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USA | 7th February 2020

Maverick Helicopters vs. Papillon

Maverick or Papillon Helicopters is the question; as I pit them head to head to see which of the two giants come out as victorious.

Global | 5th February 2020

Does travel insurance cover helicopter rides

Travel insurance may not be needed for those who participate in a helicopter ride as the helicopter operator holds public liability insurance.

UK | 5th February 2020

How many Air Ambulances are there in the UK

The UK has a total of 44 air ambulances covering all corners of the country; only 7 types of helicopters are in use by 23 UK charities.

Global | 5th February 2020

What is the weight limit for a helicopter ride

To be guaranteed a helicopter ride anywhere in the world, your weight must not exceed 242lb, well the average 300lb weight limit is uncertain.

Global | 4th February 2020

Minimum age for helicopter ride

Minimum age is set on operators own rules or helicopter model in use; Lap Child goes FREE, well 2 years plus pay full adult prices.

UK | 4th February 2020

What is a helicopter BUZZ flight

What a helicopter buzz flight is involves the pilot manoeuvring the heli in a way that will make passengers stomach turn in excitement.

UK | 3rd February 2020

How long is a 12 mile helicopter ride

How long a 12 mile helicopter ride will last will translate to an estimated 8 to 10 minutes, as the pilot brings the speed to a crawl to make it last.

USA | 2nd February 2020

Liberty Helicopter tours price list

Liberty Helicopter prices laid out in a simple chart with all other costs highlighted when taking a tour with the New Jersey based company.

USA | 1st February 2020

Oahu Open Door helicopter tours guide

When taking a helicopter tour in Oahu, make it so its a doors off experience as its make for a thrilling flight that allows for unrestricted views.

UK | 31st January 2020

12 Mile helicopter rides in the UK

Experience a 12 mile helicopter ride in 7 to 8 minutes while getting a birds-eye view of the countryside with fields, lakes and woodlands.