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Blue Hawaiian tour helicopter flying in Waimea Canyon

Helicopter tours departing from Princeville, Kauai

Why would you venture south of Kauai when taking a helicopter via Princeville Airport makes so much more sense.

You can take a helicopter tour departing from Princeville in Kauai; only the catch is there's only one Kauai tour made available, via Blue Hawaiian Helicopters. Its the Discover Kauai helicopter tour you will be participating in; it a 45 minute flight at a cost of $319.00 with the highlight of the tour being Jurassic Falls.

Centred around the south of island are Kauai airports where major helicopter tour operators primarily depart.

Only in the north of Kauai, Princeville Airport awaits your arrival with only the one, but where one of the top rated Kauai helicopter tours depart from.

Helicopter tour departing from Princeville is made easy for those who're driving, as it connects to the Kapule Highway - which happens to be a beautiful scenic route.

Name of the Princeville Airport helicopter tour you'll be booking up with is the Discover Kauai - at a cost of $319.00 for approximately 45 minutes.

That is via Blue Hawaiian Helicopters' who are popular with visitors to the island.

Participates of this helicopter tour will be taken to all major landmarks with an extended time hovering above what is known as Jurassic Falls - officially called Manawaiopuna Falls.

Passenger comfort is a priority so that's why the company charter a luxury, 6-seater air conditioned Eco Star helicopter.

Princeville helicopter tour operators

So its over to Blue Hawaiian Helicopters to charter your Kauai helicopter tour; that would hopefully include everything you've come to imagine.

Blue Hawaiian are a well known, highly trusted helicopter operator on the island of Kauai, known for there distinctive blue Airbus ACH130 helicopters.

You might also know the helicopter model as a Eco-Star, though technically its called a ACH130.

Departing from Princeville Airport, or should I say Princeville Heliport, is located at:

  • Princeville Heliport, 5-3541 Kuhio Hwy, Kilauea, HI 96754, USA.

The Kauai helicopter tour operator should be a service you book a flight with to avoid disappointment.

That is due to the company being trusted by visitors as an operator who make sure all flights go ahead - one way or another.

Kauai climate is unpredictable, so therefore so its whether a tour will go ahead or not.

Thankfully, the company is sure to let you known in advance if there is any delays or a cancellation due to the weather.

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters will lay out there options for you to reschedule for later in the day, perhaps the next day - or cancel all together - at no cost to you.

Kauai helicopter TOUR options

No big list or a handful of Kauai helicopter tour departing from Princeville Airport here, in fact its just the one option via Blue Hawaiian Helicopters.

Incredible hey, just one Kauai helicopter tour that serves guests out of Princville.

That is because Port Allen or Lihue Airport get most of the custom; as the locations are strategically positioned for incoming tourists onto Kauai.

If you're ever on the northernmost part of Kauai, then Blue Hawaiian will fix you up on a tour out of the peaceful, yet picturesque Princeville.

So what tour will you be participating in, how much will it cost and what is the duration of the flight.

The only Kauai helicopter tour via Princeville is Blue Hawaiian Helicopters' Discover Kauai tour - a highly popularly flight route that is a winner with tourists.

It will cost per person $319.00 which includes all taxes and fees, so no surprises.

Its not the cheapest Kauai helicopter tour, but it certainly isn't the most expensive option.

Flight duration is approximately 45 minutes, so its not a short helicopter tour, nor is it one that is too long - which would result in a price hike.

Flight route across Kauai takes in all major landmarks you'll know from the ground, and they include...

Visiting Manawaiopuna Falls, which is also seen in the original 1993 Jurassic Park movie; Hanapepe Valley, Olokele Canyon - before the helicopter tour brings you in a hover over the Waimea Canyon.

Final destination is the 3,000 feet sea cliffs of the Na Pali Coast and blue waters of Hanalei Bay.

You won't be alone figuring out what's what; as the pilot is qualified to provide guests a run through narration - well answering questions by passengers.

Princeville Airport facilities

Much like any other heliport throughout Hawaii; expect standard customer facilities associated with any tour company.

You won't be in the airport terminal where passengers arrive via fixed wing aircrafts or airliners, but in a building that serves Blue Hawaiian Helicopters.

More important than anything else, rest assured as the company offer customer bathroom facilities.

While you're awaiting your Blue Hawaiian Helicopters' Discover Kauai tour, guests can relax in the lounge.

Activity can also be observed through the windows on the Princeville Airport runway.

No overheating as air conditioning should be turned on already for when you arrive.

Drink and snacks are made available at costs; though its not advisable to drink too much as there's no pulling over to pee during the helicopter ride.

In the meantime guests can usually free to take pictures, make friends and ask staff questions or concerns you may have on your up and coming tour.

Passenger procedure

Once you've parked up or been dropped off in the free parking bays outside the heliport; first thing customers need to do is verify there arrival.

To do that you'll need to go through a procedure as you would going through any airport.

That could mean walking though a metal detector or being searched by hand.

Once in the Princeville heliport lounge, its advisable to approach staff right away to make sure your order is present and correct.

Any problems at this stage will allow for plenty of time to fix any unforeseen issues.

Staff will need your order form if customer downloaded it, a customer ref. number you could simply dot down - plus a valid photo ID - preferably your passport.

Check-in procedure its not over quite yet as you'll need to be taking through a mandatory safety briefing, including a mention to what you're wearing might be an issue.

Its also compulsory for customers to be weighed to help arrange where you will sit.

That will include how to conduct yourself around the helicopter; how to enter or exit all by yourself - and what to do in case of an emergency.

Passengers may be asked not to take photographs out on the heliport for safety reasons, but you'll be free to once inside the helicopter.

How to get to Princeville Heliport

If you're staying in Kauai longer then a day then you will for sure need to rent a car from the island's many car rental services.

When driving to Princeville Airport on the north of the island, it will sure make life easy as there's free customer parking.

So let's so you've arrived via Lihue Airport on the South/East; after you've picked up the car from a nearby rental place - it will take you just 40 minutes to reach Princeville area.

During the drive passengers will see a drastic change of scenery that covers luscious beaches on the east coast to driving through rainforests.

So don't expect sun all the way as visitors will often see a change of climate on the drive.

Once you've collected the car - preferably near Lihue Airport - take Kapule Highway due north well clinging to the coast at all times.

In due course the route will bare west as you approach the north of the island, where you'll be in touching distance of Princeville Airport - as outlined by road signs.

You can relax at this point well taking in the beautiful scenery you're sure to see in the air later.

Follow the roads that will become a little winding before Princeville Airport is seen on the left side of the highway.

Entering the parking area, guests will be greeted with a welcome sign; here you'll follow the arrow that points right - saying Helicopter Tours & Charters.

Find an empty place to part and enter the building ASAP to check-in.


Its hard to believe for such a popular island for helicopter tours, that Princeville in the north of the island does not offer more options.

Helicopters come and go from this location but its only Blue Hawaiian Helicopters to offer an official tour of Kauai.

The only official Princeville Airport helicopter tour to book is the Discover Kauai; its a 45 minutes flight costing $319.00 per passenger.

This helicopter tour departing from Princeville is all you'll need to see what most of The Garden Isle has to offer visitors.

No landmark or attraction will go unturned, as all popular destinations are bound to be seen from the air.

That includes a focus on the waterfall seen in the move Jurassic Park; officially known as Manawaiopuna Falls.

Guests will be touring the island in Blue Hawaiian's 6-seater, including the pilot - Eco Star - officially known as the Airbus ACH130.

Passenger seating arrangement is four along the back with two passenger co-pilot places.

Guests can enjoy refreshments or snacks at the heliport, with a lounge as passengers await there Discover Kauai helicopter tour.

Guest procedure once arrived at the heliport will begin as you would going though airport security.

Then its onto the booking in process where you'll need your order details, form of payment - to verify who you are - plus a valid photo ID, preferably your passport.

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