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USA | 17th March 2020

Kauai helicopter tour: Morning or Afternoon

Make it an early morning helicopter tour in Kauai as any unexpected delay can be rearranged for later in the day, which isn't possible on late afternoon tours.

USA | 16th March 2020

Do you tip helicopter pilots in Hawaii

You can tip helicopter pilots in Hawaii but how you tip them should come at the end; at a time you're able to talk to the pilot to say your thanks.

USA | 15th March 2020

Magnum PI helicopter tour guide

Experience a helicopter tour in Oahu in a replica Magnum P.I. Hughes 500 type chopper that can be doors off or on, calm or a thrilling ride.

USA | 14th March 2020

Hawaii Open Door helicopter tours guide

Participate in a Hawaii 'open door' helicopter tour in what will be the best time of your life; it can be scary but is safe, yet very thrilling for sure.

USA | 13th March 2020

Na Pali Coast helicopter tour guide

Where Kauai's Na Pali Coast is the theme of a helicopter tour; its only one destination over many landmarks to visit over the course of the ride.

USA | 12th March 2020

Cheapest Kauai helicopter tours

Lowest price for a helicopter tour in Kauai are usually matched with a generous flight time, so expect a 50-60 minute flight at its cheapest.

USA | 11th March 2020

Kauai private helicopter tours

Off the shelf private Kauai helicopter tours are within budget if number of guests match capacity, though a special charter can be arranged.

USA | 10th March 2020

Best Kauai helicopter tours

I consider the best Kauai helicopter tours to be those that include a doors off experience or at the very least, includes a brief landing tour.

USA | 9th March 2020

Lanai helicopter tours guide

Lanai helicopter tours are operated by Paradise Helicopters in a Robinson R44 that caters up to 4-passengers on a private tour only.

USA | 8th March 2020

Which helicopter tour in Kauai is best

I consider Jack Harter's 60-65 Minute 'Hughes 500' Tour to be the best helicopter tour in Kauai, with a bonus open door experience.