawaiian Helicopters | Dur: 50 Minutes | Price: $284
  • Oahu East focus tour to view coral reefs of Waikiki, extinct volcano of Diamond Head, Hanauma Bay, Waimanalo beach, Chinaman's Hat and Kaneohe Bay.
  • Complete Island Oahu
  • Visit Site | Operator: Blue Hawaiian Helicopters | Dur: 65 Minutes | Price: $345
  • Not so much complete as north/east points are excluded but all of East Oahu is seen with a diversion to the west to see the Waianae mountain range.
  • Doors Off Adventure Tour
  • Visit Site | Operator: Magnum Helicopters | Dur: 50 Minutes | Price: $269
  • Open door tour that begins with Keehi Lagoon, Honolulu Harbor plus Aloha Tower; then over to Koolau mountains, Ala Moana Beach Park and Waikiki Beach.
  • The Oahu Experience
  • Visit Site | Operator: Mauna Loa Helicopters | Dur: 60 Minutes | Price: $320
  • Doors on or off private tour only for 2-3 guests will start at Waikiki’s shoreline, in the direction of Diamond Head, Koko Head and Makapuu Point Lighthouse.
  • The Oahu Magnum P.I. Experience
  • No Longer Available | Operator: Mauna Loa Helicopters | Dur: 50 Minutes | Price: $279
  • Magnum P.I. themed helicopter tour with doors off: its flown as quickly as possible to view some of the most iconic sites on this amazing island.
  • Oahu Pro Photography Flight
  • Visit Site | Operator: Mauna Loa Helicopters | Dur: 60 Minutes | Price: $350
  • Premise of this tour is to visit all major landmarks or areas of interest on Oahu that is personally requested by the photographer's onboard this private flight.
  • Royal Crown of Oahu
  • Visit Site | Operator: Novictor Helicopters | Dur: 60 Minutes | Price: $315
  • Begin with Waikiki, head to Diamond Head, pass Hanauma Bay - as you spot Makapu’u lighthouse - then Lanikai Beach, Chinaman’s Hat and more.
  • Isle Sights Unseen
  • Visit Site | Operator: Novictor Helicopters | Dur: 45 Minutes | Price: $265
  • Honolulu is the focus early on before reaching Waikiki Beaches, Diamond Head, Hanauma Bay, Lanikai Beach, Sacred Falls plus Pearl Harbor.
  • Path to Pali Passage
  • Visit Site | Operator: Novictor Helicopters | Dur: 30 Minutes | Price: $215
  • Soar above Honolulu before heading to the coast of Waikiki before the usual, yet amazing sights across the island are seen in all her glory.
  • City by the Sea
  • No Longer Available | Operator: Novictor Helicopters | Dur: 20 Minutes | Price: $180
  • Ocean themed Oahu helicopter tour that takes in Honolulu Harbor, Ala Moana Center, Magic Island, Waikiki Beaches, Diamond Head and more.
  • Waikiki Sunset
  • Visit Site | Operator: Novictor Helicopters | Dur: 20 Minutes | Price: $205
  • Unique sunset tour for a couple or pro photographers hoping to view Honolulu plus other parts of the island on the sunset hour - well usual attractions will be seen.

Competitive pricing

Make no mistake as helicopter tours departing from Honolulu are competitively priced; that relates to all price reductions passed on to you, the customer.

Only four helicopter tour companies serve a Honolulu location so they compete for your custom by constantly reducing prices, within reason.

What that means is you pay an average $274.00 across the eleven tours available.

Lowest price to pay is $180 via Novictor Helicopters' City by the Sea tour; its a cheap one but know its only a 20 minute tour flight time.

If you did your due diligence before booking a helicopter tour, you'll know as little as $100 more the flight duration options go up to one hour or more.

Its not hard to research all helicopter tours departing Honolulu, but I've listed all eleven in a table plus I went into each on in a little more detail.

All you need to do now is book a tour that is within budget, but has a flight duration that is too your liking.

Important to is knowing that paying more can make it worth that extra cost as the flight duration is often doubled, so more time to tour Oahu.

Operators located in Honolulu

Only the four helicopter tour companies serve the island of Oahu, all of whom are near neighbours out of Honolulu's Daniel K. Inouye International Airport.

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters

Family go to Hawaii helicopter tour company who will take you up in their luxury, air conditioned Airbus EC130, or Eco Star helicopter.

Its a six-seater passenger capacity helicopter that sits four along the back row, plus two guests who sit next to the pilot.

Very little limitations in regards to a helicopter tour weight limit, plus the company serve the who family with babies sitting on parents lap for FREE.

Make it Blue Hawaiian Helicopters if its more than four seats you need but only book it if its a Oahu East focus tour that sounds like your kind of thing.

Magnum Helicopters

I'll be honest and say Magnum Helicopters - in my opinion anyway - serve the best helicopter tour on Oahu, thanks to the Oahu doors off helicopter experience.

Magnum Helicopters serve their single only tour in their doors off MD500, or what its more commonly known as, a Hughes 500.

It can fit two passengers on the back two seats, plus an additional two passengers who sit next to the pilot - so one guest will sit in the middle.

Other than that all guests are guaranteed an outside seat next to the open doors unless you book an upgrade seat, as you could be in the middle in the front seat.

Mauna Loa Helicopters

Unlike other doors off helicopter tour companies in Hawaii, Mauna Loa will give you the opportunity to do it doors shut if you wish.

However, doing it doors off will make those views far grander as no obstructions lay in your way - as you lean out of the chopper to get unbelievable views.

Mauna Loa Helicopters operate an agile, piston powered Robinson R44 helicopter that is not for the faint-hearted, but sure makes for a thrilling ride.

Passenger seating arrangement allows for all guests to sit on an open door (or closed) seat with two guests in the rear, plus a single co-pilot seat up for grabs.

Novictor Helicopters

Second Oahu helicopter tour company based in Honolulu who operate the Robinson R44, plus they're situated near Mauna Loa - so its therefore up to you to decide who's best fits your needs.

Novictor must be seriously considered as they operate five Honolulu helicopter tours, but also offer a shuttle service where needed.

Novictor's helicopter type in use is the Robinson but a doors shut tour is more common option, so is suited to more of the family.

Cheapest tour on the island plus a mid range pricing for all other tours options.

Daniel K. Inouye Int'l. Airport departure

I know you're interested in Honolulu helicopter tour departures only for the reason of convenience, as its near to where you're staying in Honolulu, am I right?

Not a problem because all four helicopter tour companies who serve up eleven tours between them all depart Daniel K. Inouye International Airport in Honolulu.

What that means for all guests is a location that you will know as its where you probably arrived on the island originally.

What is more convenient for guests converging on the airport is all four helicopter tour companies are situated near to one another, so are basically neighbours.

Head away from the busy airport terminal due east to reach Lagoon Dr.; then simply follow this road to reach a series of hangers or buildings on the other side of the airport.

One by one all four helicopter tour companies offices will come in to view starting with Magnum Helicopters as their choppers are often seen out on the helipad.

Up next is Blue Hawaiian Helicopters - with a turning into Kaulele Place - Novictor Helicopters, then finally Mauna Loa Helicopters.

All of whom offer customer parking nearby with an early check-in expected by guests.

No Honolulu theme tours

I doubt you're checking our Honolulu helicopter tours for the sole purpose of touring the capital of Oahu only.

In fact I expect most people are only searching Honolulu helicopter tours for the reason to depart this location to tour areas of interest over the entire island of Oahu.

However, in case its a Honolulu ONLY helicopter tour you require; know that its not a tour that is available by operators.

It is possible via a private tour via Mauna Lao Helicopter for example, but not one you can book online, or off the shelf so to speak.

Saying that, as your helicopter tour departs out of Honolulu, for a brief time you will get to experience the city from the air.

Early stages of any number of helicopter tours will bring you within reach of Pearl Harbor, so Honolulu can be seen the whole time.

Seating arrangement may prevent those sitting on the left side of the chopper to miss out at this stage, but a return flight will see you on the other ride.

Oahu, Honolulu experiences

Before embarking on a Honolulu helicopter tour departure, know what you want out of the tour so the operator can make it a unique, once in a lifetime experience, as I'll explain.

Family Friendly

If you wish to bring the whole family along for a Oahu helicopter tour of some kind, you will need to book with a helicopter tour company you can cater for your needs.

Luckily, its over to Blue Hawaiian Helicopters who have a generous weight limit plus no age restriction, so babies to seniors can come along for the ride.

Toddlers under two years will sit on the parents lap, so will be classed as a Lap Child so go FREE.

Comfortable, spacious, air conditioned 6-seater helicopter Blue Hawaiian Helicopters operate, so you'll be in a safe pair of hands.

Doors Off

Helicopter tours in Oahu are served with standard doors shut tours, but know the island cater to a series of exciting, doors off experiences.

In fact the Oahu open door helicopter tours are my favorite so I will certainly recommend you try it at least once.

If you do please do so via Magnum Helicopters in their authentic, 5-seater replica MD500 type helicopter - like the one used in the TV series, Magnum P.I.

If this is not your thing, then make it a more relaxed doors off experience via Mauna Loa or Novictor Helicopters, who operate an agile Robinson R44.


To make it an experience to remember guests can embark on a helicopter tour over Oahu at sunset.

The time will be spent touring the island as the sun is about to set which makes for stunning views or perfect conditions for a romantic getaway - if its a private tour.

Its not for everyone as two best buds won't feel its appropriate; but if you want to take amazing photographs, its the tour to book up via Novictor Helicopters Waikiki Sunset tour.

No better way to see the Oahu landscape then in a change of rich, deep red/orange colors covering the landscape as far as the eye can see.

Pro Photography

Where else you might want to book a helicopter tour that departs Honolulu is for the purpose of photography.

You could be an amateur or a pro it doesn't matter, pro photography helicopter tours are open to all.

To do that you will need to book a private tour via Mauna Loa Helicopters' Oahu Pro Photography Flight tour.

It partakes in an open door, 4-seater capacity Robinson R44 where all photographer's are guaranteed an open door side seat.


Amazing to think its only the four Oahu helicopter tour companies who all serve up only eleven off the shelf helicopter tours between them, departing Honolulu.

Competitively priced, guests can book a fairly cheap tour at only $180, but know its only for a short time of 20 minutes.

Budgets that can stretch to $250 or more will bring you within reach of most tour options with a flight duration lasting up to one hour.

Helicopter tours departing Honolulu are near identical in what they see on the island, plus the clockwise direction they fly.

Most tours will see you head up north early on with a focus on East Oahu plus a diversion over to the west coast.

Honolulu departures are via Daniel K. Inouye International Airport with all four operators offices situated on the other side of the airport grounds.

The companies are near neighbours so whomever you choose to charter your tour; guests will be asked to arrive at the same location, near enough.

No exclusive Honolulu tours but most of the city can be seen as you depart or land.

Honolulu helicopter tour experiences will see you book a doors shut or doors off tour, or one that partakes at sunset or for the purpose of professional photography only.

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