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Minimum age Hawaii helicopter tour

Its imperative guests check up on Hawaii helicopter tour companies age requirement, as to avoid issues at departure later.

See which of the thirteen Hawaii helicopter tour companies offer a NO minimum age limit. Where there is a strict policy in place it usually refers to companies who operate a doors off tour. Nine operators offer a FREE lap child rule where the baby or toddler sits on the parents lap.

Its potential guests of Hawaii helicopter tours who fail to notice an age policy in place; it is important to pay attention too as it can decide if the child stays or goes.

Nine of the helicopter tour operators have a no age limit in place; therefore you're free to bring toddlers or babies for a flight.

Restrictions around a child's age is usually between those companies who operate what is known as a open door, or doors off helicopter tour.

Safety first so children under 7 to 10 years are not permitted to fly a doors off tour.

That is not to say you cannot book a helicopter tour with those companies; it just means you need to register a doors on tour.

To save money, where there is a no age limit policy in place; match that with a lap child policy that permits under 2 years to go FREE - but they do sit on your lap.

Minimum age per operator table

Company: Minimum Age: Lap Child:
Air Maui Helicopter Tours 10 yrs, 16 yrs side seat Under 2 years
Blue Hawaiian Helicopters No age limit Under 2 years
Hawaii Helicopters No age limit Under 2 years
Island Helicopters No age limit Under 2 years
Jack Harter Helicopters No age limit, 10 yrs doors off No lap child
Magnum Helicopters No age limit, 10 yrs doors off No lap child
Mauna Loa Helicopters 7 yrs doors on, 12 yrs doors off No lap child
Maverick Helicopters No age limit Under 2 years
Novictor Helicopters No age limit Under 2 years
Pacific Helicopters No age limit, 10 yrs doors off No lap child
Paradise Helicopters No age limit Under 2 years
Safari Helicopters No age limit Under 2 years
Sunshine Helicopters No age limit Under 2 years
Column one lists thirteen Hawaii helicopter tour operators in alphabetical order; Second column lists age limit; third column lists lap child policy.

With up to thirteen helicopter tour companies operating in Hawaii; its any wonder its confusing to keep up with age limit requirements.

So make use of my minimum age table which lists the age limit policy in a few words, as required by each company.

Minimum age column will list no age limit; meaning ages 0 years and up are permitted, or they will set out an minimum age - in the case of five operators.

That is perfect for families who bring there babies along for a ride, but a few operators do have a more stricter policy in place.

Thankfully that is limited to the Hawaii open door helicopter tour operators, a tour not made safe for those under 7 to 12 years.

Age limit per Hawaiian island

To make it easy on you I've divided up all Hawaii helicopter tour companies into the island to which they operate.

Therefore, this will help guests visiting each island to know how the minimum age requirement is set out per company.

I have limited the age policy details between Kauai, the Big Island, Maui and Oahu.

To be safe you should check the companies web sites for any update on there minimum age limit policy - often found on there FAQ page.


Up to seven Kauai helicopter tour companies occupy the island with dozens of tours flown daily around the The Garden Island.

Highly popular with day trippers or families on vacation; so making sure the operators can accommodate the kids - they all have an open age limit.

So expect NO age limit for all helicopter tour operators when its the doors on tour.

If you participate in a Kauai open door helicopter tour via Jack Harter in their Hughes 500, the policy dictates 10 years or older for doors off.

Its worth noting Jack Harter do operate doors on tours so you can sign up to that instead.

Big Island

Visiting the Big Island for most visitors to Hawaii is a first or second step before moving on to explore other islands in Hawaii.

So therefore, again the age limit requirement is quite relaxed, with parents free to bring there child along to five of the six tour companies available.

In that, you will want to avoid Mauna Loa Helicopter if bringing children along as they operate a minimum 7 year old doors on tour or 12 years old for doors off.

Which is just fine as the island has lots of companies waiting to welcome you and the family.


One of the wettest places in Hawaii and the second largest island; The Valley Isle is not without its availability of helicopter tour companies.

Five of whom allow children of all ages to participate in there helicopter tours.

Only the one company does not allow children under 10 years to fly in their doors off tours - older than this it must be doors on.

Allowed are those on Air Maui Helicopter tours is 16 years or older, as they can then then sit on a side seat when doors are off.


Its a little more tricky for families who bring babies or toddlers along as the rules are much stricter in The Gathering Place.

To not risk disappointment, you will want to book a Oahu helicopter tour with Blue Hawaiian Helicopters or Novictor Helicopters who have a no age limit policy.

Why its made difficult because the other tour companies operate a Oahu doors off helicopter ride - so there are age limitations on those tours for safety reasons.

Magnum Helicopters do have an age limit if does are fixed; but only those 10 years or older can try the doors off option.

Mauna Loa are stricter in that they allow 7 year olds for doors on, 12 years old doors off.

Lap Child policy

Did you know you can bring a child under 2 years along so he or she can go on a helicopter tour, absolutely FREE.

Lap child is a policy that allows those under 24 months to go free but they must do what the name suggests - sit on the parents lap.

Of the thirteen Hawaii helicopter tours companies operating throughout the islands; all but four operators uphold this policy.

Therefore, you'll find only Jack Harter Helicopters, Magnum Helicopters, Mauna Loa Helicopters and Pacific Helicopters who don't have a lap child policy, and for a good reason.

All are Hawaii open door helicopter tour operators so there minimum age limit is much higher then 2 years.

Doors OFF age complications

So therein lies the trouble with taking a helicopter tour across Hawaii's many islands, its that the policy around the doors off option has a mixed policy or rules.

With that in mind, allow me to lay it out for you with all operators who offer this tour type.

Air Maui Helicopters operate a 10 year minimum age for doors on; while their doors off rides allow 16 year olds to participate in doors off.

Jack Harter Helicopters have no age limit if you pick the tour using the AStar helicopter, only there is a minimum age limit of 10 years for doors off in the Hughes 500.

Similarly, Magnum Helicopters have a no age limit for doors on, but a 10 years or older for children taking a doors off tour.

Novictor Helicopters operate a doors off tour but don't have an age limit policy made public - so while I've listed no limit - its worth calling them up to ask.

Operator confirmation

I've developed the minimum age limit table based on information that was publicly available at the time.

However, that is expected to change once in a while without warning; so its vital you check the operators web site in case of a change of policy.

I will do my best to keep the table current but I could be late to a tweek or update.

Often the age limit policy is not quite accurate either; as I've had to do a bit of guess work and use common sense to complete the table.

For example, Novictor Helicopters operate a doors off tour but don't have an age limit policy made public - so while I've listed no limit - its worth calling them up to ask.


Refer to my age limit table which outlines the minimum age requirement per all thirteen Hawaii helicopter tour companies.

It's one big list but you can leap to my age limit per Hawaiian island section to see which companies operates in what island - and what the age policy is.

Its worth knowing for families who bring a child along that there is such thing as a Lap Child policy in place with a large number of companies.

That means a child under 24 months goes FREE; simply by sitting on the parents lap.

Participating in a Hawaii doors off helicopter tour is limited to those 7 to 10 years old, but those operators do offer a doors on option for all ages.

Please be sure to check with the company in mind as you'll need to alteast confirm age requirement to prevent issues later.

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