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Paradise Helicopters Bell 407 soaring above the Oahu coast

Cheap Oahu helicopter tours

Because its a cheap tour it doesn't have to be disappointing, and it won't be with these nine helicopter tours on Oahu, all under $279.

The Gathering Place is not short of cheap Oahu helicopter tours with nine made available to you if the budget can stretch it. Cheaper tours are 20 minutes long whereas 30 minutes is the average. More departures are via Honolulu so expect the South Shore to be the focus of the tour, but the North Shore is reached also.

I must say you're not going to be disappointed if booking up one of nine helicopter tours on Oahu, as they all offer a fabulous experience.

If the budget allows it, be sure to upgrade to a doors off experience that makes for unrestricted views.

Oahu helicopter tours make sure passengers get to come within reach of all major attractions on the island, but it will primarily be on the South Shore.

Up to three departure locations with Honolulu and Kalaeloa in the south, along with a single Turtle Bay Resort departure via Paradise Helicopters in their doors off Hughes 500.

Soon after take off you'll take in views of the Keehi Lagoon as you head over to Waikiki Beach, all while viewing the amazing sights of the Honolulu skyline.

Often the route will pass or turn around at Diamond Head but will also go on northwards.

No landmark or attraction on the south is to be missed even though its a cheaper tour, which usually translates to less for your money.

You will get a short flight time but I guarantee its all the time you will need.

Not all featured Oahu helicopter tours are for the whole family with a minimum age limit included, plus an age restriction if its a doors off helicopter tour.

Price list table

Operator: Tour Name: Depart: Min: Price:
Novictor Helicopters City by the Sea Honolulu 20 $180
Paradise Helicopters Legends of West Oahu Kalaeloa 30 $199
Paradise Helicopters Diamond Head Scenic Kalaeloa 30 $199
Paradise Helicopters North Shore Adventure Turtle Bay 20 $199
Novictor Helicopters Waikiki Sunset Honolulu 20 $205
Novictor Helicopters Path to Pali Passage Honolulu 30 $215
Novictor Helicopters Isle Sights Unseen Honolulu 45 $265
Magnum Helicopters Doors Off Adventure Tour Honolulu 50 $269
Mauna Lao Helicopters The Oahu Magnum P.I. Experience Honolulu 50 $279
Cheapest Oahu helicopter tours in ascending order; up to 4 helicopter tour companies operate these tours with three Oahu departure locations.

So as you can probably tell by my price list table the very cheapest helicopter tour on Oahu will cost you $180.00 for a twenty minute tour.

Its then over to an option of three $199.00 tours via Paradise Helicopters.

Now you will notice the Turtle Bay Resort helicopter tour departure costs the same but has a 20 minute duration, as oppose the 30 minute options.

I believe that relates to the helicopter type in use; so with a Kalaeloa departure it involves a 7-seater Bell 407, whereas the Turtle Bay departure is where you'll climb aboard a 5-seater Hughes 500, or MD500.

With that its the four cheap Oahu helicopter tours under $200.00, where it only gradually climbs up to $279.00 thereafter.

If I were to recommend the best value for your buck, then the $199.00 option with a 30 minute flight time would be one of the tours to book.

Novictor Helicopters - City by the Sea

Price: $180, Duration: 20 Min, Depart Honolulu. No Longer Available

Your brief 20 minute Honolulu and the South Shore focused Oahu helicopter tour will begin with a departure over Honolulu Harbor.

Heading due east guests will get to view the shore over the left side of the chopper as you pass the busy shopping area of Ala Moana Center.

The unmistakable greenery of Magic Island will been seen as tourists descend on this site which protrudes out into the ocean.

Quickly the white sandy stretch of Waikiki Beach comes into sight as passengers will see the activity of sunbathers, tourist boats, surfers and bar life.

Soon after you'll notice a climb in attitude to reach the Diamond Head summit, busy with hikers walking up on the ridge.

You'll now pass over Punchbowl Crater to reach Peal Harbor. At this famous port you will see the memorials of the USS Arizona and Battleship Missouri.

Default flight type is a doors firmly shut Robinson R44 but an upgrade at cost for the doors off add-on is not one to be missed.

Paradise Helicopters - Legends of West Oahu

Price: $199, Duration: 30 Min, Depart Kalaeloa. No Longer Available

This Oahu West helicopter tour will last for a full 30 minutes, it will primarily take part on the Wai'anae Coast, as seen over to the right side of the helicopter.

Departing Kalaeloa Airport, passengers will board a 6-seater passenger capacity Bell 407, with ocean or shoreline seen while heading to the Oahu North Shore.

The helicopter trip will begin with a shuttle in Kapolei West Oahu Resort Area to the airport, so will be suitable for the whole family.

As you cruise over the ocean the tour will proceed northwards as you take in beautiful beaches, coves and mountains as you follow the Farrington Highway as you soar along the shoreline.

It will take you approximately 10 minutes to reach the point Ka'ena Point State Park.

In turn you will begin your journey back to Kalaeloa as you head inland to pass over the Mokulēʻia Forest Reserve.

Its here where time will be spent viewing the rainforest and mountains.

Paradise Helicopters - Diamond Head Scenic

Price: $199, Duration: 30 Min, Depart Kalaeloa. No Longer Available

Not only is this Diamond Head helicopter tour focused on the Oahu South Shore, but its one to bring you within all major attractions.

As you lift off at Kalaeloa Airport the flight will head towards Pearl Harbor; filled with rich, heart-breaking history as seen from the air.

The Diamond Head helicopter tour will quickly become a Honolulu helicopter tour as you view the busy city from the shoreline.

At this point passengers may notice Diamond Head as you approach the volcanic tuff cone, know to locals as Hawaiians as Lēʻahi.

Its not an exclusive Diamond Head tour despite the title in the tour name; but you will see more after passing this incredible destination.

Did I mention you will get intimate views of Ala Moana Beach Park, Ala Wai Boat Harbor and Waikīkī Beach beforehand.

Its then a trip over to Lulumahu Falls and the Punchbowl National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific.

Finally you'll reach the area of Kapolei West Oahu Resort before landing at Kalaeloa.

Paradise Helicopters - North Shore Adventure

Price: $199, Duration: 20 Min, Depart Turtle Bay Resort. Check Availability

What will be a focus on the north, it will become a Oahu North Shore helicopter tour, which is one of the shortest trips on the island, therefore the cheapest.

Departure is near the Turtle Bay Resort which is across from the car park, here guests will need to arrive early to get checked-in.

Passengers are expected to partake on this North Shore Adventure in a Magnum P.I. replica Hughes 500 helicopter, a quick yet sturdy 5-seater chopper. I just hope you upgrade to the doors off experience.

What will be a near circle or oval shaped flight route, guests will see the northernmost tip of the island in detail.

Immediately at take off guests can view the resort from a birdseye view before heading over the shoreline.

It will be a coastline focused route but so much more can be seen inland.

Get a glimpse of the Banzai Pipeline, Sunset Beach, Sharks Cove, Waimea Bay, Ko‘olau Mountains and Kaliuwa‘a - also known as Sacred Falls.

Novictor Helicopters - Waikiki Sunset

Price: $205, Duration: 20 Min, Depart Honolulu. Check Availability

If you've paid attention to the flight route on all previous cheap Oahu helicopter tours thus far - you may have noticed a pattern emerging.

That is the flight path, if departing Daniel K. Inouye International Airport or Kalaeloa Airport is near identical across all helicopter tour companies.

To experience this Novictor Helicopters Waikiki Sunset it calls for a departure near to Waikiki to prevent missing this brief sunset.

After lifting off passengers will be whisked over to the Oahu South Shore where you can view the unique sunset lighting up Waikiki in an orange glaze.

But the tour must go on, so still at sunset guests will view Ala Moana Center, the Magic Island and the Honolulu skyline.

In this time the helicopter tour will approach Diamond Head which is your turning point.

Now its a pass over Punchbowl Crater before you reach the highlight of the tour, Pearl Harbor at sunset - with views of the USS Arizona Memorial.

Guests will board a 4-seater Robinson R44 with an option to make it a Oahu doors off experience, which I highly recommend to capture the sunset at its finest.

Novictor Helicopters - Path to Pali Passage

Price: $215, Duration: 30 Min, Depart Honolulu. Check Availability

What an excellent Oahu helicopter tour to experience for what will be an extra £10.00 to $16.00 - for a 10 more minute flight.

And its goes like this, the helicopter tour will depart Honolulu which will immediately head over to the shore.

Following the coastline passengers will view Honolulu Harbor, Aloha Tower, Waikiki Beaches and the amazing views of Diamond Head.

Unlike similar cheap Oahu helicopter tours, this one goes beyond Diamond Head so its a jump over to Maunalua Bay and Hanauma Bay before reaching the Makapu’u Lighthouse.

Heading north, you'll soon arrive at Lanikai Beach as you turn into the Ko’olau Mountains.

As the premise of this helicopter tour suggests - Path to Pali Passage - the tour will proceed westwards into the Nu’uanu Pali, at low attitude.

Once you've exited Nu'uanu Pali the tour will head to Pearl Harbor. The USS Arizona Memorial will be seen before arriving back at the airport.

Novictor Helicopters - Isle Sights Unseen

Price: $265, Duration: 45 Min, Depart Honolulu. Check Availability

Business as usual on this Oahu helicopter tour flight route as a Honolulu departure leads to Honolulu Harbor, Aloha Tower, view Waikiki Beach and then Diamond Head.

However, as the name suggests this Isle Sights Unseen tour primarily focuses on the shore, so Oahu will be seen from the coastline.

Passing Diamond Head which would normally be a turning point, you'll continue on to the Hanauma Bay and Makapu’u Lighthouse.

This tour will now head northwards as the Windward Coast, Lanikai Beach and the
Chinaman’s Hat is checked off the list.

Its then over to one of my favorite places on Oahu, Ka’a’awa Valley (also known as Kualoa Valley or Jurassic Valley) which you'll recognize as a filming location on so many film and TV shows.

To me I know it as featuring in the Jurassic Park film series including Jurassic World.

Once you're over the magnificent Ka’a’awa Valley, Sacred Falls is up next before the tour heads inland.

Jump over to the Dole Pineapple Plantation as you head back to Honolulu, but not before taking in Pearl Harbor.

Magnum Helicopters - Doors Off Adventure Tour

Price: $269, Duration: 50 Min, Depart Honolulu. Check Availability

Its a Honolulu departure again so you can expect a flight route that is near the same to similar Daniel K. Inouye International Airport tours.

What will be a counter-clockwise tour, Magnum Helicopters make it one of the best Oahu helicopter tours thanks to their amazing Doors Off Adventure Tour.

Board a MD500, or what is commonly known as a Hughes 500; its a 5-seater capacity chopper including the pilot, who sits on the left side with two vacant co-pilots seats.

Lifting Off, passengers will immediately view the Keehi Lagoon while continuing over Honolulu Harbor, Aloha Tower and the Natural Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific.

In the meantime the Koolau mountains, Ala Moana Beach Park and Waikiki Beach will be seen.

Its then over to the Kaawa Valley, Sacred Falls, and an area of the Oahu North Shore.

This tour will conclude with a flight over Pearl Harbor as the Arizona Memorial and the Battleship Missouri are easily spotted in the air.

Mauna Lao Helicopters - The Oahu Magnum P.I. Experience

Price: $279, Duration: 50 Min, Depart Honolulu. No Longer Available

Most expensive featured tour but one that will still be within budget for most people, so I've been sure to include it just in case the pennies can manage it.

I will first turn your attention to Novictor Helicopters also featured above who offer a similar flight on their Isle Sights Unseen tour, but for $15.00 less - but minus a 5 minute flight time.

Its a Magnum P.I. theme helicopter flight offered by Novictor so expect this tour to be slow for taking in views well often being a bit more brisk to get from one location to the next as quickly as possible.

Soon after take off the Waikiki shoreline will be reached with people watching inland or view activity on the beaches as people sunbathe, go surfing or swim.

That is not forgetting in the meantime to look up to take in views of the Honolulu skyline busting with activity.

Its over to Diamond Head, Koko Head and the historic Makapuu Point Lighthouse, as you head up north to Kailua Beach, Chinaman’s Hat and Kaneohe Bay.

Only the second cheap helicopter tour in Oahu to include Kaaawa Valley on the route, so I would recommend it just for that.

But it must continue so its over to Sacred Falls before coming into Oahu’s famous North Shore.

As you head home the Banzai Pipeline and Waimea Bay will be seen which is know to have monster waves. Its then a slow cruise over Pearl Harbor with the USS Arizona.

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