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Maverick Helicopters soaring over Na Pali Coast

Kauai Na Pali Coast helicopter tour guide

Visitors to Kauai can only view the Na Pali Coast one of three ways: the water, a hike, or via a luxury Kauai helicopter tour.

Helicopter tour companies in Kauai all operate a tour that involves a visit to the North Shore, where you'll soar above, between and along the fifteen mile coastline of Na Pali. Only the one tour will arrive at its starting point to its very end; whereas arriving in a helicopter tends to begin a third or half way along.

No Kauai Na Pali helicopter tour exclusive to visitors to the island, so guests will need to book a tour with one that brings you to the Na Pali Coast.

Thankfully, it is related to fifteen helicopter tours that will spend up to ten minutes of the tour zigzagging, passing over or heading out to sea, so no area of the Na Pali Coast is missed.

Guests can experience the North Shore in a doors shut ride or make it an unforgettable Kauai doors off helicopter your - via Jack Harter or Mauna Loa Helicopters for one of the best helicopter tours in Kauai.

Participating in a helicopter tour in Kauai all hit on this major landmark; its up to you to find out which tour package spends more time at the Na Pali Coast.

Do this by viewing the helicopter tour flight route map where possible so you can really know how much of the coastline is seen.

Na Pali helicopter tour price list

Operator: Package Name: Min.: Price:
Blue Hawaiian Helicopters Discover Kauai 45 $319
Blue Hawaiian Helicopters Kauai Eco Adventure 50 $289
Blue Hawaiian Helicopters Rise and Shine 50 $229
Blue Hawaiian Helicopters Happy Hour 50 $229
Island Helicopters Jurassic Falls Landing 75 $275
Island Helicopters Grand Deluxe Circle 50 $145
Jack Harter Helicopters 60-65 Minute AStar Tour 60 $259
Jack Harter Helicopters 60-65 Minute Hughes 500 Tour 60 $309
Jack Harter Helicopters 90-95 Minute AStar Tour 90 $434
Maverick Helicopters Kauai Explorer 50 $269
Mauna Loa Helicopters The Kauai Experience 60 $325
Mauna Loa Helicopters Kauai Pro Photography Flight 60 $693
Safari Helicopters Deluxe Waterfall Safari 60 $199
Safari Helicopters Refuge Eco-Tour 90 $279
Sunshine Helicopters Ultimate Kauai Adventure Tour 50 $230
Companies list fifteen tour packages shared between seven operators. Name refers to tour package; Min. is tour duration in minutes; Price is how much to pay per person.

Well a whopping fifteen Na Pali Coast related helicopter tours are listed in my table, its vital you know none of them are a Na Pali Coast only tour.

So of the fifteen tours, this is split between just the seven helicopter tour companies who have up to four tours that involve Napali Coast.

Where the tour flight duration is short - say under 50 minutes - then time spent circling, hovering or passing over the North Shore will be short.

However, selecting a helicopter tour for 50 minutes or more will be time needed to spend more over the Na Pali Coast - with no rush to get back.

So use my table to understand what will still be the best Kauai helicopters tours; but are guaranteed to visit the Na Pali Coast.

Na Pali Coast tours

Arial photograph of Na Pali Coast with cliff, beaches, clear blue water in sight
Objective of a Na Pali Coast themed helicopter tour would be to achieve unbelievable views or shoot lovely photographs (as seen in picture).

Here are all helicopter tours in Kauai with the Na Pali Coast being a major landmark to see on each one.

If departing Lihue Heliport then the Na Pali Coast will come into the view halfway through.

Whereas, if departing via Princeville Airport with Blue Hawaiian Helicopters then it will take the final part of the tour to circle back to the North Shore, which is where Princeville is located, near Na Pali Coast.

Seeing the full length of the coast is not expected as tours tend to cut in a third of the way through - or half way in as they cut in over the Na Pali Coast State Wilderness Park.

Arriving at the Na Pali Coast will be known as soon has you shoot out to sea; its only then you'll circle back around to view the coast on the right side of the helicopter.

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters are a reliable operator for touring Kauai at its finest in their 6-seater Airbus EC130.

Of their four Kauai helicopter tours, all will visit Na Pali for up to a ten minute duration.

If you want the tour that offers more of Na Pali over other options; do so by booking a tour with their Discover Kauai - as it takes in a third of the coast.

Remaining Blue Hawaiian Kauai tours will see the coast in all its glory, but will do so as the helicopter cuts in half way over.

Guests will view the North Shore through windows that allow for great viewing.

  • Discover Kauai
  • Check Availability | Duration: 45 Minutes | Price: $319.00
  • Only Blue Hawaiian tour to depart Princeville Heliport; flight route is more an inland circle with two-thirds of the Na Pali Coast to see near the end of the tour.
  • Kauai Eco Adventure
  • Check Availability | Duration: 50 Minutes | Price: $289.00
  • Depart Lihue Heliport as you head due south over the coast before cutting inwards to attractions on the inner island - Na Pali Coast will arrive half way through.
  • Rise and Shine
  • No Longer Available | Duration: 50 Minutes | Price: $229.00
  • Not much difference to the Kauai Eco Adventure, but this early morning rise will sure make for stunning photographs over the Na Pali Coast.
  • Happy Hour
  • No Longer Available | Duration: 50 Minutes | Price: $229.00
  • Once again its tour that departs Lihue Heliport but in the afternoon. Flight route is near identical but you'll get amazing views of the North Shore half way in.

Island Helicopters

Island Helicopters are Kauai's exclusive Jurassic Falls helicopter tour operator that includes a landing in Manawaiopuna Falls.

However, the company may be focused on Jurassic Park fans but that is not to say you'll miss out on other Kauai attractions.

Na Pali Coast is a major sight to see on their tours which will come into view after you've landed to discover Jurassic Falls on foot - and what is the cheapest Kauai helicopter tour via their Grand Deluxe Circle.

Once over the North Shore passengers will be treated to amazing views as the Airbus H125 is equipped with state-of-the-art floor to ceiling windows.

After departing Lihue Heliport the Na Pali Coast will be seen half way through.

  • Jurassic Falls Landing
  • Check Availability | Duration: 75 Minutes | Price: $275.00
  • Once you've landed at Jurassic Falls for 25 minutes; passengers will lift off to embark on a flight over Waimea Canyon, well soon after arrive at the North Shore.
  • Grand Deluxe Circle
  • Check Availability | Duration: 50 Minutes | Price: $145.00
  • No landing on this Island Helicopters tour so its quick visit to Jurassic Falls to head north to the Na Pali Coast.

Jack Harter Helicopters

Quite the adventure if you want to see the Na Pali Coast via Jack Harters; better still if you wish to do it in their doors off Hughes 500 tour.

Guests will be required to do it in an open door Hughes 500 or a closed door Airbus H125 - fitted with ceiling to floor windows I might add.

Once you've arrived at Jack Harters HQ, its then time to hop onto their shuttle bus to be taken to the Lihue Heliport.

Lots of landmarks to hit up in the air but it will be 30 minutes or so timeframe before the Na Pali Coast is flown over.

I recommend you participate in the doors off experience for the most stunning views.

  • 60-65 Minute AStar Tour
  • Check Availability | Duration: 60 Minutes | Price: $259.00
  • If deciding to explore Kauai in Jack Harter's AStar Tour; guests will experience excellent visibility through the long, wide windows.
  • 60-65 Minute Hughes 500 Tour
  • Check Availability | Duration: 60 Minutes | Price: $309.00
  • Tour Kauai in their doors off Hughes 500 experience that allows for amazing views in their open-cockpit - as the wind swirls around the cab.
  • 90-95 Minute AStar Tour
  • Check Availability | Duration: 90 Minutes | Price: $434.00
  • All can be accomplished in Jack Harter's AStar 60-65 Minute Tour; only this 90-95 Minute option will attend areas of interest at a slower pace - such as Na Pali.

Maverick Helicopters

Maverick Helicopters tour involvement around Na Pali Coast is a little different in that the operator depart via Port Allen Airport.

It won't effect the quality of the tour but it is a location that is more remote, so a little more difficult too get to.

Will also mean the flight path to Na Pali is cut short as you fly through the middle of Kauai to get there sooner - still no landmark is missed.

Maverick are expected to tour a third of the Na Pali Coast soon after you've explored the Waimea Canyon.

Guests will board the operators luxury 6-seater Airbus EC130 that is air conditioned with a four by two seating arrangement - so two co-pilot seats are available.

  • Kauai Explorer
  • Check Availability | Duration: 50 Minutes | Price: $269.00
  • Nothing will be missed on this Kauai Explorer tour that will take in all areas of importance, including the North Shore with most of Na Pali Coast seen.

Mauna Loa Helicopters

Make no mistake, Mauna Loa Helicopters offer one of the best tours in Kauai in their agile yet reliable Robinson R44.

When booking a tour with this operator you'll need to fill up all three passenger seats, or pay for empty seats if not in use.

Private helicopter tour that will bring passengers to all landmarks on Kauai.

Its a private tour that you will be paying for so it would be an opportunity to make a special arrangement with the company to explore more of Na Pali then anywhere else.

Two helicopter tour options but both are private with a one hour flight duration.

  • The Kauai Experience
  • Check Availability | Duration: 60 Minutes | Price: $325.00
  • Experience the Na Pali Coast in an open door agile Robinson R44 in what will be a thrill of a lifetime - no landmark is missed with clear visibility.
  • Kauai Pro Photography Flight
  • Check Availability | Duration: 60 Minutes | Price: $693.00
  • No tour is the same so won't be with this private Pro Photography Flight that will take photographers on a Na Pali Coast tour only, if that is what you want.

Safari Helicopters

No mistaking Safari Helicopters identity thanks to a mix green theme over their Airbus H125 helicopters.

Up next is their headquarters which is not hard to miss with 'Safari Helicopters insignia' printed on boards or above the entrance.

That is important to know because its here where guests will need to arrive at prior to there helicopter tour departure.

Safari will then shuttle you over to Lihue Heliport where the chopper awaits on the pad.

Not a bad price for their Deluxe Safari tour while the Refuge Eco-Tour - includes a landing - cost $78.00 more.

  • Deluxe Waterfall Safari
  • Check Availability | Duration: 60 Minutes | Price: $199.00
  • Over 100 miles of Kauai to explore in this tour that is expected to view all major areas on the island, and of course the amazing Na Pali Coast.
  • Refuge Eco-Tour
  • Check Availability | Duration: 90 Minutes | Price: $279.00
  • Cover 100 miles of the island but with a bonus 30 minute landing at the Botanical Preserve - a tour on foot guided by the pilot.

Sunshine Helicopters

Quite possibly Sunshine Helicopters are the only operator in Kauai to offer a complete tour of the Na Pali Coast.

That includes a southwest arrival at the starting point near Ke'e Beach while extending all the way to Polihale State Park.

Passengers who choose Sunshine Helicopters over their rivals can experience this flight in a 6-seater Airbus EC130.

Begin the tour at their HQ in Rice Street as you'll be shuttled over to Lihue Heliport to tour the inner section of the island - plus out to sea once you've arrived at the North Shore.

Ultimate Kauai Adventure is the only tour to offer all this; though its worth noting guests can book an early bird tour for a saving.

  • Ultimate Kauai Adventure Tour
  • Check Availability | Duration: 50 Minutes | Price: $230.00
  • See all of the Na Pali Coast from its de facto starting point at Ke'e Beach up to Polihale State Park - plus all popular Kauai landmarks will be seen.

No Exclusive helicopter tours

As you may of gathered by now there is no such thing as an all inclusive Na Pali Coast helicopter tour.

Guests who wish to embark on a helicopter tour that is focused entirely on the Na Pali Coast can only do so via a private helicopter tour in Kauai.

Exploring the North Shore with the Na Pali Coast and all her beaches can be completed in 10 minutes or less.

So while the North Shore is one attraction over many others to see; passengers will still spend a while viewing the coast from a sea view.

If you feel 10 minutes or less is not enough time, you can book a private tour or perhaps talk to the operator who may be to spend a few more minutes there.

Doors Off or Closed Doors

Na Pali Coast seen through an open door of Jack Harter Hughes 500 helicopter
Na Pali Coast as seen through an open, yet empty seat, of a Jack Harters Hughes 500 helicopter on a beautiful clear day.

Key to seeing the Na Pali Coast at her best is doing so with clear visibility in mind; this can only be achieved with a Kauai open door helicopter tour to experience.

Imagine it, as you fly over the Kauai landscape you approach the North Shore with the ocean coming into view - then shoot over the 4,000ft high sea cliffs which takes you above the Pacific Ocean.

Visibility is in high def as no glass or frame obscures your sightseeing session; viewing through your own door is just as good as seeing through the opposite door.

In this time the wind blows through the cockpit as you glance out of the confines of the chopper to see directly below you as you pass over the coast.

None of the Na Pali Coast will be missed with doors off; unlike doors on as it has a reflection from passenger attire or the sun creating a glare on the glass.

15 Miles in under 10 Minutes

Do you believe 10 minutes or less is more than you need to see the Na Pali Coast and all her treasures she has to show you.

Because as it happens her 15 to 17 mile coastline can and will be seen in 10 minutes.

Its not a straight shot from the one end to the next, as it includes all the weaving in and out of the cliffs inland and out to see.

Believe me when I say 10 minutes or less - though it can be much more - is plenty of time to see the glorious North Shore.

In that time guests will spend time viewing the hidden beaches below or the often cloud covered cliffs above them.

How passengers see Na Pali Coast

Helicopter tour passenger photograhing Na Pali Coast using mobile or cellphone
Helicopter tour passenger is seen taking a photograph using his phone of the Na Pali Coast through the window of an Airbus EC130 over the ocean.

No Kauai helicopter tour shares an identical flight route as the change of path is always likely to change - through a different pilot or weather permitting.

Once you've reached the Na Pali Coast it will be similar in how the tour will commence once there.

Only when you've left the Waimea Canyon its then onto the North Shore.

Where you arrive at the Na Pali Coast is important because it could be at the starting point, a third of the way through - or at the half way mark.

Guests will know you've arrived as you approach the ocean head on as you skim over the 4,000ft. cliffs while seeing the beautiful blue ocean make an appearance.

Helicopter flight route will proceed to weave in/out of the cliffs and her corresponding landscape, so you see her from the ocean and over land.

Benefits of right-side seats

Once you hit on the Na Pali Coast its safe to say passengers sitting on the right side of the aircraft are set to benefit more.

Pilot seat configuration allows him or her to sit on the left side for the purpose of guests avoiding the need to see over the pilot.

On top of that this allows for two passenger right window or door sided seats, resulting in the best views in the chopper.

Arriving at the Na Pali Coast, guests sitting on the right are expected to see most of the Na Pali heading north.

Having said that, once the chopper manoeuvres right, this is a time you'll get to see the Na Pali Coast from a different perspective, but only briefly.

Limited left-side views

Doors off Robinson R44 helicopter viewing the Na Pali Coast
Na Pali Coast is seen from the left side of an open door Robinson R44 helicopter as it manoeuvres right to view the cliffs inland at a low attitude.

Sitting on the left side of any helicopter that tours Kauai has reduced visibility as its primarily focusing on out to sea.

So once you've arrived at the Na Pali Coast those sitting on the left-side will see less of the coast before turning north/east as you face the open ocean.

Passengers will be forced at this point to view the Na Pali Coast across the aircraft interior, past several guests who will be occupying the middle and window seat opposite.

Seating arrangement in an Airbus EC130 or H125 is a 6-seater; so two passengers must sit in the two middle seats.

Kauai helicopter tours in the Hughes 500 - or MD500 - is a 4-seater, so guests will get the best views via a Jack Harter helicopter in their open door experience.


Much to see of Kauai on an off-the-shelf helicopter tour, but once you've arrived at the Na Pali Coast the fifteen mile coastline is sure to take up 10 minutes of the total time.

Fantastic opportunity for passengers who wish to spend more time here than say at the Jurassic Falls or Waimea Canyon to soak it all in.

No Na Pali Coast specific tour to book so special arrangement for a private tour can be made to spend more time at Na Pali Coast then anywhere else.

Perfect for professional photographer's who need more time to snap the vast range of sea cliffs.

Doing it doors on or with a doors off helicopter tour is the biggest choice you will make; so do make it doors off for what allows for unbelievable views.

Once the helicopter tour has arrived at Na Pali via Waimea Canyon you'll cross over the 4,000 feet cliff face directly above the Pacific Ocean.

Its then a matter of the pilot maneuvering the chopping for an ocean view of Na Pali to swinging inland in between the cliffs so both sides of the helicopter receives grand views.

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