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USA | 5th November 2019

Kauai helicopter tours prices

When booking a Kauai helicopter tour; prices are based on flight time, helicopter type, if its a landing tour with additional fuel surcharges.

Global | 3rd November 2019

Can a helicopter fly sideways

To fly a helicopter sideways as the helicopter is pointed forwards; gently move the cyclic left or right as the pitch in the rotorhead tilts over.

UK | 31th October 2019

Best London helicopter tours

If you're going to take one of the best London helicopter tours; then make it one that includes all the landmarks and more than 10 minutes.

Global | 29th October 2019

Are helicopter rides scary

I suppose helicopter rides can be scary for first timers or pro's; though the thought should disappear once you are strapped in and flying.

New Zealand | 29th October 2019

Franz Josef helicopter ride prices

List of Franz Josef helicopter ride prices with all heli tour companies that offer this flight path, with deal names and flight time duration.

Global | 27th October 2019

What to wear on a helicopter ride

What you wear on a helicopter ride should be comfortable for traveling. Don't layer up to much, well don't under dress as it could get cold.