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USA | 16th March 2020

Do you tip helicopter pilots in Hawaii

You can tip helicopter pilots in Hawaii but how you tip them should come at the end; at a time you're able to talk to the pilot to say your thanks.

USA | 15th March 2020

Magnum PI helicopter tour guide

Experience a helicopter tour in Oahu in a replica Magnum P.I. Hughes 500 type chopper that can be doors off or on, calm or a thrilling ride.

USA | 14th March 2020

Hawaii Open Door helicopter tours guide

Participate in a Hawaii 'open door' helicopter tour in what will be the best time of your life; it can be scary but is safe, yet very thrilling for sure.

USA | 13th March 2020

Na Pali Coast helicopter tour guide

Where Kauai's Na Pali Coast is the theme of a helicopter tour; its only one destination over many landmarks to visit over the course of the ride.

USA | 12th March 2020

Cheapest Kauai helicopter tours

Lowest price for a helicopter tour in Kauai are usually matched with a generous flight time, so expect a 50-60 minute flight at its cheapest.

USA | 11th March 2020

Kauai private helicopter tours

Off the shelf private Kauai helicopter tours are within budget if number of guests match capacity, though a special charter can be arranged.

USA | 10th March 2020

Best Kauai helicopter tours

I consider the best Kauai helicopter tours to be those that include a doors off experience or at the very least, includes a brief landing tour.

USA | 9th March 2020

Lanai helicopter tours guide

Lanai helicopter tours are operated by Paradise Helicopters in a Robinson R44 that caters up to 4-passengers on a private tour only.

USA | 8th March 2020

Which helicopter tour in Kauai is best

I consider Jack Harter's 60-65 Minute 'Hughes 500' Tour to be the best helicopter tour in Kauai, with a bonus open door experience.

USA | 7th March 2020

Are Kauai helicopter tours safe

Kauai helicopter tours are safe with a record to prove it; but as you only hear about the bad news, know that most tours go without a hitch.