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Maverick Helicopters soaring above Maui coast

15 Best Maui helicopter tours

Rely on Maui alone to bring you one of the best helicopter tours in Hawaii; but an add-on will need to be booked up to make it worth your time.

To be the best Maui helicopter tour prioritise a doors off experience, which will be followed up by a landing excursion, but both cannot be booked at once. An inter-island tour is a must where the nearby Hawaiian island of Molokai or Lanai can be explored well flying into valleys or hovering near to waterfalls.

Maui is an Hawaiian island that offers helicopter tour passengers views never to be seen anywhere else on earth.

The best Maui helicopter tours do not rely on 'air only' tours so an upgrade to a landing will bring guests to remote, inaccessible areas on Maui on the ground.

I must point out listed tours do have weight limit restrictions plus an minimum age policy in place - but no surcharges or extra costs are expected.

However, topping my best Maui helicopter tours are options that are strictly doors off.

Nowhere is it possible to participate on a helicopter tour then one that has and open door experience for amazing views yet unobstructed seating positions.

Focus of Maui helicopter tour companies is West Maui plus a jump over the Pailolo channel to reach the Hawaiian island of Molokai - with Lanai also visited where possible.

If it cannot be a doors off tour make it a landing tour, but a inter-island crossing can be made possible at no extra cost.

Where a Maui only tour is the focus expect to see the dormant Haleakala volcano and Hana Forest Reserve - all while viewing the Maui coast with beautiful deep blue water.

Up to five Hawaii helicopter tour companies offer these tours but you're sure to notice the upgrade options begin to fade as the list goes on.

That is where you'll rely on a Maui helicopter tour that is complete, so make it worth it by booking a full circle of Maui with no major attraction missed.

Quick best Maui tour price list

Operator: Tour Name: Min: Price:
Air Maui Helicopters Doors Off West Maui & Molokai 45 $245
Maverick Helicopters Hana Rainforest Experience with Landing 75 $249
Air Maui Helicopters West Maui & Molokai with Oceanfront Landing 75 $281
Air Maui Helicopters Hana & Haleakala with Cliffside Landing 75 $281
Pacific Helicopters Hana and East Maui 60 $320
Pacific Helicopters 3 Island Combo Tour 90 $499
Pacific Helicopters Molokai Cliffs and West Maui Waterfalls 60 $320
Maverick Helicopters Maui Spirit 50 $299
Blue Hawaiian Helicopters Maui Spectacular with Landing 90 $459
Maverick Helicopters Maui Dream 65 $339
Maverick Helicopters Molokai Voyage 55 $259
Sunshine Helicopters Circle Island Deluxe Tour - FX Star 60 $324
Blue Hawaiian Helicopters Complete Island Maui 65 $359
Air Maui Helicopters West Maui & Molokai 60 $255
Blue Hawaiian Helicopters Waterfalls of West Maui and Molokai 50 $279
Five Maui helicopter tour companies make the cut; but note all services operate out of the Kahului Heliport, on the lower corner of the airport.

Up to six helicopter tour companies serve Maui but I can only make use of five of them when compiling my best Maui helicopter tour packages.

Notice how most operators make an appearance twice or more well only one Sunshine Helicopter tour has made the cut.

Priority for me is a Hawaii doors off helicopter tour or one that includes a landing.

In that respect the doors off option tops my list following four Maui helicopter tours with landing - within Hana Rainforest, on the slopes of Haleakala or on a cliff or oceanfront landing spot.

Flight duration is important but I haven't prioritised time as I feel the overall experience is more important.

But what you may have realised is the flight time per tour are quite generous; so an hour or more helicopter tour on Maui is normal, but still at a reasonable price.

Costs involved are mid-range pricing so paying between $200 to $300 is not unusual.

1. Air Maui Helicopters: Doors Off West Maui & Molokai

Check Availability | Duration: 45 Minutes | Price: $245.00

If you don't know me by now you must know I love a doors of helicopter tours, more so in Hawaii, including Maui which is what this is all about, right...

Hint of the flight route is in the tour name as Air Maui concentrate this flight on West Maui with a unique channel crossing to the nearby island of Molokai.

West Maui has hidden areas inside the rainforest covered valleys, to which the pilot will hover in close proximity to towering waterfalls, beneath cloud cover.

Its a Maui doors off helicopter tour so it goes without any obstructions in your way.

Guests will board a 6-seater plus the pilot Airbus H125 which has a four seat configuration in the rear with two co-pilot seats in the front, next to the pilot who is sat on the left.

No surprise to learn this package is my single best helicopter tour in Maui with a doors off experience in a big, poweful single engine chopper.

2. Maverick Helicopters: Hana Rainforest Experience with Landing

Check Availability | Duration: 75 Minutes | Price: $249.00

Where the open doors helicopter ride is not available I like to at least keep an open mind for any upgrade that makes it a tour to remember.

You're sure to get that with this Maverick Helicopters Hana theme experience that comes with a landing - landing on an open meadow within the Hana Rainforest.

One will immerse themselves in 11.7 square miles of the Hana Rainforest plus her adjoining coast as seen in the air only.

Located on East Maui, the flight route is a rarer one as tours tend to focus in the west.

Hana Forest Reserve will be seen intimately in the air as you view the incredible, vast landscape, along with cascading waterfalls, rivers, winding roads and oceanfront.

Lift off in a 6-seater Airbus EC130 - or Eco Star - with four people along the back rear plus two in the front.

One of only the two of the cheapest Maui helicopter tours with a whole seventy-five minute adventure - made up with time spent on the ground.

3. Air Maui Helicopters: West Maui & Molokai with Oceanfront Landing

Check Availability | Duration: 75 Minutes | Price: $281.00

OK so a doors firmly shut Maui helicopter tour is not my best but when its combined with a landing plus a inter-island tour, what can be better.

That is exactly what you'll get out of this Air Maui tour over West Maui; it has a brief landing but an excursion over to the nearby island of Molokai comes first.

Instantly you'll head over to the West Maui Forest Reserve to which the tour allows plenty of time to circle, hover or slow to a crawl as you view waterfalls or dive into valleys.

Its then a short jump over to the nearby island of Molokai as you cross the channel.

Scary perhaps but sure makes for amazing photography opportunities as you approach Molokai's huge seacliffs.

Only once you've arrived back over Maui you will proceed with an oceanfront landing; you'll then pass over the West Maui Mountains before arriving back at Kahului.

4. Air Maui Helicopters: Hana & Haleakala with Cliffside Landing

Check Availability | Duration: 75 Minutes | Price: $281.00

Where there's a will there's a way so where I can't get my doors off helicopter tour, the only option has to be a landing excursion.

Not so much an excursion here but more a brief stop to take in an amazing Maui ocean front view - as seen over the side of cliffs with crashing waves hitting the shore.

What will come first is a flight route due south to the dormant Haleakala volcano which will follow up by the oceanfront landing on the south.

Up and away you go as you'll then experience the vast Hana rainforest.

In this time remote valleys will be explored at low attitude as you hover near to towering waterfalls - all while following the Hana coastline.

Passengers will board a 6-seater Airbus H125 chopper on a seventy-five minute tour, with up to twenty-five minutes spent on the remote landing site.

5. Pacific Helicopters: Hana and East Maui

Check Availability | Duration: 60 Minutes | Price: $320.00

Concentration of most Maui helicopter tours focus in the West with an option to jump over to Molokai, where available.

However, on this Pacific Helicopters tour the focus brings you over to the East with the Hana Forest Reserve the centre of attention.

And boy it sure ist big, with no time wasted as the area is seen intimately including the shoreline.

Its not a sky high viewpoint but rather an attitude that will bring you within line of the highest points well stopping by areas of interest.

More to in Hana Forest Reserve but don't forget her near neighbour is the Haleakala National Park - with a cone, dormant shaped volcanoe to be seen.

Make it a doors off Maui helicopter tour at no extra cost in a small, agile Robinson R44 chopper. Included is a window seat for all plus FREE refreshments inside the lounge.

6. Pacific Helicopters: 3 Island Combo Tour

Check Availability | Duration: 90 Minutes | Price: $499.00

Quickly I am on to Pacific Helicopters again because I love the open door experience the operator has to offer on all their tours.

But its not only that, its a three inter-island helicopter tour hop that brings you over Maui more so; plus Molokai with a helicopter tour over Lanai with shipwrecks to be seen.

Departing Kahului the flight route will head towards West Maui where her fascinating waterfalls are to be visited, plus a daring excursion into the valleys.

It then gets a little scarier for the faint-hearted as you cross over the water to reach Molokai to view the skyscraper size cliffs with East Molokai seen a little less.

Then its a hop and a cross over to the island of Lanai to spend timeo viewing her splendid landscape, before heading back to Maui.

Cross over to what is three amazing Hawaii islands for the price of one, completed in a whopping ninety minute tour.

Cost to match but its a doors off tour where all passengers receive a side seat.

7. Pacific Helicopters: Molokai Cliffs and West Maui Waterfalls

Check Availability | Duration: 60 Minutes | Price: $320.00

Pacific Helicopters, a doors off tour plus a island hop again I know... but believe me its the last time, but could be within budget this time.

What is Pacific Helicopters most popular helicopter tour, its helped thanks to a doors off experience that allows for unobstructed views while in flight.

Within sixty minutes, guests will spend more time exploring West Maui where you'll climb to an attitude to see far and wide, or fly low to dive in between valleys.

Once you've hit on the oceanfront you'll then begin the short jump to Molokai where her world famous, towering sea cliffs are seen as you approach the island.

Arriving at Molokai you'll soar the shore with the cliffs seen up close and personal.

More so, inland is not to be missed where Halawa is visited where many streams converging into one valley with waterfalls reaching out in every direction. 

8. Maverick Helicopters: Maui Spirit

Check Availability | Duration: 50 Minutes | Price: $299.00

That brings an end to the doors off or landing adventures thus far, with a focus now back on Maui and the West side of the island.

Maverick Helicopters won't disappoint here as the operator will bring you over to Hana with time spent viewing the Haleakala Crater.

Its more so a Hawaii volcano helicopter tour as this dormant moon shaped crater will be seen for an extended time.

Its won't be a volcano excursion without seeing real life lava flows that spill between jagged rocks.

Waterfalls are still the topic of conversion as many are seen plus remote, hidden areas of the island that get little attention.

What else guests will view is Maui's North Shore, Jurassic Rock and the Jaws surf area.

Depart in an air conditioned 6-seater Airbus EC130 in what will be a reliable yet safe Maui helicopter tour.

9. Blue Hawaiian Helicopters: Maui Spectacular with Ulupalakua Ranch landing

Check Availability | Duration: 90 Minutes | Price: $459.00

To be fair too Blue Hawaiian Helicopters this Maui Spectacular tour deserves more attention on the landing tour part, as details of it seem to be hidden away.

On to the flight route itself in a moment but the landing excursion will come half way through at the Ulupalakua Ranch, south of Maui on the slopes of Mount Haleakala.

All six passengers - plus the pilot - will disembark the chopper to have a walk about to view the pastoral setting.

Before all this you're expected to visit West Maui Forest Reserve first and foremost with her deep valleys, mountains and cascading waterfalls.

Head inland to reach the bonus landing site near Haleakala before continuing on to circle Maui in the air with a flight route that is primarily over the coastline.

It has to be said passengers sitting on the left side will benefit as the Maui landscape is seen on this side, whereas the coastline is seen more on the right side.

Tour partakes in a luxury 6-seater Airbus EC130 on a well worth it ninety minute flight.

10. Maverick Helicopters: Maui Dream

Check Availability | Duration: 65 Minutes | Price: $339.00

Maverick Helicopters Maui Dream tour focused on a complete tour over the island of Maui where attitude will change depending on the location.

Its not a doors off or a landing tour but where its a complete helicopter tour then its sure to be worth every penny.

No major attraction is missed as the route will appear to circle the island inland, about a mile or two off the coast.

West Maui is up first with a visit to Wailuku Iao State Park, Kapalua, Kaanapali, Lahaina and Maalaea.

Then over to Kihei, Wailea and Molokini on the coast as you journey over to Hana with the Haleakala Crater also seen. Head to Keanae, Haiku, Paia and finally arrive at Kahului Heliport.

Flight route is designed to allow guests to view Maui's major landmarks as you pass over less important areas - in a blind spot beneath the helicopter.

All this in a sixty-five minute helicopter tour of Maui that sits six passengers, plus the pilot.

11. Maverick Helicopters: Molokai Voyage

Check Availability | Duration: 55 Minutes | Price: $259.00

Maverick Helicopters final appearance on my best of Maui helicopter tours is this West Maui and East Molokai theme tour, which includes a channel crossing.

On lift off the tour will begin the journey westwards as you visit the winding valleys or soar over the rainforest covered mountains.

Once you reach the shore its a short five minute or so jump over to the nearby Hawaii island of Molokai.

Approaching the island the towering sea cliffs are not to be missed but a tour route around the coast will include a cut inland to get to the other side.

That would make the Molokai Forest Reserve the main tour area but a direct flight over it will be avoided.

On your way back to Maui the island of Lanai will be seen but its then a jump back over the Pailolo channel.

Continue to tour West Maui Forest Reserve in a route that is more inland this time, before arriving at Kahului.

12. Sunshine Helicopters: Circle Island Deluxe Tour - FX Star

Check Availability | Duration: 60 Minutes | Price: $324.00

I'm not kind with Sunshine Helicopters in regard to adding them to these important lists but I often feel Maverick or Blue Hawaiian can do this tour better.

But not this time as Sunshine fly a route that almost circles Maui and so does a circle of West Maui Reserve get included.

Landmarks to hit up is the largest dormant volcano, Haleakala; with Kaupo and Ko'olau Gaps, which has lava flows from the crater to the sea.

Hana Rainforest is seen in detail as it extends to 180 square miles along Maui's northern coast.

What else you'll see is the Old Hana Town, Haleakala National Park, Kipahulu, Ke'anae, plus the Ho'okipa windsurfing beach as you return to the heliport.

What is important with this Maui helicopter tour is you choose to partake in the FX Star - that is a 6-seater helicopter by the way.

More so you will want to upgrade to a window seat as all this and more will be missed.

13. Blue Hawaiian Helicopters: Complete Island Maui

Check Availability | Duration: 65 Minutes | Price: $359.00

Notice how it took until now before Blue Hawaiian Helicopters made an appearance once again, but for a reason.

If you haven't paid attention, I like doors off or a landing, which Blue Hawaiian don't offer on any other tour in their collection.

Having said that, I can't ignore a complete tour that circles the entire island of Maui, and I mean the whole island around the coastline.

In this Complete Island Maui tour passengers will lift off via Kahului Heliport in what will be a counter-clockwise flight route.

West Maui is up first with her dense rainforest where an occasional clearing will reveal her towering waterfalls.

Head over to Maalaea Bay with busy towns, beaches and winding roads all seen.

Soar above south coast before heading up north to pass Hana Forest Reserve. Over the North Shore of Maui the tour comes to a close as you approach Kahului to land.

As always guests will participate in a 6-seater Airbus EC130 with four passengers along the rear row, plus two guests who occupy the two co-pilot seats.

14. Air Maui Helicopters: West Maui & Molokai

Check Availability | Duration: 60 Minutes | Price: $255.00

Waterfalls, a channel crossing and huge vertical seacliffs is the theme of this Air Maui tour with West Maui and Molokai seen intimately.

Let's not forget as you explore West Maui Forest Reserve its not a straight shot from one side to the other - as its a sixty minute tour, there's time to stop by areas of interest.

That will result in a hover over massive cascading waterfalls that drop off mountains cliffs, or a flight into deep valleys.

Ideally you will want little cloud cover as possible but the attitude may still see cloud beneath you, which makes for beautiful viewing.

Hop over to Molokai over the Pailolo channel to reach Molokai's north shore where the tour flight route will spend time visiting.

Jump into Air Maui Helicopters 6-seater passenger capacity Airbus H125 chopper for stunning views of Hawaiian islands in areas that are often inaccessible on foot.

No flight route is the same as the change of weather or a change of mind by the pilot could improve the tour route - but very rarely lessen the experience.

15. Blue Hawaiian Helicopters: Waterfalls of West Maui and Molokai

Check Availability | Duration: 50 Minutes | Price: $279.00

Finally Blue Hawaiian Helicopters Waterfalls of West Maui and Molokai make it last but that is not to say its the worse.

Thirty-one helicopter tours dominate Maui so coming in fifteenth place is still quite the achievement.

On this tour West Maui will be seen in detail with no valley or waterfall gone untouched.

Guests will be whisked over the channel to Molokai where you'll see her valleys, waterfalls and her sky high seacliffs in detail, on a heading back to Maui.

Once you arrive in Maui the tour will continue to explore West Maui on the south side this time as you cut inland to get back to Kahului - your original departure point.

Well a focus of Maui and Molokai's landscape is sure to be the centre of attention, let's not forget the deep, blue ocean and the crashing waves hitting the shore.

Fifty minutes on this tour so a whole fifteen minutes short on similar tours. But its all you'll need with time to hover or explore valleys in detail.


You may notice a pattern emerging of my best Maui helicopter tours; that is they must include one of a doors off, a landing or a tour that sees as much as Maui as possible.

It can be a complete circle around Maui but you can't miss out on the opportunity to hop over to a nearby Hawaiian island when given the chance.

Make it a Maui open door helicopter tour for unobstructed views as you tour the island.

You cannot combine that with a landing tour but this will happen half way through the tour in Hana Forest Reserve, on an oceanfront site or on the slope of Haleakala.

Maui landing helicopter tours will extend the flight duration up to twenty-five minutes or more, so stated time is not all in the air.

Doors off helicopter tours can be combined with a water crossing over Pailolo channel to bring the tour to Molokai - or an option to explore Lanai where applicable.

The best helicopter tour in Maui can only be accomplished with doors off or where a landing is an option - tied with an inter-island exploration.

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