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Franz Josef helicopter ride prices

I've taken the time to help you out by discovering all available Franz Josef related heli rides along with there 'starting from' prices.

Franz Josef base prices start at $280 NZD for a 20 to 25 minute long flight with a snow landing on glacier. Highest prices relate to helicopter hike landing with an extended ride from 1 to 3 hours, starting from $485 to $695. Average prices set off 7 New Zealand helicopter tour companies.

I've explored all major helicopter ride companies in New Zealand and created a useful price list for taking a helicopter flight that involves the Franz Josef glacier.

All helicopter tours mentioned largely involve flying around the glacier along with other sights along the flight plan.

When taking in a Franz Josef helicopter ride; prices indicate the base cost only, so extra fee's could apply - such as New Zealand taxes or add-on services you buy.

One major thing I've noticed when conducting my research is a heli tour company will include a snow landing on the glacier; which in my opinion would result in better helicopter experience with value for money.

Often there's little difference in prices when taking a flight only ride, to one that lands on the Franz Josef glacier - so take my word for it by exploring snow landing heli tours.

Not limited to Franz Josef

When taking a helicopter tour over or on Franz Josef glacier, remember heli flights don't necessary focus on this glorious glacier only.

What might happen in regards to fly-over helicopter rides (no snow landing) is you'll only see the ice sheet from the air as you pass over it at a reasonable cruising speed.

Helicopter tour companies that are located further away from Franz Josef are the ones that will only allow you to see the glacier from a distance.

All while their heli tour is focused more on glaciers further to the north with other sights.

Short 20 minute heli ride for Franz Josef only

When booking a flight with a helicopter services; know that a 20 minute or so ride will only allow enough time to explore the Franz Josef glacier only.

If we take a look on the official Glacier Helicopters deal page; their Franz Glacier with snow landing package features a map that only loops up and back to their base.

Flight path related to the price of this sort will see a route that looks more like a long hook - designed to follow up the glacier before turning back to base.

In that time the pilot will land on the usual landing site for you to walk about on the snow.

Double time to see more sights

Extended glacier flights will see all that is incredible about the Franz Josef glacier, only you'll get to see more.

That's could be the Fox Glacier by air as well has passing over Aoraki, Mount Cook.

Double time to 40 minutes or so will allow you to explore further a field; so well you'll begin your flight from near Franz Glacier, the flight plan will look like a ring with a direct flight to Fox Glacier from Franz Josef.

You only have to visit the Glacier Helicopter web site again to view this 40 minute detail with a flight plan that takes in more sightseeing opportunities.

A 30 to 35 minute ride will allow enough time for a snow landing, well a glacier or attraction might be left out to stay within the timeframe.

Franz Josef heli ride price list table:

In an effort to help you discover all available Franz Josef glacier helicopter rides I've put together a table that lists all package deals publicly available on the services web site.

I vigorously went through all available helicopter tour companies online, before refining my list to only include heli services that offer Franz Josef glacier tours.

That narrowed down my options to just seven heli tour companies offering a package deal that involves the Franz Josef snow landing or fly-over only.

All prices were taking from New Zealand companies only, originally in the NZD.

Prices to Pay Chart:

Service indicates name of heli tour company; package names the flight offers; Min is the duration of the flight in minutes; along with prices to pay in New Zealand Dollars which are converted into US Dollars and Great British Pounds respectively.

Operator: Package Name: Min: USD:
Air Safaris Mount Cook Franz & Fox Magic, Snow Landing 60 $441
Glacier Helicopter Country Franz Josef, Snow Landing 25 $178
Glacier Helicopter Country Franz Josef, Snow Landing 35 $232
Glacier Helicopter Country Ultimate Discovery 45 $315
Glacier Helicopters Franz Josef, Snow Landing 20 $178
Glacier Helicopters Franz Josef, Twin Glacier 30 $229
Glacier Helicopters Franz Josef, Mount Cook Spectacular 40 $311
Heli Services Spectacular Franz Josef, Snow Landing 20 $178
Heli Services Twin Glacier 30 $232
Heli Services Twin Glacier Mount Cook Spectacular 25 $140
Heli Services The Grand Tour, Snow Landing 40 $311
Inflite Experiences The Grand Circle 55 $380
Inflite Experiences Franz Josef Glacier 25 Min. Scenic Flight 25 $178
Inflite Experiences Franz Josef Glacier 35 Min. Scenic Flight 35 $241
Inflite Experiences Franz Josef Glacier 45 Min. Scenic Flight 45 $305
The Helicopter Line Neve Discoverer, Snow Landing 20 $178
The Helicopter Line Twin Glacier, Snow Landing 30 $229
The Helicopter Line Heli Hike Glacier, Snow Landing 3hr $308
The Helicopter Line Mountain Scenic Spectacular 40 $311
The Helicopter Line Mount Cook & The Glaciers 55 $419
Wanaka Helicopters Discover Mount Cook, Snow Landing 3hr $1,013

Helicopter tour company glacier package prices offered, along currency conversions into US and GBP from the New Zealand Dollar were calculated on 28th October 2019.

Helicopter tour companies listed:

To Summarize

Remember, well I've listed prices from helicopter tour companies based in New Zealand only; deals elsewhere might include packages that are cheaper or more costly.

There's also a possible chance I've left out a better deal from an undiscovered helicopter tour service out of New Zealand.

Package deal prices are likely to change without warning, but I'll be sure to do my up most to keep prices current.

Do not plan your next New Zealand glacier helicopter tour based on this price list only; be sure to visit the company web sites to view tour details first thing.

You'll also need to take into consideration the duration of the flight; paying a little extra may very well see you get a better deal, well paying less might be within your budget.

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