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Global | 27th February 2020

Helicopter wedding hire guide

Helicopter wedding hire guide outlines the process of hiring a chopper for a big send off, to chauffeuring wedding guests to or from the ceremony.

USA | 25th February 2020

Kauai helicopter tours weight limit guide

Maximum weight limit for passengers participating in a Kauai helicopter tour varies from a more limited 250lb, to a more generous 300lb.

Global | 25th February 2020

How to book helicopter ride

Book a helicopter ride online so any discounts or special offers will be automatically applied to your order, then book a suitable day and time.

Global | 24th February 2020

Cheapest way to become a helicopter pilot

To qualify as a helicopter pilot, the cheapest way to do it would be for FREE via a pilot recruitment firm or training school scholarship.

USA | 23rd February 2020

Is helicopter ride over Grand Canyon worth it

Make it worth your time and money by booking a Grand Canyon helicopter ride that includes; the flight, a landing, an activity or boat trip.

USA | 22nd February 2020

Papillon vs. Maverick helicopter tours

Not a matter of Papillon vs Maverick Helicopters; but more so who offers helicopter tours that are within your budget, with a service you want.

USA | 21st February 2020

What to wear on helicopter tour of Grand Canyon

What you wear on a Grand Canyon helicopter tour is more important than ever as it can involve a landing tour into an intense, desert climate.

UK | 19th February 2020

Lake District helicopter tours guide

Make it an experience to remember for you or a love one by taking a Lake District helicopter tour that is sure to please anyone involved.

UK | 19th February 2020

What colour is an Air Ambulance helicopter

No single air ambulance helicopter color scheme is identical; its begins with a base color before introducing a secondary color or pattern.

Global | 17th February 2020

Are helicopter rides smooth

No guarantee of a smooth helicopter ride as it relies on no wind or turbulence occurring up to 2000 ft. in the air, throughout the ride duration.